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The Clairvoyant
11-08-2009, 13:25
I'm thinking of remaking my marine army as crimson fists, but have a few questions that hopefully someone can answer.

They are regarded as a 'codex' chapter with their only real deviation being the right fist painted crimson on becoming a veteran.

Where does the company colour show? In all pics i've seen, there is no distinction between company colours on the shoulder pad trims. Do they put the company colour on the squad designation badge? (e.g. a red tactical arrow for the 3rd company).

As i'm doing the entire army in Mk6 armour, the shoulder pad trim thing becomes less of an issue, but the company should show somewhere!
And then where does the squad number go?

Lastly, does the second red fist replace the white helmet of a veteran?

I've had a look through the 5th ed marine book and its not much help. The only other book i have for reference is the 2nd ed ultramarines codex but i can't seem to find it at home.
Speaking of which, i remember reading in the 2nd ed book many moons ago about the storm lords chapter using the company colour on the helmet, yet in the 5th ed book, there is no mention of it, but shows that same marine from the 2nd company.

Its all rather annoying cos the fluff says they stick fairly rigidly to the codex, then the colour scheme doesn't.

I know its my army and i can do what i want with it, but i'd like my army to look 'right' this time, and i want to have all the 'correct' insignia where possible.

11-08-2009, 14:04
The 2nd red fist does indeed replace the 'veteran' helmets - check the picture at the back of the Space Marine codex subtitled 'Chapter Master Kantor leads the defence of New Rynn City'. Both veterans (two red fists) and normal brothers (left red fist) are shown, but there's no evidence of white helmets.

None of the artwork I can find shows them with any kind of squad or company markings - they seem to be all-blue, all the time.

If you have or can find White Dwarf 287 (US, 288 UK) their Index Astartes was in there which might be some help?

e: in terms of IA books they were in IA4.