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09-01-2006, 14:01
I had this situation in a tournament recently:


S = Skeleton
K = knights


C = charging cavalry



I wanted to charge his skeletons, but if I wheeled to bring the maximum number of charging cavalry into combat I would have hit his knights. So I said I would keep wheeling until I was past his knights and then I could charge his skeletons.

Was I correct or should I have charged his knights?

09-01-2006, 14:37
When you charge you must attempt to get the greatest possible number of your models in contact. If some enemy models are blocked by intervening terrain or other models, then the greatest possible number of models might be smaller than it would otherwise have been, so you maximise within those restrictions.

In other words: you did it correctly.

If you had charged his knights, you would have gotten none of your cavalry into contact with the skeletons and that certainly is not maximising the number of your models in base contact with your target. :p

Major Defense
09-01-2006, 16:46
If you feel that Avian gave this question some devotion.

I second that emotion.

/temptations parody

11-01-2006, 14:18
I agree with Avian, if the charge would bring you into contact with another unit, then you have to charge them instead.

From your drawing, I also see the possibility that you could have charged the enemy in the flank, avoiding the knights altogether.