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07-08-2009, 22:15
thane - BSB, R strollaz, R battle = 170
runesmith - shield, MR balance, R spellbreaking = 147
master engineer - brace of pistols, R stone = 85

Core Units
23 warriors - full command, shields = 232 (BSB and RS go here)
12 longbeards - full command, great weapons, rangers, throwing axes, R battle, R stoicism = 240
10 thunderers - shields = 150

Special Units
cannon - R forging = 125
bolt thrower - engineer, R penetrating, MR skewering = 115
bolt thrower - 2x R penetrating = 95 (ME goes here)

Rare Units
organ gun = 120

Total: 1499

C&C welcome. im not sure exactly which warmachine i should entrench.

the idea with the longbeards is the old scout, strollaz move, normal move then they can throw their axes on the first turn (i got frontage 7 so they get maximum attacks and axe throws).

08-08-2009, 01:54
drop the eng and the rangers for a melee block. go with iron breakers or hammerers or that 1 block wont hold.

08-08-2009, 03:34
Your longbeards effectively cost 20pts per model. For your plan with them to be effective, they would need to deploy in or behind cover but close enough to the BSB to gain the benefits of Strollaz's. So you're already no more than 12" into the centre of the board, Strollaz's gives you another 6" (assuming you're not wading through woods, of course!) and then your 1st turn move will bring you within throwing range of the enemy. So 7 S5 hits hitting on 4s, probably only likely to happen once per game, for 240pts. After which point your LBs will either be shot/magicked to death or romped by several of your opponents' units (one unit of 12 dwarfs alone and in front of the enemy deployment zone is as good as dead, RBattle/Stoicism or not). Sounds too crazy if you ask me.

Your warmachine layout could be improved too. One or two WMs ought to have the RBurning in case you encounter flammable or regenerating gribblies, and it seems like a waste of 25pts to give a BT two RPenetratings. One is enough to wound even the biggest nasties on 3s as well as pop chariots.

A runesmith at this pts level may not be necessary either; 6DD can often get you by at 2k, it seems like much for just 1500pts.