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Mato Noupa
09-01-2006, 11:55
Hi all!

Well mostly I'm a lurker but here's something I wanted to show to you guys as I've got mucho motivation and ideas here just by reading The Hoffs Adeptus Mechanicus Project.

I wanted to start a Skitarii force for a long time and now finally I finished the first model. It's an imperial Knight Paladin. There have been lots of traitor knights around lately and I have to gratulate all these guys because they have beaten me by several month. ;)
He will also get a brother or liege as he would call it.

Gamewise I use the Defiler rules as my Tech Guard builds itself on a Lost and the Damned list.

I'd love to get some feedback on this as I really want it to stand out on the gaming table. Thanks in advance.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I present you Reynald de Beaumaris' Knight suit.

Mato Noupa

09-01-2006, 12:01
That's very nice, and quite reminiscent of a Battlemech (has to be good!). :)

I'd be interested to know where the bits are from.

09-01-2006, 12:02
Awesome, very very impressive...

Consider that idea pilfered when the boss *see girlfriend* lets me buy some new stuff, once the blood angels, ultramarine, tank company and lotr dwarves are finished.

Comments though, which is more helpful. The only thing I can think of, is possibly giving the feet a 'toe' I feel it needs just abit more size, to hold up its bulk. I dont know if it hand one orginally and you removed it, but i think the foot needs to be extended slightly, just to give it that bit.

Apart from that, it looks awesome to me...

Chris W

09-01-2006, 12:54
This must be the best 40k scaled Knight Ive seen so far! How did you build it!

09-01-2006, 13:17
That is very nice indeed :)

Puffin Magician
09-01-2006, 13:25
Now that's a beefy Knight! Thank you for not only sticking to an existing Knight type, but also building it appropriately. None of this "Gatling Mega Lascannon because the VDR says I can" nonsense. It's a superb job and I'd consider myself lucky to be playing against it.

The only thing I'd change is the toes; make them less stubby and take a bit of inspiration from the Warhound Titan or Battlemechs like the Vulture or Mad Cat - I know the Paladin's feet look a bit like this, but right now it looks a bit like someone chopped off the feet and it's walking on stumps.

I'm interested in what your choice of colours will be, and heraldry.

09-01-2006, 14:25
Basically everything that Puffin said. Great model, best I've seen so far, kinda strange feet. I think that they should be somewhat wider, at the moment he looks like he could fall over very easily.

And, as Puffin Magician, I'm very interested in your choice of heraldy, color scheme and banners.;)

09-01-2006, 15:40
Hurrah! Someone's made a Knight Titan for 40k athat actually looks something like the old Epic models! :D

Well done, it looks awesome, looking forward to seeing it finished & painted.

09-01-2006, 18:11
I agree with Puffin and Sigur, very cool model, I'm loving the detail and curves, very well done, particularly skilled GSing job too.

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished model.


09-01-2006, 18:46
it looks damn well nice mate, but the scale is confusing me (im dense) can i see a picture with a 40k mini for scale?

09-01-2006, 18:49
might want to beef out the feet a little more, looks like it might topple.

The Hoff
09-01-2006, 20:30
You have definatly raised the bar for aspiring Knight builders Mato, the plasticard work and the amount of details you included are quite amazing.

I look forward to seeing it painted very much.

Marshal Titus
09-01-2006, 21:07
im wanting to build one so we have to have a tutorial or wip pictures PLEASE!

Mato Noupa
10-01-2006, 08:46
Thanks for all the positive feedback guys. I really appreciate it. :D
Never thought that I would get so many comments.
I try to address the various points. As it's much I put in titles so you can just pick out the part that interests you. ;)

They have really been a taught nut to crack. I didn't want to have the defiler claws just met beneath the legs like I've seen on some of the other knights.
As the original had something like normal feet (and also some Battlemechs) I tried to have the current form which pleases me most of all the different attempts.
I've just checked, they really look like stumps on the pics. That's because nothing's glued yet as I decided to paint it unassembled.
You can see some pictures below of how they look without the shin guards and how they should look with the shins glued in place properly. (PIC 1)
Is this better or still not big enough?? What do you think.

The total hight is about 6.5"-7". As you could see the base is a CD (got it for free and it was rubbish) but yeah, I forgot to put a normal model next to it.
There's a blurry shot of the shin guard, foot and an IG soldier for size purposes. I've also attached a pic where he's very WIP with a marine veteran (Mato Noupa himself :angel: ). (PICS 2+3)

I'm still undecided on the colours of the army as a whole. Either gray/yellow of the War Griffons or more red/black of the Adeptus Mechanicus, probably a mix of the two.
To that I think the livery of House Beaumaris, e.g. blue/white will make a nice addition. He's a knight that means the colours are split (right side blue and the left side white). The icon (wing) will be painted in the contrasting colour.
The left shoulder guard will be painted in the black and white of the Adeptus Mechanicus.
I'm not sure of how to paint metallics yet or if the rims should be yellow or something. On the picture you see him disassembled like he is now, waiting for a priming coat of white. (PIC 4)

Green Stuff/Parts
There really isn't that much of GS work here as I'm not that good with it. The only thing I sculpted is the neck (can't see it) and the connections of the wires. For the other things I used cheap tricks, like...
...War Griffons symbol: Rolling the GS flat, letting it cure for about 3 hours and then cutting the icon (very, very carefully here!!) into it. That was one of the trickiest parts.
...AM symbol on shoulder: That's just a cast from the big Forgeworld AM symbol that I took out of the form after about 4 hours. That's because when it's not yet hard you can bend it carefully into shape.
And the purity seals and skulls are all casted and I just have to pick some from the pile.
You see, I'm not that good with GS, so I cheated a lot. Detail of the left side. (PIC 5)

I tried not to use too many different model kits as it would get much to expensive. Basically it's the Chaos Defiler (Body, legs, arms, hip), a Sentinel (head, flamer) and also two parts of an old Chimera (weapon mounts).
The rest is plasticard: sheets, stripes and rods.
If you guys are really interested I could take pictures from the second knight paladin and do a tutorial while I build it. That is to say...

Future of the army/project:
First I wanted to have the army finished by June to take it to the tournaments but I don't think this is realistic any more.
As the next step I want to start painting the first knight and to build the second (with wip pictures and some explanations if you want to).
The problem is that real life will catch up with me by the end of this week and I have to go to the army for 3 weeks (Swiss militia system: 3 weeks/year). So the earliest I will be able to do these things will be February.

Well then, I didn't have the intention to write such a huge post, hope you can forgive me if you made it trough. :D


Mato Noupa

Mato Noupa
10-01-2006, 08:48
Here are the pics as I had troubles with too many smilies and pictures. :eyebrows:

10-01-2006, 09:09
Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!
Really looking forward to seeing it painted, let alone accompanied with another knight.


Mato Noupa
10-01-2006, 10:04
@caput: Paljon kiitoksia! ;)

But as I said I don't think I'll get it done before February unfortunately. :cries:

I'll keep you folks updated. But please tell me what you think of the feet and any other comments, criticisms, advice is very much welcome.

Any tips on painting techniques?? I've heard of a technique called "feathering" (see boltman's knight) which I thought of trying out.


