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Magic Karl
10-08-2009, 17:54
Hello! I recently bought on ebay 39 5th (?) generation Skinks for my desert lizardmen. However; before they arrive I would like some advise on conversions etc. Now I'm not the most imaginative person, but in fairness there is a lack of instpiration available (for various reasons, if you must know, ask). So what I want to know is how to use them in-game or ways I can convert them. Even pose changes are welcome, but I will take on the challenges you give and post pictures when they're done.

I would like to keep costs down (ie for mounts) and I would also fancy having a chamelon skink squad out of this.

I also have a scratch-built Quetzlcoatl who needs a mount... I will post pics in exchange for advise!


11-08-2009, 22:08
My buddys father painted the crests (the fin on the back) in rainbow colours, to represent the worship of water (since the desert lacks it). This seemed to work fairly nicely, coupled with beige skin and brown-ish scales.
As for conversions, a few skinks hiding in the sand would be cool, aswell as some sort of rougher skin/scales to represent that the desert is not as aquatically-accomodating as the jungle?
Chameleons would also benefit from the 'hiding in the dunes' idea, kinda like snipers ya know?

Magic Karl
11-08-2009, 22:58
Thanks! I have them now, and to say my colour scheme is sorted already; the skin is brown (going lighter on the head and tail for skinks) and turquoise scales. The archers however i have added some scales with GS but 39... i can't do all of them. I converted one to a priest, but for chameleons i may need help... any clues as to making them look more dynamic too? Pics of existing ones can help.

12-08-2009, 03:14
Existing ones may be a toughie at the moment, but looking dynamic is easy. Go terrain heavy with the chameleons, tails wrapped around poles, hiding behind rocks/ruins, inside a dune/pile of rocks, hanging upside down from palmtrees(batman style) etc.