View Full Version : 1000pts beastmen horde

The Blades of reason
08-08-2009, 19:04
well all c+c on list is welcome

heavy armour
enchanted shield
crown of horns
sword of might
mark of nurgle

lv 2
mark of nurgle
staff of darkoff

11 bestigors
mark of nurgle
full command
(for the wargor)

5 gors
5 ungors
(for the shamen)

3 x beast herds with

9 gor
6 ungor
full command

all will ambush

5 warhounds of chaos

09-08-2009, 03:51
I see a big problem: You have a wargor with 60 points of Magic items (Enchanted Shield is 10, SoM is 20, and CoH is 30). I would say to drop the Enchanted Shield, drop the SoM, give your Wargor a Great weapon, and give him Chaos armor.

Also, you are using a lot of points in Marks of Nurgle. You also appear to be lacking Chariots/Minotaurs, both of which are great things to have in a BoC army!

Finally, you should have way more than 11 Bestigors, I'd run the Herd at about 18-20ish. Just to give you a solid core of fighters. (Than again, I'd also be taking Marks of Slaanesh instead of Nurgle.)

Final thing, I promise, you might want to remove those banners from the ambushing herds. Since they are quite small, and your Beastmen aren't exactly the most durable thing in the world, those 100 VP's are quite easy to get. (And it also saves you about 30 points!)

The Blades of reason
09-08-2009, 17:40
yeah sorry the enchanted shield was enver supposed to be there he actually has a normal shield