Mato Noupa

10-01-2006, 11:56
Hi there Mato..

Fantastic model and great details.. continue the great work..

One enquiry.. what did you use for the armoured shoulder pads? (the ones in blue plastic) They are a complex curve, so I am wondering what you used, especially considering the amount of detail you have applied to them..

I ask because most of the items that come to my mind that you could have used are made of a plastic that virtually nothing sticks to.. so I would love to know how you solved that problem..

Once again great model..

Best wishes,


10-01-2006, 12:08
You realize of course, that I am going to have to steal this design. ;)
As any researcher will tell you - It ain't plagarism if you credit your source. :p

10-01-2006, 16:51
Shamelessly stolen for a future project :D

Stunning work mate, and I love the fact it actually bears a strong resemblance to the original design, while at the same time fitting into the current 40K "look" superbly.

10-01-2006, 17:10
Ok this is nice! really good result and does look more imperial than some other Iīve seen, only thing I dislike is the shoulder pads .......... marine ones? only my 10p but overal except the pads it looks darn good now slab some paint on it ;)

10-01-2006, 17:21
The shoulder pads _have_ to look like this. It's a knight and, while not being very familiar with titans and the like, some ancient part of my brain tells me that they have to be round.

10-01-2006, 17:27
The shoulder pads _have_ to look like this. It's a knight and, while not being very familiar with titans and the like, some ancient part of my brain tells me that they have to be round.

I just want to know how he made 'em :D

10-01-2006, 18:43
How much did that cost you in total for all the components?

The boyz
10-01-2006, 20:43
Wow that Titan looks impressive. I love the chainsword arm and the greenstuffing on the shoulder pad is superb.

Mato Noupa
11-01-2006, 09:57
Answering time.
Sorry fort eh long delays but Iíve got to go to my parents place to get access to the fabulous www. :D

Secret ingredients:
Well, every cook has Ďem.
One of the biggest problems was finding stuff that looked the way I wanted it to look and that was light enough not to cause balance problems. Hence plastic was the best material.

The shoulder pads are made of the cap of an AXE DEO ROLL-ON. Totally simple really. The rims are stripes of plasticard with some rivets made of plasticard rod.
The inner structure of the chest is the cap of one of the misuses hairsprays cut in two. (Advice: Go searching in her bathroom stuff, when sheís away and explain later what you did and why.) I took it because it had the perfect diameter.
For the drum magazine of the cannon I used normal GW bases and some tubing from a electrics/plumber shop.
Some guitarstrings I got from my own guitar (already replaced) and from a guitar shop I got some broken bass strings for free.

That was something to solve as GW does get enough money out of me as it is. :cries:
I bought the Chaos Defiler box, a Sentinel box (but I'm not counting it, as I only used the cockpit and will make some AM sentinels out of the rest), Green Stuff, a guitar string, some tubes for about a £ (used a half, got 6 left...good for terrain making though)...and some parts from an old Chimera but that's all from the same sprue so I just need to order that one for the next knight. Plasticard itself is also not too expensive.
If you want to build something similar really it isn't much more expensive than the Defiler and a Sentinel.

I decided to wait with painting till February as we have minus degrees outside and that would just mess with the primer.

What about the feet? Are they ok, now that you saw the corrected pics?
Some advice on painting technique? This feathering?


Finally I also took a picture from the right shoulder pad an the cannon.

Mato Noupa

11-01-2006, 11:03
Impressive work ! I love the green-stuff detail, the shoulder-pad skull is awesome!

Can't wait to see it painted !

11-01-2006, 21:14
That is one nice walker! Damn you for tempting me to create my own... :cries:

12-01-2006, 13:18
Very nice work. I'd like to copy it at some point. But I have to read in on Knights first...

Mato Noupa
12-01-2006, 13:30
@the saint: good luck to you! There's not too much information about them but if you google it you'll end up with some texts from the old days. Try anything about Knight Worlds, Titan Legions, Knight Paladin, and the like.

The feet, the feet, have you seen the feet with the shin guards in the right position??!??! He??!? *jumpingupanddown* Better?

Mato Noupa

12-01-2006, 14:28
So I'll have to get some deodorant bottles. Nice, I'll have a cool Knight and smell good as well :d

Seriously though Mato, this is the best Knight I have seen so far!

07-02-2006, 21:54
Hi there Mato..

Hope you've survived your weeks in the army.. I thought I would resurrect interest in this thread as the models you are building are fantastic and it would be a shame if this dissappeared out of site..

You were hoping to begin work again on this project in February.. Have you made any progress or has the timetable slipped? (looking forward to seeing this model painted).. I understand the pressures of daily life..

The legs look great now by the way.. much more solid..

Best wishes,


08-02-2006, 00:10
Now that is a really cool model! Love the Imperial detailing as well. :)

Mato Noupa
08-02-2006, 10:41
Hey guys!
Don't worry. I remember that I promissed to be back.
Right now I'm preparring for an important job interview and besides that I have the legs of the second knight almost completed. I'll take some detail fotos as soon as I'm ready to show u how I've done them.

Thank you very much for the comment about the feet/legs. I've been thinking about it but couldn't come up with a better idea. I'll leave it as it is.

Meanwhile I have to sweat a lot for I have to use up all the deodorant in the new bottle before I start on the shoulder pads. :D


Mato Noupa

Mato Noupa
13-02-2006, 10:16
How to build a Knight Paladin
(step by step)

I'm back.

As I'm building the second knight I'll try to keep you updated with the progress, so you can see how I've done it (and so that I can copy the thread and have a tutorial with pics for me).

I decided not to paint the first knight until I finished the second because I want to be able to see the different parts I used the first time.

The second knight will be a lord so I'll try to make it more ornate than the first.

Well then. In the picture you see the parts needed for the construction of the legs. Not in the picture GS for the filling of the feet. I think I also need to use some plastic from the sprues to stabilise the cover of the feet when I assemble it.
Also in the picture: The hip. I cut the body of the Defiler right behind the part where the torso would be attached to. Instead of using it the same way as the original model (and like I've seen on many a knight model) I turned it and will attach the connection thingy(little piece in the right upper corner) to the plastic plate I covered the cut with.
That way I have a circular space to the fore where I can attach a skull (AM symbol) and more important have the legs centered under the torso and not slightly off center. Additionally this gives the model some more hight.

Next step: Assembly of the legs, shin guards and feet and placing an order with GW for the Chimera sprue I need for the arms.

So long.
Mato Noupa

13-02-2006, 20:34
Hi there Mato,

Thanks for doing this tutorial.. I will be copying your design to some extent so shall be watching carefully how you do things..

Could you perhaps post up a closer, clear picture of one of the leg assemblies once it is done so we can see how it all goes together.. and perhaps another, showing the hip joint.. its not too clear from the above picture as to its orientation..

Another idea.. perhaps you could post templates for some of the armour plates.. though the shape does seem fairly simple..

Your instructions are great though.. very clear..

Continue the great work..


