View Full Version : Beasts of Chaos - 2000 points of Narnia-inspired beastyness

09-01-2006, 13:18
I got dragged along to see the new Lion, Witch & Wardrobe film a week or so ago. Although it was as I expected, diet-LotR, the Ice Queen's army made me want to dig out my BoC book, and write up a beastman army. In particular, I wanted a Minotaur general, and some more minotaurs. I also wanted Wolves (warhounds) and some beastherds. Plus, I wanted a mortal character from HoC (a Tzeentch Champion on a Chariot), to contrast with the bestial nature of the main army.

So here it is. Would appreciate comments. Bear in mind it's not supposed to be a copy of the ice queen's army, just inspired by the idea of a bestial army led by a Minotaur, and with a mysterious magical person on a chariot.

Doombull with Slaughterer's Blade, Armour of Damnation & the Dark Heart

Exalted Champion of Tzeentch with Great Weapon & Golden Eye, riding Chariot of Tzeentch

Wargor with Great Axe, Crown of Horns & Crimson Armour of Dargan

Bray-Shaman with Staff of Darkoth & Dispel Scroll

Beastherd (8 Gors, inc. Full Command & 6 Ungor)

Beastherd (6 Gors, inc. Foe-Render & Musician & 6 Ungor)

5 Warhounds

4 Minotaurs with Great Weapons, inc. Bloodkine & Standard

6 Furies

3 Screamers

6 Centigors with Spears & Shields, inc. Full Command

Shaggoth with Great Weapon & Light Armour

09-01-2006, 14:57
It's very small, though. Other than that, it's very oddball. I have no idea how it would work. Seems fun though.

09-01-2006, 15:53
Yup, small is good for my wallet and for my painfully slow painting technique (well, it's not really a technique, as it consists mostly of saying "oh, I can't be arsed"). Oddball is also what I was aiming for. I was first attracted to Chaos about 18 years ago because they were a bizarre mish-mash of weird nasty things. I do approve of the separation into three armies, but I want to make more use of the ally-type flexibility.

I did actually use this army yesterday, proxying some of the models. It was against an Empire army consisting mainly of huge units of free company, 4 or 5 units of Pistoliers, 2 units of knights and one unit of Huntsmen. My army proved nicely maneouvreable, and pretty versatile. The Minotaurs and Shaggoth have no difficulty carving open knightly armour, and there are plenty of handy units for flanking enemy formations. They would probably have difficulty against the helblaster, but then who doesn't!

15-01-2006, 23:39
Unfortunatley your Doombull is iilegal....they can only have magic weapons...no magic armour or enchanted items etc....have a look at the army book ebtry for him....looks lie a fun army though....I love the minotaur dude in Narnia.....