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10-08-2009, 16:53
Hey guys,
So recently I've been having an itch to get my fantasy stuff out and give it a go again. However I've become fairly bored with the vampire counts play style (not to mention the hate!). I'm thinking of starting a new army and would like to pick one that is fairly competitive but not though of as overly beardy. I'm looking for an army that is fairly tough as well as fluffy. I also wouldn't mind trying out some arty. Vampire counts was my first army, and we have a smaller grouping of players here so I haven't been exposed to too many armies. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

10-08-2009, 17:01
there's always dwarfs.

toughness 4 all the way around. plenty of fluff to work with. plenty of shooting options, which is obviously a nice departure from VC.

they're my second army for no other reason than because i bought BfSP, got a couple more sets of BfSP dwarfs from some buddies, and i love the models (even the BfSP ones) and the feel of the army. not exactly the most dynamic army out there, however. still, if you're on a tightish budget, which i am, BfSP makes it a super easy army to start. I'd take a look first, though. most people don't seem to be quite as receptive to the BfSP dwarfs as i am...

i'm also getting a bit bored of traditional VC, by the way. my answer is either to switch back to my basic dwarf army for a game or two or to build an all combat, no magic vc list and see what happens.

10-08-2009, 17:16
I totally feel your pain.. I'm at the fence right now on whether or not to restart VC (I had em 6th ed), but it seems like the new book just funnels all the lists to be played with just IoN spams. Thats not appealing and I know a lot of people hate playing that kind of list.

So.. as the prev poster suggested.. you might consider trying a few new builds just to test it out... although I know the temptation will always be there to just go back to building an IoN spam list. I myself was considering building a VC list with mostly elites and trying to minimize IoN casting.. perhaps treat it like its only once per caster, per phase.

Other army suggestions.. well.. I was considering Lizardmen. They seem like a lot of fun.. with different viable builds and such. You might consider them as well. Other than that.. Dark Elves are also another varied army, though I think a lot of people find them overpowered.. so they might not be for you.. though I personally think they are very balanced (just gotta resist certain builds, but atleast unlike VC, more viable builds are out there).

10-08-2009, 17:25
Ive tried to make a smashy vampire list that had 2 thralls a lord and a wight lord BSB and everything was just tooled out to slaughter the enemy. I found I lacked enough magic defense to keep the army going in the face of competitive lists. Dwarves have always interesting me. I really enjoy painting them. I did a dwarf lord model for my D&D character.

10-08-2009, 17:37
beautiful paint job :)

yeah my next game will probably be a mostly-combat 1k vc list. i'm thinking a level 1 with mastery and the black periapt, a combat vamp (maybe with the book), and a wight king bsb. that would give me 4 pd, 1 bound, 4 dd, and the black periapt. my guess is that's enough to keep the army going at 1k but still devote most of my effort into combat.

as for dwarfs. if the BfSP figures suit you, you can buy a few sets online to your heart's desire for almost no money. you'll get a cannon (not the prettiest figure) and miners for special slots. the miners in particular are awesome in the set. it's a huge breath of fresh air to get a unit that starts off the board and appears at any table edge in an army with pretty one-dimensional movement. i enjoy leaving them ranked up sitting off to the side so my opponent has to keep staring at them wondering when and where they're going to show. especially in smaller games.

then you can basically buy a box of warriors to use as warriors/longbeards and a box of quarrelers if you can't stomach paying 150 points for 10 thunderers that may not get a shot off in turn one... with the bits, you'll be set.

i'd definitely play a proxy game first, though. movement 3 (even if they can't get march blocked) and having to act almost entirely defensively in most games definitely isn't for everybody.

10-08-2009, 17:38
That is a very well-painted Dwarf. Seeing how much you love em and how well you can paint them.. I say go for it. I always fancied the idea of a Dwarf army that maxed out on "fast" units (atleast for Dwarfs). Gyrocopters, Rangers, and Miners. Would definitely be economical with the BFSP models (use em to fill the back ranks).