Mato Noupa
14-02-2006, 07:19
hmm... templates.... I thought I would give you the measurements of the more important pieces like in the above picture.
The feet for example are not made by measuring but by simply putting the foot on a piece of cardboard and then using a knife to get the form which is then transferred to plasticard and filed down till it fits.

I'll get you pics of the finished assembly soon. You could also check the pics of the first knight paladin.


Mato Noupa

Mato Noupa
02-03-2006, 13:28
'scuse me for being so lazy on this project.

I've finally managed to assemble the leg section and can now move on to the torso.

But first some detail views of the legs.

The feet were glued with all the parts and then green stuffed. I really mean "stuffed"! This helps to stabilise the fragile glued parts. Once it's dry I'll file it to get a smooth surface. I also noticed that I forgot to remove the chaos star at the joint. (pic 1)

The shin guards where assembled from the parts in the last tutorial post. After adding strips of plasticard I glued on rivets made from a plasticard stick. Filing down the rivets (so that they all have around the same height and are flat on the top) et voila... (pic 2)

The hip is the front part of the Defiler body which I cut at the shown place. I mounted it 90į to its former position because this gives the model some more height and looks more natural to me. Furthermore I get this cool circular part to the front to glue a skull to: instant AdMech symbol. You can see at the bottom of the pic what it looks like assembled. The flamer is from the Sentinel and only pinned while the smoke launcher is from the Defiler kit and had to be cut and filed into place. (pic 3)

The finished leg section (pic 4). I haven't glued it yet because of better being able to paint it later. I also drilled the holes for the guitar strings already.

So I hope I won't take as much time for the next update but I'll have to think something up for the torso first.

Mato Noupa

02-03-2006, 22:04
Excellent! :) I'm always impressed by good plasticard work - the stuff hardly ever works as well for me.

Mato Noupa
03-03-2006, 13:24
@verm1s: It isnít that difficult. All you need is a ruler, a sharp knife, plastic glue and a fine file to file down all the seems. Well, yes, some patience too. It's important you let the glue set (or whatever glue does until it gets hard...:rolleyes: ) before you work on it again.


Seem to be in a building mood again. Started on the torso yesterday.

Most of the parts are from the Defiler kit. I removed all chains and some of the triangular ornaments on the armour. Itís Imperial and therefore has to be cleaner. :p
The length of the plasticard strips is 125mm. Forgot it in the picture.
The tubey things are from an Isostar tablet can (Isotonic drink) and are somewhat bigger than the ones I used the last time. (Da missus refused to buy the same hairspray again Ďcos she thinks itís crap. So I had to find something else.) Iíll just make them fit. This should also add some more bulk to the upper body which is good as this will be the LORD PALADIN. (pic 1)

After glueing the bottom, top and the sides of the Defiler body (not to forget the cut off mount of the battle cannon, NO GLUE HERE!) I covered up the circular holes on the side with thick plasticard. Itís important that this is thick because the metal rod that is stuck through will hold the arms and is only connected to the body via these two points. (pic 2)

The dry fitting of the torso sides. Thatís what it is supposed to look like, plus what it looks like on the inside of the body. Iíll show some pics once I got this part done. It needs some fitting and trying till itís right. (pic 3)

I also want to give it another helmet design, which is only fitting for a lord anyway.
The idea is to give it the look of wings on top and a cool visor. Got much to do on it though. Hereís just a rough idea how it should look like. (pic 4)

So Iím off to the workbench once more as the rivets on the torso sides should now have dried and be ready to be filed down.


Mato Noupa

03-03-2006, 16:02
Ayup, I know what I'm building when I finish my Tau and Space Wolf armies.

Also, that thing looks freakishly similar to a Templar OmniMech from the Battletech series. Cool!

Mato Noupa
04-03-2006, 13:55
@acolyte: I've got the cover of the Mechwarrior Mercenaries game lying in front of me. :D


Almost finished with the torso now.
To give the plasticard strips some bend I just leave them with the rubberband whenever Iím not having them in my hands. I also added a small Ďextensioní to them as they would come too close to the main body giving them a weird angle. (pic 1)

Having finished the front part of the body with some more plasticard I could move on to the back. The engine is made of the back part of the Defiler body and the exhaust tubes. I then filled up the hole at the back with some spare plasticard to
a)cover the gap for good looks
b)give the engine part some much needed support as it will fix the broad plasticard strips.
(pic 2)

I also needed to cut of the exhaust tubes at the bottom so that I could fit the plasticard strips in between them and the round thingies of the main body. I hope that explanation wasnít too weird.

In this pictures are two tricks I often use with this model. The first is to hold glued parts in place with rubber bands. This is much easier than pressing the parts together the whole time.
The second trick is to try everything you want to add with cardboard first. Itís easier to cut, youíve got tons of it lying around and once youíre happy with the result you can use it to transfer the shape to the plasticard. Also you can note comments on it. In the pic you see that I wanted the final plasticard part to be 1mm broader than the cardboard prototype. (pic 3)

Well itís standing now. Still looks a little bit strange but that will change. Itís not glued though and as soon as I touch the table the top will fall off. (pic 4) (Looks a bit like the Argus from Mechwarrior)

I made some progress with the head also. Added some plating to give it an even shape and to make it somewhat bigger. Because the top didnít want to stay in place I had to support it and then filled it up with some foam glue.
WARNING: This stuff is toxic, extremely sticky and almost uncontrollable because itís expanding a great deal after some minutes. But itís perfect for filling up spaces. Iím going to use it again with the shoulder guards like in the other knight. (pic 5)

Now that I almost finished the torso I really hope Iíll get the stuff from GW soon to work on the arms. For I have only one week of holidays left.

Thanks for tuning in again. ;)

Mato Noupa

Mato Noupa
07-03-2006, 10:43
Not that many replies.... should I continue with the tutorial or just be back once I have pics of the finished Knight? :confused:

Mato Noupa

07-03-2006, 11:04
Continue with the tutorial, that way it is easier for us less talented people that want to build our own Knights.

07-03-2006, 11:24
Definatly continue avec the tutorial. Its interesting even for those who don't want to make a knight.

07-03-2006, 11:31
yeah, we like to see peoples progress as they try and sometimes fail to impress us with their uber painting/modelling skills.

07-03-2006, 12:41
Hi Mata,

Carl here again, continue with your tutorial.. I can assure you that though we may not be commenting much (perhaps due to being stunned to silence by your modelling skills) your progress is being followed closely, and WILL be copied, or techniques adapted..

Great work, I look forward to the next up date..

One question.. you mentioned foam glue, could you explain what that is and where you can purchase it.. I have not come across that before, so am interested in how it works.. looks great for filling up large gaps..

Best wishes, your progress is being followed closely..


Warboss Garfang
07-03-2006, 14:06
Ooooh, I have to steal this idea for my AM army, sweet stuff.

07-03-2006, 17:28
Continue with it. Even if you don't, send me a copy as I really do want to try this one day.

08-03-2006, 01:44
Lookws awesome.

Mato Noupa
08-03-2006, 13:27
@ all: Okay. I'll do it then. Thanks a lot guys. Thanks for the support, it's really helpful because I often just begin with some conversion and leave it there.

