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10-08-2009, 04:42
Though I'm most likely going to play my High Elves at 'Ard Boyz, I got thinking about possibly using my Brets, and I got to wondering about what characters to take at 3000 pts. For most armies, I build the army first and add in the Chars, but for Brets I've found I have to go the other way. So I have a few things I'm considering when doing this.

Grail Knights. I probably want more than 1 unit of them. That means Louen or The Fey Enchantress. While I like the idea of Louen's LD 10, I don't really like the idea of bows becoming special, as I plan on taking like 50 of them, and I really don't want that to eat up all my choices. The Enchantress seems interesting, as it gets me a second Grail Knight unit (While I want more than 1, I doubt I'd want more than 2), a Level 4 mage with access to more lores than Brets can usually count on, PLUS not having to pray at the start of the game, which is fantastic.
BUT she means I'm not able to run 2 fighty characters, which makes the choice of the second Lord more difficult.

so, if I assume the Fey as choice 1, what do I take for the second lord? There will probably be lots of nasty big things...do I take the Immune to KB, able to KB large targets lord? That leaves me without a magic lance however...though Grail Vow should fix that....Give him Cuirass of Fortune to re-roll failed wounds (and therefore get more chances at KB), plus Tress of Isolde, so if I manage to get a big gribbly in combat I can reliably hit it?

Or do I just make him a missile to throw into units, give him Virtue of Ideal, Killing Blow lance, Cuirass of Fortune (because it's just that handy), and stick him in a unit of grails to the flank so the LD penalty doesn't come into play that much? The Fey can of course serve as an admirable general in this case.

Other builds to think of for the Lord?

What about Heroes? I can try to sneak the KB large targets on one of them? And I'm fond of Wyrmlance as a nasty break-off surprise, but with so much fire immunity, is it worth possibly giving up his attacks?

What about Damsels? How many would I think at that points level? I'd want one with Chalice of Malfleur and a Scroll for sure. Would that plus the Fey be enough? I want to make sure I can get in some killy Paladins, as with so much Immune to Psych around my lances would have to hit HARD.

Any thoughts on something I might be missing? I haven't played this army in a while, so I can see missing something glaring here.

Warhammer Madman
10-08-2009, 05:37
Well with 50 archers and im guessing and at least one treb you will want something (or some one) to baby sit them. A unit of 5 KoTr or Errants do this fine if baced around a hill or you could play quite a static line till the enemy walk into charge range...

The next thing is waht do you want?

The fey is quite a heavy investment so im guessing you want a magicy list.
so maybee the damsel build you mentioned and a second damsel.

A second lord is cool and all but you basicly get two lords in one (the fey is magicy and her guards are hitty) so I would forgo a second lord in favour of 3 paladins one as BsB one veteran lancer (Joust+a magic lance/Curias of fourtune) and one monster killer (Sword of ladys champ) this keeps your paladins quite versitile and able to fill a few roles.

hope it works out for you!

but yea thats my 2p

10-08-2009, 06:03
Would Sword of the Lady's Champ be worth it more than Virtue of Heroism against large targets? He'll be S6 anyways, and the chance at KB almost seems worth it, as most tough monsters will have enough ward/regen to ignore that sword. Nasty Thirster builds will have Obsidian Armour and just ignore it.

10-08-2009, 06:58
What the heck is this "'Ard Boyz" everyone talks about?

sharky 10
10-08-2009, 10:23
Its a tournament I think.

10-08-2009, 11:08
Its a big no comp US tournament, with 3k for fantasy (2.5k for 40k, don't know about LotR). Very, as the name suggests, hard armies.

Sword of Heroes and Virtue of Audacity is a nice way of killing monsters but, as Warhammer Madman now intimately knows, its all kinds of useless against S4, T4 troops.

However, taking a lance, Virtue of Heroism, Tress of Isolde and Cuirass of Fortune is also a good way of dealing with them. The S6 anyways helps him kill stuff, and between the 2+ to hit and reroll 1s to wound, you've got quite a reasonable chance to KB it.

Anyways, 1 damsel and the Fey will not be enough. Not nearly. Expect armies with 20+ power dice (unfortunately, actually being very serious here). 5 DD (6) and 1 scroll is low/average defence for 2k, never mind 3k. You'll need at least 1 other damsel with 2 scrolls, preferably 2. Depending on what sort of army you go for (charge line?), you need for defence to last at least a couple of turns without major damage. 7(8)DD with 5 scrolls will, possibly, do that.

Warhammer Madman
10-08-2009, 18:34
Aye aye it be true the number of times... but I tell myself every time I meet the pendant of Kalith it was all worth it then get squished...

However I find the Virtue of Heroism to be next to useless on anything but a lord (if you take Gaargods lord awsome! but remember to defend him) and any time I have used it (the virtue not the lord) I always fail that KB and get squished... not nice on a 250+Pts mini.

Danger Rat
10-08-2009, 22:17
A combo I have found useful is the morning star of fracasse)+2 str on charge and for every sucessfull hit on a 4+ you destroy your opponents magical weapon) and the virtue of confidence(re-roll failed hits and wounds in challenges which the virtue makes you do if possible. Have found it very good on paladins in 1999pt games

11-08-2009, 00:05
I'm thinking of using:
The Fay Enchantress
Lord w/ silver lance,enchanted shield virtue of confidence warhorse
Paladin BSB, virtue of duty, sword of might warhorse
Mounted Damsel, 2 dispel scrolls
Mounted Damsel, 2 dispel scrolls
Mounted Damsel, 2 dispel scrolls
2 grail knight lances
a couple of KOTR lances. 1 with warbanner (the BSB rides here)
1 KE lance w/ errantry banner
5 pegasus knights
32 skirmishing bowmen.

Basically all I have :)

11-08-2009, 02:21
The list above is the problem I'm having...I really don't want to eat most of my character slots with Damsels who will do NOTHING but scroll caddy (though admittedly the MR 1 is handy-ish), because lets face it...they're not going to cast much. And What about things like Teclis+Book of Hoeth archmage. Then you've sunk 500 pts and 3 hero slots into useless defence.

The players around here (notwithstanding being unaware of who might come in from out of town, but we can fill our venue with locals) tend to be VERY combat heavy, with very few people playing much heavy casting, barring 1 Tzeentch daemon list (that I'm praying I don't have to play) and my own High Elves (which clearly won't be an issue)

We're much more likely to see Black Guard deathstar with a million cold one knights and 3 hydras, or Dual Bloodthirsters, or multi-dragons than big casting.