View Full Version : O&G: this is what i have, help make a list!

09-01-2006, 02:06
ok, so i need a little help making up an army list with my O&G models.
these are remnants of my first army, so im repainting them and making them pretty again!

40 converted orcs---> chaos orcs (i can use in chaos or an orc army)
10 black orcs w/ 2 Hw
10 wolf riders
6 squigs/4 herders
2 spear chukkas
black orc warboss
orc big boss on boar
savage orc shaman

what are possible combinations i could use to make a decent 1k-1.5k army?
what units would be a good idea to field in addition those those listed?

09-01-2006, 03:48
I think you would need to use every piece you have just to make a 1K army

WR W/spears, shields, and Full command are 150pts.
Two 20 man orcs units with shields and Full commands are 148 or 296pts.
Two spears chukkas 35 each or 70 total
10 black orcs 140pts.??
The squig unit is about 80 or 90.

Just with the units you have about 750pts. So you would need to take them all just to have an army to play with then just max out on the three characters and you should have 1k.

09-01-2006, 04:12
First of all, you can't take all three characters as is, because a Black Orc big boss counts for 2 heros. So if we downgrade him to a normal Orc big boss for now, and don't take into account whatever weapons the models have (except the Black Orcs), but adding in full command, we get a grand total of 914pts, leaving 86 to spend of weapon options and magic gear.

If you need more points, you could drop the mounted big boss, and take a Black Orc big boss as a general, for 848pts and a nice 152 for gear and magic stuff, maybe even a lvl2 upgrade for the shammie.

09-01-2006, 11:47
what would be good additional units to add to the existing models? maybe another box of wolf riders, or something similar. i really wanted to stay away from goblins on foot, they arent worth it for the money it costs to buy a box. im looking to stick with harder hitting units so i can still stay on the relatively cheap side.