@cthorpe: Well, foam glue was a translation I made up myself and obviously not the best in my career as a word inventor. :D I got it in a normal do-it-yourself store and its used to fill out empty and hollow spaces in buildings. Insulating foam could be a translation.
I got some of that stuff left from a terrain building project and it's really messy but it is good at filling out unreachable spaces and adds practically no weight while doing so.

I have finished the torso now but due to [edit: I'll probably add some more rivets and stuff but as far as construction is involved it's finished]
a) not having finished the deodorant yet (shoulder guards)and...
b) the order with GW not with me yet (cannon and chain sword mount)...
I have to try and see what parts of the arms I can do yet.

So many "yets" in one sentence.... :rolleyes:

(pic 1): the torso with and without cover.
I encountered a flaw in the design with the bigger chest, i.e. the shoulder guards would not cover it and you could see into the body from the side. I had to make up a closed chest. This was a nerving task but I got the plasticard in place with some super glue at the end. (pic 2)
Due to the additional stabilisation given by this I can now leave away the nails that hold the chest covers in place (shown in pic 3).

08-03-2006, 21:34
Looking good Mato,

Ok, insulating foam to fill spaces.. yes what a great idea!! Brilliant, that is an idea worth chasing, I shall be investigating my local DIY shop very soon..

I look forward to your next update.. Just out of interest, what components did you order from GW for your weapon mounts.. and what weapons are you actually going to fit out this Knight out with?

Best wishes, and continue the great work,


09-03-2006, 00:02
looks very good Mato. That is one of the ebst knight titans i have seen.:D


Mato Noupa
09-03-2006, 16:00
@scorpio: thanks mate. :)

@cthorpe: For the arms I only need "Chimera sprue C", the one with the sides of the Chimera chassis on it. But I ordered a whole bunch of other stuff too, which I think I can use for the Skitarii. Problem is that I also pre-ordered the Tau Codex and I think they hold back the whole order till the end of the month. Stupid me.

As you see some of the first pics in this thread the arms are totally scratch built and mostly made out of plasticard the Chimera parts however are the central part of the gun/chain sword mount.

The weapon config will be the same as with the other knight as it's the base config for the Knight Paladin suit. As I play them by the rules of a Defiler and not some home grown I hardly have options here. But that's allright with me cause I like it that way.

No Update today as I'm lazy.


Mato Noupa

09-03-2006, 16:26
This is some very impressing work you've got going on there! Please keep us updated as you continue - I've learned alot already.

Will you make the plating on the legs wider than on the previous knight to corespond to the bulkier shoulders?

Keep it up!


Mato Noupa
10-03-2006, 07:43
Aaargh! My stupid evil twin, aka my Duffy Duck impersonation forgot the memorystick with the two update pics at my place. Dubby must hurt himself! *hitsheadagainstthewall*

Sorry, no update today then.

Sneek peek: I had to solve two problems that have come up. Hobby trick: Don't glue anything into place until your deadly sure it's ok there! ;)

@Wulf: No, the shin guards will stay as they are. The shoulders won't be broader, just look a bit bulkier because they have a bigger diameter. I wouldn't be able to enlarge the shin guards anyway because there's just not enough space there and if I broadened them the Knight would stumble over his own feet. But thanks for the input. Check the latest pic of him standing, he doesn't look much bigger than his predecessor.

Mato Noupa

Mato Noupa
14-03-2006, 17:33

Only a short one, because I started my new job yesterday *yeeehaaaaa*

As said in the last post I had two problems with the body to solve.
The first was about the position of the head. I wanted it to be a little bit more looking to the forward and not on his feet therefore I needed to change the poistion of the cut of battle cannon mount on the Defiler body. Unluckily I had already glued the top plate. Never glue things you are not absolutely sure of. (pic 1) shows how I cut it off and the plasticard strip that holds it in place now.

The other problem was that with the new diameter of the chest and the resulting covering work on the sides of the torso I touched the heavy flamer and the smoke launcher on the hip. I had to add a little hight. As you can see a small base fit in perfectly. (pic 2)
The connecting thingy (on top of the base) was not yet glued thus it was really simple to do this. And no, I haven't glued it since. :p

The updates will slow down a little due to my new job and the still missing parts from GW, but just hang on, I'll be back.

Mato Noupa

14-03-2006, 19:07
Looking good Mato..

Congratulations on the new job.. even if it means that updates will be less regular..

I like what you have done with the base and hip design.. what did you use for rivets?

I look forward to the next installment..


Mato Noupa
16-03-2006, 16:37
@cthorpe: These are really simple. Check page 4 of this thread the Update about the legs and the shin guard, there's a pic of the making of the shin guards where you can see what I've done, well IF you can see it, the pic's not the greatest. ;)

Basically it's a plasticard rod that I cut small pieces off. After dunking them in plastic glue with a plier you can put them wherever you want to.
The trick is that after drying you file them down somewhat again. This way you get them all to the same height and they get a flat top. If you don't do this you'll just have them all at different sizes and forms and that doesn't look good. Give it a try it's that simple.

Happy rivetting!

Mato Noupa

Mato Noupa
19-03-2006, 12:48
While I can't yet start on the arms, here's a small...


I'm almost done with the head/cockpit of the Knight.
Originally the Knight Paladins had Space Marine like helmets/cockpits. I tried to get that look with the first Knight. As there are more and more variants for SM helmets I thought I could use a different cockpit for the second Knight.
As you can see I got the idea from one of the new Black Templar drawings. This helmet combines the medieval with the techno look and I really like it. (pic1) All I did was filing, completing and repairing with GS and adding rivets. The search light next to the helmet will be added to the chin.

On the right side of the helmet I wanted to have some cables that connect the cockpit with the main body. I think they'll have to be somewhat thicker. The pluggings I got from the old Vindicator driver as they had the right size and weren't as plain as the plastic SM shoulders. (pic 2)

It's drying now and I can file down the rivets and glue the searchlight on.

Have a nice sunny Sunday! :)
Mato Noupa

The Judge
19-03-2006, 14:34
Looking sweet - do you do this much conversion on your basic troopers? How far is the rest of the army?

You'd better paint it damn good...

Mato Noupa
19-03-2006, 17:00
The rest of the army is practically non-existent. Up to date I've put everything into these two dudes.

AND I really hope I don't mess it up with a crappy paintjob. :rolleyes: Would be a shame.

I plan not to do this much conversion work on the basic troops 'cause I would never ever finish the army that way.


Mato Noupa

21-03-2006, 02:59
needs ome feet.

23-03-2006, 13:57
looks a lot like the Awesome Class mech from battletech. hopefulyl il be starting on my knight later this year

23-03-2006, 14:30
Sure am liking what I see there. Good work!

Mato Noupa
10-04-2006, 08:42
@ilikebmxbikes: It got a pair of those. ;) But the shin guards aren't glued to the shins yet and cover too much of them. Granted they're not too big but look similar to those of the Templar Battlemech.

