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11-08-2009, 12:25
I picked up a bunch of Warhammer stuff the other day and a big portion of it were dark elves. I've got no experience with them, though, so I'm not sure if I've got enough to work with without buying a lot more stuff. Here's what I have. What will it take to make it competitive? What's not worth using?

Witch King on Dragon
Lord on Black Dragon
Sorceress on Dark Pegasus
Sorceress on Manticore
Cauldron of Blood
Cold One Chariots x2
26 Warriors
13 Black Guard w/ Command
10 Witch Elves
20 Executioners
5 Cold One Knights
6 Harpies
War Hydra
Repeater Bolt Thrower

11-08-2009, 14:02
Well you'll only be able to use both those dragons in 3k+ points. Also you'll need more witch elves if you want the unit to be competitive. An assassin for the executioners could be handy too.

Get another bolt thrower too, to complete the set. Also some dark riders/shades wouldn't go amiss (dark riders to fill out the core).

What you need (you only have 1 core atm, you need 2 for <2k, 3 for 2k and 4 for 3k etc):
3 units of dark riders (buy a box of warriors and glade riders for a nice cheap conversion)

What you'll want:
2 Assassins (1 in execs 1 in shades with cloak)
Bolt Thrower
A hero/dreadlord on foot

Then you should have a nice variety of troops allowing you to field up to a 4k list.

The SkaerKrow
11-08-2009, 14:08
You don't have enough Core to play much of an army. I'd suggest picking up a Battalion Box (or two) to flesh out the numbers of Warriors/Corsairs available to you, and looking into some Dark Riders (which can be converted from Warrior bits and Glade Rider kits, if push comes to shove). Bolt Throwers work best in pairs, so that's another item that may be worth picking up.

11-08-2009, 14:23
I didn't know there were two official DE dragon models. Are they from different editions?

A Lord on Dragon is fantastic, but not Malekith. He's too expensive. If you want a caster on your Dragon the Lvl4 w/ Focus Familiar, Pendant of Khaeleth and maybe some scrolls, power stones or Lifetaker can be an effective build.

Don't take a Sorceress on a Manticore. A Manticore can have a role. On a Dreadlord it won't use up a hero slot like a Dragon does, and it can be a cheap alternative as well as a good mount for a Master, but a Caster lord will want to avoid combat for most of the game, or at least wait for the optimum combat to join, so you need the resilience of the Dragon and can't afford the Manticore's vulnerability to shooting or the chance of going Frenzied.

Everything else you have listed is solid. I personally prefer the Sorceress Lord on Peg w/ Focus Familiar, 2 scroll and a power stone. Add in a Lvl2 w/ Tome of Furion and a power stone and you have a strong magic phase at a premium price. But that's if you want magic. If you don't, no big deal.

CoB is solid, especially with that much ranked infantry. Chariots are great for infantry support as well. In truth, the things you've listed all compliment each other well. If you want Witches or Black Guard you'll probably want more models. 14 is a nice and neat number for BG, but it's not critical. I've seen most Witches in full blocks of 20 when they show up in lists, but I can't speak from experience. they're definitely cheap enough to shell out for the full rank bonus and outnumber.

I'd get another Bolt Thrower first of all though. 2 is just better than 1. Some more Harpies would be good as well, most people opt for 2 x 10. I take 3 x 10.

What you need to do most of all is figure out what you want from your characters. Do you want fighting, magic or Khainite CoB goodness. Whatever you take will work good with the models you have.

Shades would be something to think about, as well as Assassins.

11-08-2009, 14:55
I do have one assassin. So 2 is best? As for lords it looks like all I have is Malus Darkblade and another lord on one of the old metal cold ones. Thanks for all of the tips so far.

The SkaerKrow
11-08-2009, 19:41
Yes willowdark, they released Beastmaster Rakarth on Black Dragon for the 4th/5th Edition book, and brought it back as a Direct Sales Only figure just before the 7th Edition book was released.

11-08-2009, 23:45
I'd love to see a picture. Do you have a link to the Direct Sales website?

12-08-2009, 02:23