I feel your pain with VC. In 6th edition, I had a lot of fun with Blood Dragon and Strigoi lists. I love running in there.. knowing putting my general at risk would yield great rewards because he was such a badass in combat. Nowadays.. the rewards just aren't there for a combat list.

10-08-2009, 17:41
I also have a few power gamers around me that love to enter the tournaments we run. I'm just curious if dwarves can stand up to say a tooled out daemons list.

10-08-2009, 17:44
you can always field a gun line if you have to.

that's when the 150 point thunderers are worth their weight in gold... dwarf handguns are +1 to hit, s4, AP.

throw in some war machines and a master engineer... put in thorek if you're feeling nasty and don't care about making friends.

10-08-2009, 19:54
How about MoC are they as `ard as dwarves?

10-08-2009, 20:00
Ive tried to make a smashy vampire list that had 2 thralls a lord and a wight lord BSB and everything was just tooled out to slaughter the enemy. I found I lacked enough magic defense to keep the army going in the face of competitive lists. Dwarves have always interesting me. I really enjoy painting them. I did a dwarf lord model for my D&D character.

That's really impressive. If you don't mind how did you paint the hair? I have a hard time with blond.

I wouldn't run a Dwarf gunline. It's really boring to play, and play against. Basically you roll dice in one phase for two or three turns then hope you've killed enough stuff so you don't get stomped when the other guy gets to your deployment zone. Most people that I know who've played that get bored really fast. I want to put together a more combat oriented dwarf list eventually when I get the time and money.

10-08-2009, 20:13
everything i've heard about dwarf gunlines is negative except for the fact that they can win games.

i don't think i'd ever run one either. throwing big blocks of dwarf infantry headlong into combat is way too much fun anyway.

10-08-2009, 20:21
i think you should play ogre kingdoms
they are vastly different from vc, fluffy, underplayed, and done right can be competitive

10-08-2009, 20:21
I wouldnt run a gunline, I just want the option to counter some of the broken daemon armies popping up around me. The hair is a 3 step process. Base coat of bleached bone (give it a good 2 - 3 coats) then wash it with a heavy gryphon sephia wash. After that give it a highlight with bleached bone. done n done.

10-08-2009, 20:31
Tough armies are Dwarfs, Chaos, Sauruses and Ogres.

All but Ogres and Beasts can build armies that can deal with Daemons easily.

10-08-2009, 20:40
I wrote up a list that would probably do well against demons.

Tooled up Dwarf lord on shield bearers. You can make it so he's wounding everything on 3+ with +1 to hit and a 4+ ward save and flaming to get through regen. The bearers make him immune to killing blow. He'll be able to take on a good deal of Greater Demons (although the Khorne armor will give you trouble). Pretty sure you can make him immune to flaming attacks too so if you do get stuck in a challenge you'll eventually combat res him to death. Any game after that he'll be avoiding your lord so it will be a matter of time until he gets bolt throwered.

Unit of Hammerers to park him in. Stubborn and ItP as long as he's around along with some +CR banners.

Two rune priests with the steal a power dice rune and the +1 to dispel rune.

Battle Standard with immune to fear rune and the master rune of +2 to dispel attempts.

Big unit of clansmen to put him in.

Two organ guns

3-4 bolt throwers with various runes. Try to max out how many get strength 7. All with baby engineers.

Unit of 6 miners. Either eat up war machines, claim table quarters or kill small units of horrors sitting in the back.

Some points left over to fill out with either thunderers or more clansmen. Overall I think demons would have a rough time and it's not a strict gunline so you get to do stuff in the movement and combat phases.

Thanks for the tip on the hair! I'll give it a shot on my Battle Sisters.

10-08-2009, 20:50
my first army was chaos (now WoC).
i then got into VC and enjoy them.
i then got o&g as a fun army.
last, but not least, i got DE.

DE i find very fun, and reaper bolt throwers are bliss. they are possibly my fave army, though i hardly play them

11-08-2009, 12:44
Brets are different and fun. You can build a competitive list with very few models. You seem to be a good enough painter that you could put together a very impressive looking Bret army.

11-08-2009, 15:59
Try Dwarfs