@TJ: Thanks. Great to get comments from lads with such an awsome skill like you. *blushes*
The flamer by the way is mounted on the hip. He's frying all those stupid enough to come close to it. (Tried various placements, also on the arms/next to the chainsword but it just didn't feel right, so I ended up with putting it on the hip)

Thanks to all for the comments and praise. I now got the parts I needed from GW and am soon to finish this bottle of deodorant. Additionally da missus leaves for two days this week... time to spend some time in my hobby room, if I don't get too distracted by the computer that is.... :D

Up to now I wasn't totally idle and worked on some infantry models and sentinels for my AM force as I've started a 400 points campaign with some friends and would like to have at least some models ready for the first game.
Pictures of the heavy weapon troopers and the "Ogrinel" (=working title. An Ogre mangled by the Techpriests with Sentinel legs and an autocannon) will follow this week.

Mato Noupa

Mato Noupa
10-04-2006, 12:05
thanks TJ, I'm looking forward to your next Knight.
btw I like your sig, just about to finish Colour of Magic. :D

12-04-2006, 01:57
That looks awesome! Now I want a Titan...

Quin 242
12-04-2006, 02:13
I'm liking those alot.. and the reference to one of the original Knight houses was a nice touch in the name :)

on the newer titan.. I'd like to see an armored Cod-piece like cover on the "groin" I think that a armored "cup" piece there would look better than the shield/skull that you have there currently.

Other than that one spot that sticks out these look just amazing.
thanks for sharing.

Mato Noupa
12-04-2006, 06:58
C a n n o t r e s i s t . . .
Kidnapped TP writing about some weird Ork Brainboy (wizard) and a luckless Hero-Grot on their pilgrimage to Terra would be so damn hilarious!:D
The AM would be perfect for him too with all those weirdo machines.

Back on topic:

@the mighty Quin: ;) I'll have to check your idea with the cod piece as I don't want to have an exact copy of the first Knight. The FW Warhound has something like that. Good idea. Thanks. :)

I started cleaning up the parts for the arms yesternight after training, so you can look forward to see the Knight Project being on track again shortly.
The "Ogrinel"TM (working title) got a right arm yesterday but still needs some wires and tidbitz to be presentable. Pics within the week.

Then I found this wonderful pics on dakkadakka:


Thanks to ESDK for giving me the final idea that sparked the flame that became the "Ogrinel"TM (working title). Honour where honour is due.

And then I have to make a statement: :rolleyes:
I know, I know even the title of my thread is wrong. But you just have to regard them as Battlemechs and not as Titans, because that's what they are in a 40k sense.

Stay tuned!

Mato Noupa

Mato Noupa
14-04-2006, 14:33
Started work on the right arm two days ago and got it almost finished today. Itís missing the twinlinked autocannon as I ran out of acís and did not notice. :rolleyes: That will be an easy fix once I get the parts.

The parts I used are really simple some tubes, some plasticard, two 1Ē bases, tubing from the do-it-yourself store and two parts of a Chimera (ordered Chimera sprue C and cut the two side parts in half, the other halves will be used on the left arm) (pic 1)

Half done. I assembled the main body of the cannon, the magazine and the tubes separately. (pic 2)

Step 3 fitting the parts together. I cut a hole into the housing to insert the barrel. And added the ejection for the empty shells with strips of plasticard. (pic 3)

Finally I added some rivets and a cover for the ejection system. Finished cannon. (pics 4 & 5)

Stay tuned!
Mato Noupa

Mato Noupa
14-04-2006, 14:38

Next I’ll do the shoulders.

As I said earlier they are made of a deodorant cap. :p Here’s the proof, all you need now is a saw and your ready to go. (pic 1)

Here are some of the parts needed for the shoulders. I sanded the deodorant cap halves so the glue and later the paint will stick better (something I forgot on the first Knight).
The Chaos symbols on the arms won’t matter as they cannot be seen later. The FW Skull is there to show you where I got it in the first place, I'm not that good at sculpting but I have a few tricks up my sleave. :cool: (pic 2)

Also in the pic is one of the first drawings for the Knight project. (red circle)
Would the left shoulder guard look good with the overlapping armour plates and the skull motive in the middle or should I do it the same way as with the other Knight, a plain shoulder pad??

For the pics of the AM army that should eventualy see action with those two bad boys I opened a separate thread. You can find it here:

Mato Noupa

Puffin Magician
14-04-2006, 14:50
Hmm, that's a rather clever way to make a great looking Battlecannon arm. Question, how to you cut the muzzle brake vents on the small piece [3/8" 1.2cm]? I haven't dealt with Plasticard much but I know that slicing at cylinders is a pain in the prosterior.

I think the shoulders look better as the smooth, round, plain-looking style.

Mato Noupa
14-04-2006, 14:54
still online :D

This one looks mucho better than my first attempt. I used a file and just sawed into the tube. The resulting cut got cleaned up with a sharp knife.
A steady hand holding the tiny piece and a good eye for the right angle and distance (or in my case a small cut with the knife to show me where to file does the trick).

Thanks for the answer on the shoulder pads. I'm undecided yet as I don't want to make an exact copy of the first Knight.

Mato Noupa

14-04-2006, 18:50
Hi there Mato,

I love the Cannon.. great tutorial.. and inspiration..

Like Puffin I prefer the large single piece armoured shoulder plate, like that you have already done.. suggests greater strength and technical knowledge..

Overlapping plates in armour is only utilised when the shoulder is articulated and needs to move.. (usually in an up - down direction).. in the case of this Knight there is no need for this..

Though of course.. the overlapping plates could just be purely decorative, reflecting the 'real' shoulder plates of your skitari infantry.. which may be a good way of tying in the larger elements with your infantry...

With your skills, I'm sure both would look great.. though I think on preference, I like the originals.. suggests greater strength, and give you more space to decorate..

Best wishes,


14-04-2006, 20:10
Whoooa, It's a bloomin Hooouge Autocannon :O

I am impressed

Puffin Magician
15-04-2006, 18:30
I don't mean cutting cylinders in general - I bought a mitre box specifically for that. *shudders at the thought of cutting another Baneblade's worth of wheels without one...*

I'm talking about the tiny rectangular hole in the end bit. It's only about 1◊4mm in size so I'd imagine it would be rather fiddly to cut out precisely. A file, Mato says... but you file things with a file! I get the image of him simply stabbing away at this small tube until there's a hole in it, which is then sanded to shape.

Mato Noupa
18-04-2006, 06:17
Really I filed it! :angel:

I've got me a set of small files used for metal craft. They are also "filey" at the short side. Thus you can use them to file very thin, like a saw actually.
I filed till I was through and then used a knife to cut out the rectangular hole the shape of the filed space.
No dark sorceries involved, just a file. :D

No pics, because I'm at work:
Almost finished the shoulder guards but the AM symbol and halfway through with two Ogrinels.

Mato Noupa

18-04-2006, 12:12
Think I have solved the small wierd feet, add something of a heel, then it would not look as wierd, otherwise I envy you for your skulpting skills.. :P

Mato Noupa
22-04-2006, 15:52
@Nkari: Heels might indeed be the salvation. I'll have to check it. Thanks!

Just a short one. The pics are one week old but I just didn't have the time to either post them or to do some more work on my WH stuff.

