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07-08-2009, 21:41
I just picked up the WoC Battalion and I will probably play with that for a bit till I get more familiar with the game. Here is what I'm thinking for starters.

Festus the Leechlord 185 pts(using a Chaos Sorcerer since Festus model is not released yet)

(Khorne) Exalted Hero - Juggarnaut - Axe of Khorne - Shield - Mark of Khorne

(Nurgle) Exalted Hero - Mark of Nurgle - not sure what items yet (thinking 2h weap).

11 Chaos Warriors
- Festus will be in this unit. (regen and poison)
- Shields
- Mark of Nurgle
- Full Command
- Banner of Rage (is it worth it?)

(+2 Armor Save, +5 Regenerate, Poison Attacks, Mark of Nurgle, Champions to take Challenges (so Festus doesn't have to), and if Frenzied, 1 extra attack right?)

Unit 2
- 4 Chaos Knights
- Exalted Hero w/ Juggar
- Lances (are they worth it?)
- Musician and Standard Bearer
- Battle Standard
- Mark of Khorne

UNIT 3 (used to protection for my frenzied units)
- 5 Hounds with Scaly Skin

UNIT 4 (used to protection for my frenzied units)
- 5 Hounds with Scaly Skin

- 19 Chaos Marauders
- Exalted Hero (non-mounted)
- Flails (or is there another way to go?)
- Mark of Nurgle (is putting a mark on these guys worth it?)
- Musician and Standard Bearer
- Battle Standard

I estimated around 1300 pts at the moment. Sacrifice a few guys to make a 1k pt game. Add some for a 1500pt game. Will mainly be playing against friends that just got into the game as well.

If there is any questions after the units or items, I could use input on those. I have read most of the rule book and read up some on the chaos army.

Thank you in advance for input.

07-08-2009, 22:53
just a few changes i'd advise;

dont take scaly skin on your hounds its not worth the points.
i dont know (not got book nearby), but i think knights minimum size is 5?

The unit with festus looks good and will be rock hard!

I have flails on my marauders and have been pretty unimpressedso far, and if i could re-make them id probably go for shields and hw.

Also MoN is not worth it on them. Either slaanesh, cheap and stops them running off, or MoK (with flails) for the extra attack and ItP.

I'd also consider swapping 2nd exalted for a lvl 2 sorceror with at least one dispel scroll. As at the moment festus wont be able to do much in the magic phase on his own, and your magic defense is quite poor.

If you want to go choppy heavy then id consider making one of the heroes a BSB and also give at least one of them a Magic Resist item and stick him in the unit of warriors too. This gives adds to their toughness and the Jugger rider will give your knights MR1 from his mount. So both your tough units will have MR even if you lack sorcerors :)

hope this helps.

07-08-2009, 23:21
You can't take 4 chaos Knights, 5 is the minimum size.

Scaly skin is a waste on hounds, keep them cheap!

08-08-2009, 22:47
I wouldn't bother with the Lances on the Knights. The basic Ensorcelled weapons are far better, and 5pts cheaper too.

Also, how about making your Juggernauter your BSB, sticking him in with the Knights. Then give him Collar of Khorne (for Magic Resistance for the whole unit), Favour of the Gods, a Flail (or cheap magic weapon) and Shield. That would be a devastating unit if properly shielded by Hounds....Just take basic hounds, by the way. They are meant to take arrows and die so wasting points on a 6+ save is a bit pointless in my opinion.