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11-08-2009, 08:45
Few questions about whether or not some Warriors of Chaos troops/builds are any good:

1. Troll army. Throgg himself seems sickeningly good; high toughness and wounds combined with regeneration and a S5 breath weapon (how often do you breathe multiple times per game anyway) backed up by scary combat stats. The trolls themselves suffer greatly from their low Leadership, but Throgg helps out a lot there, and their combat stats are pretty good, and can get even better once you start to take a few wounds. Obviously, you would need some non-Troll units, for variety's sake if nothing else, but does the idea work?

2. Slaaneshi Sorcerers. Everything I see that talks about the Warriors' magic goes on about how Infernal Gateway is so uber 1337 awesome or it sucks because the Lore of Tzeentch isn't really that good, but I haven't seen anything about Slaanesh. To me, it seems to be the best of the lores. You get to control enemy movement, which is basically automatic death without needing a 15+ and lucky 2d6 roll. Hellshriek, Lash of Slaanesh and Aura of Acquiescence don't seem overly impressive, although Hellshriek would do nasty things to Goblins, but they're still pretty good. Ecstatic Seizures may not be fantastic against Ogres or other Warriors, but usually it'll devastate a unit at a rather reasonable casting cost.

3. Hellcannons. They seem damn awesome, but I'm not sure if the combination of long-ranged artillery piece and ferocious and uncontrollable melee monster works so well.

11-08-2009, 08:56
A few thoughts. I normally play Wood Elves, but have played as WoC on occasion, frequently played against them, and have been playing WFB for 20 years or so....

1. I love the idea of a Troll King army, but I reckon it would suffer in the same way as the current Ogre army does - a severe lack of models on the board. Something I'd love to try, but there are other projects that keep taking priority (and money ;))

2. I find the Slaanesh Lore similar to the Wood Elf one (seriously) in that it is a subtle lore, that requires some finesse to use effectively. You list already some of the main benefits, but have a look at the Magic 101 Tactica article here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=107074&page=12) for more ideas...

3. That's the idea (I think). To me it displays the true nature of chaos...

bork da basher
11-08-2009, 09:18
throgg armies are great and alot of fun to play with and against but they will always be all or nothing and with stupidity all over the place your fighting an unhill struggle all game. god help you if you faced a daemon list with the great icon of despair. snake eyes to pass a LD test most of the time lol

vinny t
11-08-2009, 14:16
1. Throgg armies are actually crazy good especially if you don't care what your opponant thinks and take Kholek and Dragon Ogres in addition to Trolls.

2. The Slaanesh Lore is pretty good bt overall I would rete the nurgle lore higher.

3. Actually putting it in your front lines and just usung it as a monster can be pretty effective. It's good, but you could've spent those points on a unit of chaos knights.

11-08-2009, 14:46
I love my hellcannon for the chaosfactor. No matter what it does it's a good thing (except blow up in a cataclysmic torrent of warpenergy and kill 30 % of a warriorunit -.-'). The only annoying thing about it is that it's "half value for the points" most of the time. Put it behind your line and you waste its awesomeness in melee and put it at the front and you're wasting the insane firepower. It's always good for psychologic warfare though.

11-08-2009, 21:11
1) I've been testing a throgg list for the past 5 battles using Kholek, throgg, scroll caddy, jugger mounted hero and 24 trolls. Been massacred 3 times, 1 minor loss, and 1 tie. It's soooo much fun to play, especially for the looks on the opponents face, but all trolls doesn't work. I've changed the list now to have Archaon, throgg, lvl 2 on disc, jugger hero, 14 trolls, knights, and mar. horse. Will hopefully do better

2) Slaanesh is a great lore, possibly my favourite. Unfortunately, there are so many armies with ITP that theres only 2 spells that can really be cast. Hellshriek would be great if combined with the Doom Totem.

3) Personally I love the hellcannon. Its a lot of points, but very versatile. You can shoot, you can fight, its unbreakable, very good at defending a flank. Combine it with Doom Totem and Slaanesh magic for an LD bombing army.....

11-08-2009, 21:19
Hellcannon is alright, but it is one of those units that's almost guaranteed to give up half victory points because of the silly FAQ.