After glueing the plasticard plate to the deodorant cap I drilled a hole for the iron rod (conneticting the shoulders through the body) and glued the arm to the plasticard. The rod is NOT glued yet!! It's just holding the plastic arm to the plasticard that the plastic glue can dry. In the first and second picture you see how I did this.

After that was done I filled the shoulder pads with construction foam. This material really is malicious and it's expanding without end. Additionally it's extremely sticky and will ruin everything it touches ... even your fingers. The picture was made after cleaning away superfluous foam twice. After it dries completely (the other morning) you can cut away the stuff or use the Dremel.

More pics hopefully coming soon.

Mato Noupa

Mato Noupa
28-05-2006, 19:41
smallish UPDATE:
Been a long time.
Had a busy other life and some changes in the relationship sector, but now I hope I am on track again. Doing conversions is a good therapy anyway.

Finally finished the shoulder guards today.

Short story actually all you need is a cast from the FW AM skull and lots of green stuff. Don't forget to "paint" the form with oil before you fill it with GS or it will stick to the form and you'll destroy it.
I let it cure for 4 hours because at that time it won't take my fingerprints when working with it but is still a little bendable. This is important as the surface of the shoulder guard isn't flat.
Then I dremeled the rough shape of the skull into the shoulder. This is really messy and I had to hover my whole room after that. :eyebrows: (pic 1)

Et voilŗ! The finished shoulder guards of the second knight paladin. (pic 2)

Next will be finishing the cannon and thinking of something for the left arm.

Would a giant buzz saw instead of the normal chainsword be cool? What do you think? :confused:

Mato Noupa

Hideous Loon
28-05-2006, 19:56
Yes, yes, a giant buzz saw would roxx0r for the close combat attachment.

28-05-2006, 21:33
Would a giant buzz saw instead of the normal chainsword be cool? What do you think?

Personally I prefer the chain sword: The ridiculously large version of the normal hand weapon is what makes the epic model's concept for me, and your execution of it in the original titan is so well done.

I did some surfing today and compared images of the old epic model and an unreleased 40k scale version from Armorcast and its scary how well this project evokes/improves those. I wish you were selling them. :D


29-05-2006, 01:49
Welcome back Mato..

Ithink I would prefer the chainsword too.. because thats what all the fluff indicates.. but if you do decide on the buzz saw.. could you show us how you built both..(I know thats greedy- but the price you pay for being so good!!).. You could always make them interchangeable with magnets..

Best wishes,


29-05-2006, 02:51
Or even a big stonking lance, as some of the Knights had.

Mato Noupa
29-05-2006, 06:55
Thanks for the input guys.

This guy is the Lord and the already done suit is that of one of the knights under his command. This means I built it a tad bigger, want to do it a little bit more ornate and perhaps change the look by using another weapon arm.

Lord suits in Epic had a better cannon which I did not achieve making (ruleswise it is exactly the same model anyway). I'm not sure about the lord's weapons though. Got to check my Epic pics.
The chainsword is THE Knight Paladin weapon but then I would have almost the same model and I cannot make it any bigger for proportions sake.
Lances were the weapons of another knight type and I don't like them too much as they implement a bonus on charging. I need a "normal" cc weapon to show the cc ability of the Defiler (what it is ruleswise).
One of my earlier sketches hat an arm with two saw discs but I don't like that. The Ogrinel sub-project got me the idea of a buzz saw like the one of the Ork Cybot:
Compared to the chainsaw of the knight it would look a little bit like a mace which, I think, would be very cool.

What do you think?

Mato Noupa
P.S.: Do you write "ruleswise" like that or in two words?? - Stupid non-native speaker :rolleyes:

29-05-2006, 09:14
I would recommend a big ass power fist, or even a power sword.

29-05-2006, 09:38

As a Lord.. why not go for a mace (alway been a symbol of Lordship and authority, in medieval times, that why the queen here in the UK has a mace carried before her at formal state occaissions, as also happens in parliment) which I think would look rather cool on the model..

You could 'count as' a close combat power weapon (or chainsword).. Think VERY large power maul..

Just an idea.. I know its not a traditional weapon for a knight.. but I think would fit in rather well..

Best wishes,


Mato Noupa
29-05-2006, 10:29
That's a good idea cthorpe.
Not only a "looks-like-a-mace-buzz-saw" but an actual mace.....
Intrigues me this idea. Could be a problem as I don't have much space next to the torso but perhaps it's possible......

As an afterthought: The same with the powersword ZAChos suggested. The Knight has no hands and the chainsword was attached at the elbow, so a powersword or a mace would be kind of hard to attach as it should give the impression to be wieldable.
That's why I went with the buzz saw, it's not the traditional Knight Paladin weapon but close to it.
But the lord's suit is a.n.c.i.e.n.t. and they either could have tinkered with it extensively or it is of a design that is not well known/not buildable anymore.

Mato Noupa

29-05-2006, 11:35
so a powersword or a mace would be kind of hard to attach as it should give the impression to be wieldable.

Hmmm... I just had a thought: Have you considered a spiked wrecking ball hanging from a massive chain? It would be extremely primitive (since this titan is supposed to be very old), evoke a medieval morning star, and fit really nicely with some of the terrain destroying options in Cities of Death. Looking like he can wield it wouldn't be neccesary since in principle it would be functioning pretty much like a crane - Rotate. Smack. Watch the little men fly or the building fall.


29-05-2006, 16:08
how much did it cost to make?

Mato Noupa
30-05-2006, 07:38
@damz451: It's a defiler, a sentinel cockpit and lots of plasticard and GS. Tried to keep it as cheap as possible by using things lying around the flat.
Basically it's the kits and lots of time (at CHF 130 per hour as we're talking about Mike and the mechanics here) :D

Looks like I'll do a mace then. :chrome:

Just checked on Ebolahond's Knight again and I think it could be possible. Though I have to come up with a way to make it lightweight and perhaps with a counterweight at the elbow to give it a bigger/longer feeling.

Btw, why has your queen a mace, the most primitive and brutal thingy available and not a "noble weapon" like a sword as the symbol of office?
I can see why she doesn't leave it at home when goes to parliament meetings but otherwise...

Mato Noupa

28-06-2006, 20:35
Hi there Mato,

With other peoples Knight projects just starting up, I would be interested in knowing how yours (one of the GREAT inspirations for all these projects) is progressing..

Which close combat weapon did you decide on using.. did you go with a power mace/maul for your Lord?

Have you started the painting stage yet?

I look forward to updates again soon.. been missing your input..

Best wishes,


29-06-2006, 09:31
Btw, why has your queen a mace, the most primitive and brutal thingy available and not a "noble weapon" like a sword as the symbol of office?
I can see why she doesn't leave it at home when goes to parliament meetings but otherwise...

Mato Noupa

The mace was considered a weapon that was holy, along with hammers and other hitting weapons. This is because as a member of the clergy was not allowed to draw blood in anger they had to use weapons that would do damage without cutting. Thats why the spanish inquisition got so inventive with the inquisitiveness, because they were'nt allowed to cut stuff. Not quite the point of the rule but they kept it to the letter.

The queen is the head of the church of england so I guess thats why she has a mace as her symbol of office. Before henry the 8th kings were generally shown with swords, as they had no religious duties to fulfill.

