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09-01-2006, 11:29

Me and 3 friends played a few games last saturday and my army performed admirably (2 massacres and one minor victory). However, id like some imput on how i can improve it.

Exalted Champion (helm of many eyes, great weapon)
Aspiring Champion (barded steed, great weapon)
Bray Shaman (2 x dispel scroll)

15 Chaos Warriors (chosen, shields, warbanner, full command)
5 Chaos Knights (chosen, full command)
5 Marauder Horsemen (throwing axes, musician)
8/8 Beast Herd (full command)
3 Chaos Trollsī
2 Spawns

Plan: My marauder horsemen and chaos knights use one flank, the marauders shielding the knights and i also use them to draw out charges. The aspiring champion joins the knights most of the time.

My other flank is handled by the chaos warriors backed up by the trolls. Being stupid and all i try to keep the trolls slightly behind the warriors, ready to counter attack. The warriors job is to draw out any charges as they are more than capable of handling them. My exalted champion (general) joins the warrior unit.

The center is being handled by the beastmen who pick their fights, fleeing most of the time and being backed by the two spawns.

What can i change, and why?

09-01-2006, 11:46
personally i would reccomend possibly dropping the trolls and maybe taking a good unit of mauraders ... trolls are cool but CR of a maurauder unit and maybe some dogs could possibly work out better ...

09-01-2006, 12:34
Yup, I'd be inclined to drop the Trolls too. If you want big guy nastiness, you'd be better off with Minotaurs or Ogres - pretty much the same killyness, but much cheaper. Less resilient too, I'll grant you, but that can be overcome. The points you save would be well spent on some Warhounds, and maybe another magic item.

Talking of magic items, the Staff of Darkoth would be a good alternative to one of the Dispel Scrolls - it really can screw your opponent up when you move into your opponent's flank in the movement phase and then charge in the magic phase. And I'd be wary of using the Helm of Many eyes on a Ld8 character.

09-01-2006, 16:46
To simply improve on your list without dropping and getting all too many models is also quite easy, though I do agree with the above posters, Marauders or big Herds are your friends.

Now, as for the improving without dropping and adding, let's have a look.

Simply by dropping the Throwing Axes off your Marauder Horsemen in favour of Fails, you can get a Braystaff for your Shaman, resulting in him either adding killyness to the Herd, or staying allive longer, of course, your Horsemen would now preform a slightly different role in that perspective that they'd now be flankers instead of harassers.

I'd also drop the upgrade of Musician from your Chosen Knights or Warriors (whatever gives you a total of 20 points free) and upgrade your Aspiring Champion to an Exalted one.

These are two very simple ways of slightly weakening your units in themselves to greatly strengthen your characters and turning them into guys who can help the units out.

I say give it a try with these suggestions before going off to buy new moddels.. and... you can always put horns on those Trolls and call them Minotaurs whom once was touched by Nurgle

09-01-2006, 17:47
Mmmm, true Neknoh - there really is no good reason to take an aspiring champion unless you want a Battle Standard. +1 to lots of important statistics for just 20 points? You'd be a fool not to.