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11-08-2009, 04:42
First crack at an Empire army after picking up a box of humies in a trade. Used to playing Infantry heavy High Elves, so an Empire cavalry force with some War Machines and not much magic looks interesting to me. This is based on the models I have ATM, but I am willing to pick up a few more things.

On top of the stuff on the list I have a Hellblaster, another cannon, like...15 more knights and the ability to turn my Swordsmen back into spears. I also have a big wack of characters, so I could field most anything that they can do character wise baring a mechanical steed or pope-mobile.

I don't want to use a Steam Tank, though I may get one just because they're cool models.

I'm thinking I might want some pistoleers for this force....any thoughts? Is it worth putting Long-Rifle marksmen in my Handgunner units?

Templar Grand Master,
Sword of Power, Laurels of Victory
Battle Wizard LV 2, 2 x Scroll
Warrior Priest, Van Horstmans, Heavy Armour,

Enchanted Shield.

5 x Knights, Musician
5 x Knights, Musician
5 x Knights, Musician
10 x Handgunners
10 x Handgunners
20 x Swordsmen, FCdet. 9 x Free Company
det. 6x Handgunners


Inner Circle Knights x 9, FC, Steel Standard
Great Cannon
Great Cannon


20 x Flagellants, Prophet


To get to 2250

+ Mortar
+ Mounted Warrior Priest w/ Sword of Might, Ring of

War Banner for something.

Von Wibble
11-08-2009, 12:36
Looks OK. Couple of things

1) Not a good size of unit for the Inner Circle. 1 casualty to shooting/ magic is all it takes to remove the rank bonus, making the unit barely any more optimal than one of 5 models. If you want a point of rank bonus on knights, get 12 in unit including characters minimum. Otherwise, 6 models including characters is more optimal. I tend to put a mounted priest with inner circle and a grand master with vanilla knights myself.

2) No pistoliers. They, along with the cannon, form 2 essential components of any empire list. The useless Mortar would be a good thing to drop for them (that war machine does nothing that other empire troops can't do better).

Apart from that its OK. Might get beaten up by magic heavy armies though - at 2250 5dd and 2 scrolls in an army with a low model count and T3 is a concern.

Commodus Leitdorf
11-08-2009, 13:19
I would also highly recommend a unit of Pistoliers for a Knight force. They are invaluable and can cause the enemy no end of headaches.

11-08-2009, 13:48
Some recommendations:

1) Mount your WP so he can provide Hatred to your Grand Master and IC Knights. Having him able to challenge big nasties will also provide some extra protection for your general.

2) Bump your Swordsmen up to 25 and get them a detachment of 9 Swordsmen. Melee detachments are there to remove the rank bonus from your opponent, so the detachment needs as much survivability as possible. I don't think a missile detachment is worth it for the Swordsmen, since you'll likely be moving them forwards in order to support your Knights.

3) Hochland Rifles are a neat addition to your Handgunners. Your opponent will often need to hide his 2-wound characters from them, thereby disrupting his battleplan.

4) You should consider another Wizard with the Rod of Power. The ability to reliably convert 2 PD to DD is invaluable against magic heavy opponents, especially VC where your scrolls won't do much good.

5) I agree on cutting down the size of the IC Knights a tad, 5-6 seems like a good number.

6) Pistoliers could indeed be nifty. Not quite sure what I'd cut to bring them into the 2k list though.

11-08-2009, 17:40
Why sword of power on the grand master? If the knights don't break stuff on the charge, they're not ever going to, so a lance is just as good there. Only real reason is for against etheral stuff, but it seems a rather expensive way of doing it.

Lv2 on the battle mage? Waste of points really, he's there to be a scroll caddy.

Give the warrior priest a barded horsey - when enemies only get a base strength of 4, that 3+ save is rather useful. Give him a weapon too (even if its only a great weapon).

Agree on swordsmen being 25 strong with swords detachment.

12-08-2009, 19:20
Some recommendations:

1) Mount your WP so he can provide Hatred to your Grand Master and IC Knights. Having him able to challenge big nasties will also provide some extra protection for your general.

The GM dont get the WPs hatred, as written under the WP in the armybook it is not given to other characters - only the unit he is with.

But he can still be good to have tagling along with the GM and knights - give him VHS and he can hold or win challenge and the GM can be consentraded on killing combined with the Laurelbonus.

13-08-2009, 01:58
Thanks for the advice folks! I've got some High Elf fast cav that's just screaming to be turned into pistoleers, given that I'll never use them as Reavers. I definitely know the headaches those guys can cause. Magic defense isn't a big concern for me in this one, given that I have a very competitive High Elf list to play against those caliber lists. This is set up to play mid-low level lists in "For Fun" games.

So my seeming fix is to drop 4 knights and a mortar, and Sword of Power in order to get some pistoleers and upgrade the swordsmen? Then put my Warrior Priest on a horse....

Is there a good reason for a ranked unit of knights with say, a War Banner?