29-06-2006, 10:58


Mato Noupa
30-06-2006, 10:31
Thanks for the support guys.
The background info about the maces is also heartly appreciated. :)

I've got to admit that the ending of the 5 year relationship with my now-ex-girlfriend took a greater toll on me and Warhammer than I suspected.
Cannot blame it all on that though.
It's summer (I like being out), I play in-line-hockey, spent too much time in front of the PC (got Winter Assault from a friend) and prepared my Marines for this weekends tournament.

The only progress on the Knights so far is only superficial and I haven't started at all with the mace/sword/whatever.
I did finish building my 2nd and 3rd Sentinel and a few servitors for the AM army but no pics yet.
No paint at all on any model I'm afraid. :(

Got to take all the blame for being lazy and not updating enough. Feeling a little guilty now that I see that you're all still interested in what I'm doing.

I can't promiss but I try to be better this year Santa. ;)

Mato Noupa

Finn Sourscowl
30-06-2006, 10:42
Read through the thread yesterday... those Knights are fantastic! Keep posting progress when can!

Good luck!!

30-06-2006, 17:15
Really nice work!!!

30-06-2006, 20:01
Hi Mato,

I understand the problems.. good luck, I wish you well and I'm sure things will work out OK..

When you start on this fantastic project again, I know you will recieve a lot of support and encouragement from all of your admirers out here on Warseer..

Look forward to when you start again,

Best wishes,


Mato Noupa
02-07-2006, 20:41
Cheers mate!

At the tournament this weekend a few friends too asked me when I would get off my ass and continue with the project.

Gives me a lot of motivation the support I get from you and all the others.

You shall not be disappointed! :D

Cheers again,
Mato Noupa

Mato Noupa
15-12-2006, 18:29
You shall not be disappointed!

He said and wasn't seen again for .... some month's.

Now I'm back, sporting a new flat and a paunch from too much dining with customers.
Sorry for letting this project drown in the dephth of warseer. Real life hasn't been kind on my hobbies lately.

Attention great annoucment to follow...
This weekend I shall be back with an update on the tutorial. Don't expect too mucho though it's not yet finished.

Stay tuned.

Mato Noupa

P.S.: For those who cry: "There! He's a threadcromancer! Burn the which!" I checked with the mod and it's ok to bring back this thread with new contents. I just want to finish this tutorial (and the knight on my desk...) and then move on to the rest of the army in a new thread.

15-12-2006, 18:52
very awesome, wish i had that kind of money to buy even half on it. but that just gave me a idea. has anyone thought about making a titan from entitly plastic card and green stuff, now that would be a sight to see!

15-12-2006, 19:42
Looks most convincing! Your work and showcase is perfect as a guide for building a Knight Titan - I'm most impressed; keep it up, man!


Mato Noupa
16-12-2006, 13:04

Right arm
The next and easiest step for me was to complete the right arm which is basically a copy of the first Knights cannon arm.

Pic one is a detail shot of the cannon and the fittings for the banner that is to come. (ideas for knightly banners are highly appreciated) :D

Pic two shows the almost finished cannon arm with the crest of the Knight's rider on the shoulder guard.

On to the left arm with a little detour over the torso. Shall we?

Mato Noupa

Mato Noupa
16-12-2006, 13:39

I smoothed the sides of the torso with a file but didn't want to file away too much so I had to use greenstuff. For such kind of things GS is quite nice to work with ang gives a smooth surface.:) (pic 1)

Pic 2 shows the finished torso with crest, shield and a place to inscribe the name of the Knight.

next: closecombat weapon arm

Mato Noupa

Mato Noupa
16-12-2006, 13:44

Closecombat weapon arm:
Working from the ideas I got from you folks I tried to do a special closecombat weapon and I am quite pleased with the result. :D

First I encountered some problems and had to work it out on paper (drawings) and with cardboard prototypes first but I finally came up with a good concept.
(edit: this part turned out a little bit weird. Perhaps you have to read it twice. :rolleyes: )
I did three "doubleblades" for the mace two of them I cut halfway through so they fitted together nicely(one from top down and one from buttom up). The third I had to cut in half and glue in the blades separately at the end.
Then I cut in the tube 6 times until I could stick in the two first blades (taking up 4 of the cuts of course;) ). This construct then is rather stable because the two blades fit into each other. It's like you do the Spok greeting from Star Trek with both hands and move them together. :chrome: Weird explanation but try it, you'll see what I mean.

(pic 1) Here you see the result in the upper left corner. In the upper right corner you see how I covered up the ends of the cuts because they were not too symetric. And then there you see the finished mace with the powergenerator/counterweight.
(Pic 2) is another detail shot of the top of the mace where I had to fill the tube.

So there you go: Instant mace for the lord of my Knight house.
But with the mace finished I wasn't pleased at all with the left arm it looked way too flimsy for the mace was almost too big.

Next update coming soon.

Mato Noupa

16-12-2006, 13:49
Ah, good to see some more progress on this fantastic project. I just want to see this beast painted up!

Mato Noupa
16-12-2006, 14:13
I get poked in the ribs constantly by my friends here too. I will paint them eventually but i have to get a painting mood, which i haven't atm. :o :) First I want to finish the conversion then I'll move on step by step.

Mato Noupa

16-12-2006, 15:42
This is the best conversion thread I've ever seen. It's completely amazing how you build this one. The inclusion of armour kit-parts is, well, purely fantastic. Some modifications for the feet and variant shoulder pads and my (eventually - few and far between hobby shops in my area in Sweden) planned Knight Titan (Malneus pattern) have the plans of construction ready!


Mato Noupa
16-12-2006, 16:04

Left arm:

The mace turning out to be really big and the fact that I didn't want it as a extension of the forearm (looked weird) required me coming up with a new arm design.
Now it's more like he's holding a huge mace in his left hand.
The arm design I had so far was also far too flimsy for a weapon wielding arm, so I had to ad some armour to it, didn't I.

I used one left over Defiler armour part as a plate for the upper arm. To techify the look I used some wires (guitar string and wire) and cleaned all up with GS. (pic1)
The left shoulder sports a AM skull and the crest shield of the War Griffons Titan Legion. To be honest I didn't have the nerves to do the crest shield again so I tore it from the first Knight and dublicated it with a cast. Turned out quite nice. (pic 2)
The final result you can see in (pic 3).

Fitting it together the completed left arm looks like this: (pic 4 +5, note these are previous wip shots).

And more.....

Mato Noupa
16-12-2006, 16:11


With the major body parts now completed (the legs are already done) here's two quick shots on the lower body of the first Knight.
(pics 1+2)
Yes I know the mace looks huge but I'll find a way to possition it less dominating. :eek:
(edit: Note also that the legs are bare, e.g. without armour plates which makes them look really not up to the task of balancing the torso, but that ain't totally like that.)

Next step for me is to mount the legs on a base (eg CD) in a way that I have no problems later to create a base. That'll be as soon as I finally have decided on bases for my army.

That's it so far. I'll be back soonish with more updates.

Cheers for all the comments and encouragement I got here. Thanks for keeping me motivated to finish this project guys. :D

Mato Noupa

16-12-2006, 16:15
Woah! That's how a close combat (ie: anti-armour and anti-titan specialised) Knight Titan should look! The arm design is perfect, thought I hope you enlarges its feet. Keep it up, for any-deity-you-want's sake, just keep it going!


Mato Noupa
16-12-2006, 17:48


Such a magnificent creation has to be blessed by the disciples of the Machine god.
It is His will and their knowledge that keeps it going and doing many a heroic deed for the armies of the Adeptus Mechanicus and the War Griffon Titan Legion.

Therefore I have to ad some purity seals but without totally covering it up. Thankfully I still had some seals from the previous Knight (pic 1) which I could clean up and apply where appropriate on the Knight. (pic 2)

Stay tuned.
Mato Noupa

16-12-2006, 18:16
Nice. Very, very nice.


16-12-2006, 18:45
Hello Mato, and welcome back.

It is fantastic to see the return of this old friend, and with lots of progress too, I still admire your work mato, it is a great inspiration..

I'm glad that you decided in the end to run with the idea of the mace, it makes so much difference to the overall look of the knight.. apart from being a more 'knightly' weapon, it is one that you dont see that often, most people opting for a sword of some variety or other.. so yours really stands out from the crowd, plus I love the way you have solved the technical problems too.. well done..

Am I right in thinking you were originally going to construct a maniple of three knights? Perhaps for the third one if you decide to eventually build it you could consider a power/shock lance?

Well as always I shall be following this project with great interest.. again welcome back, its good to see you around..

Best wishes,


Mato Noupa
17-12-2006, 01:37
Hullo chap!

Nay, I ever only had the intention of doing two of these monstrosities, because I think 3 of them would be too much. I'm using the rules for defilers in a Lost and the Damned list and I don't think my opponents would cherish the idea of facing 3 defilers. In that way I can also field a maniple of robots (chaos spawn) as my third heavy choice. :chrome:

Thanks too you again for keeping on asking me to continue. ;)


Mato Noupa

17-12-2006, 12:16
Keep us updated on the creation of your robots wehn you begin them, please. ;)


18-12-2006, 19:27
Can we get a shot of the two Knights together?

Your work is truly inspiring and it's good to see you back to work on these.


Mato Noupa
18-12-2006, 21:26
Hey Frederich

I will get a family shot of them as soon as I manage to solve the hip problem. (At the moment only one can stand without me holding everything together) I have a good idea how I can solve this.

What about bases?
I thought of giving them rubble strewn factory floor bases (like defending a forgeworld). What do you think about this and do you have any ideas of mini dioramas I could do on these huge bases (a liability when gaming but they offer so much possiblities to convert)
I was thinking of somehow doing the energy shield by showing impacts. Difficult to achieve though.

Cheers for any ideas.
Mato Noupa

Mato Noupa
27-12-2006, 23:16
Update time again:

I promissed to come up with a solution for the hips. As I don't know yet how I'm going to transport these babies. :chrome:

The principle is a simple one. A tube that will glide in another tube will give it enough strength and fixation. - Simple idea, doesn't really work that well, as I found out as the torsos are still able to turn. I'll probably have to glue them and come up with a good transportation idea.

(pic 1) shows the tube system and (pic 2) the finished counterpart inside the torso.

Mato Noupa

Mato Noupa
27-12-2006, 23:37
That's it.
Final updates as I'm nearly done. All that remains is to GS the cables into place and some superficial surgery on the face but I will show these and probably the painted pictures in another thread about the AM army I'm building.

Without further ado:

Earl Arguile de Beaumaris, Lord of House Beaumaris.

Yes I know the feet are still the same and the torso got a tad to big but I'm lazy and want to have the construction of this giant finished. :p

Mato Noupa

Mato Noupa
27-12-2006, 23:43
Final Update

I thank everyone that kept encouraging me to get done with it. I know it will take ages for me to paint them but eventually I do want to finish my AM army.
Thanks for all the comments, ideas and support.

Now for you gents:
Brothers in Arms

Philipp aka Mato Noupa

28-12-2006, 00:54
Nice Titans,
great tutorial.

... but I strongly suggest you give them wider, three toed feet.

Mato Noupa
28-12-2006, 07:51
Yeah. You're all right I guess.
The look a bit on the small side those legs and with bigger feet it would look better.

But now I take a break for at least a day (from taking so many brakes on this project...) :wtf:

Mato Noupa

30-12-2006, 23:16
The original knights don't have splayed 3-toed feet, so I wouldn't go for that.

Instead, you could just extend the foot out, by using one of the defiler leg shields, or build them like you've done for the shins.

Have it sloped down to the 'toes', with a trapezoidal cut where the ankle is to allow it to bend when it walks.

It would just fit over the foot you've got now without changing anything really.

PS: great models!!


31-12-2006, 02:27
Wow unbelievable work man. It seems like such a huge effort to put to make a titan from scratch, but two?! Congratulations on your hard work!

09-01-2007, 14:25
Hi Mato..

Happy New Year..

Just got back, so congratulations on the completion of your build.. they are a great inspiration, and look absolutely great..

I hope you will either continue with this thread, or start a new one when you start painting these beauties.. I should really like to see what colur scheme you choose..

Also hope you will start a thread on the rest of your AD Mech army once you have started their build..

Congratulaions again on a great project,


13-01-2007, 14:34
Looking Awesome together!

Thanks to you and Hoff, My eldest wants Knights now, and guess who's got to make them!

at least your step-by-step guide will ease the pain ;)

Can't wait to see them painted!

13-01-2007, 14:48
Ha! That's something rather funny. Eldest child indirectly demanding that his/her dad is going to make a Knight Titan for him/her!


13-01-2007, 16:32
I've got 3 sons into 40k, I'm just dreading the day the other two want Reavers....

We are seriously looking at extending the house to accommodate minatures. A 'hobby' room :)

No, Knights first, just trying to find somewhere the puppies can't 'play' with them!

Question to anyone with knights, which one is the closest to the Defiler in weaponry?

13-01-2007, 22:31
I've got 3 sons into 40k, I'm just dreading the day the other two want Reavers....

We are seriously looking at extending the house to accommodate minatures. A 'hobby' room :)

No, Knights first, just trying to find somewhere the puppies can't 'play' with them!

Question to anyone with knights, which one is the closest to the Defiler in weaponry?


Has pretty much everything available on titans and knights.


16-09-2007, 11:35
have you paint your knight ???
what colour scheme ?

Lord Zso Sahaal
26-12-2008, 14:40
wow some great work, inspired me to do the same and make some accept they will be used to protect my Warhound on the table. Out of interest do you know where I can find some rules for these?

26-12-2008, 19:38
15 months?! Does that count as threadomancy?!?!

Rules are in BolS and the new TF Cult Mechanicus codex.

29-12-2008, 00:21
would really like to see those Knights painted up. I was informed of their existance on another thread and now I am looking for some examples to perhaps make my own. I hope this doesnt step on anyones toes, but are they all armed with a large autocannon-ish gun and a massive CCW or are their other types?

25-01-2009, 22:04
I noticed the winged insignia used on your Knight. Were you a member of the "herd" by any chance?