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12-08-2009, 05:39
What should i do to bring this down to 1500 pts???

Chaos lord- MoK, axe of Khorne, collar of Khorne, Shield, Juggernaut (optional) 355 pts

Chaos Sorcerer- MoT, Lvl 2, Chaos Steed, Spell familier 171 pts
Exhalted Hero- MoK, Chaos Steed, Great Weapon, Shield 159 pts

Chaos Warriors x 12- extra hand wep, MoK, musician 156 pts
Chaos Warriors x 12- halberd, shield, MoK 162 pts
Marauder horsemen x 5- Shield, musician 76 pts
Marauder horsemen x 5- Shield, musician 76 pts
Chaos Warhounds x 5- 30 pts

Chaos Knights x 5- MoK 230 pts
Chariot- MoK 150 pts
Chosen x 10- MoK, greatweapons, musician 230 pts

Hellcannon 205 pts

so this is my list... i am very new to fantasy and drew up this list fairly quickly so tell me what u think!:)
and sorry about the title ive double checked the list and its exactly 2000 pts

12-08-2009, 06:27
Welcome to the world of Warhammer Fantasy. Are you coming over from 40k? I play them both and find fantasy far more exciting. If you're looking for tips with the list, I have a few to offer. I'll keep my own personal prefrences out of it and stick to the basics.

- Warriors with extra hand weapons can have their uses, but I would suggest not having more than one unit with them. Halberd (you can convert using knight's lances) and shields are far more versatile. But it's definatly fun watching MoK warriors with extra weps hack down elves in mass numbers, I do not deny lol. Anything tougher and you'll so those numbers drop down horribly.

-Marauder Horsemen will do you no good at killing, only harrassing. Running quickly behind enemy lines and killing warmachines, and maybe... just maybe some archers is about all the killing they'll do. I'd stick to just using them as redirecters and march blockers, they excel in that area. That said, they are best left in minimum sizes (5) per unit, with only a musician as command (for rallying) and no armour upgrades. Some people take flails or throwing axes but that's it. The reason for no banners is because a slight breeze can kill them in combat and your enemy will recieve an extra 100 vps per banner from them.

- Warhounds are for dying, plain and simple. Not combat what so ever. The points for scaley skin are best spent else where. Honestly! They are even more dispensible versions of horsemen.

- For the knights, I think you meant 5 rather than 8, since 5 plus MoK is 230 points :) If you meant 5, then everything looks good.

Good luck with it. With all those MoK, I'd definatly split up those horsemen and use them, along with dogs, to screen your frenzied units so your opponent does not bait and lead them all over the board.

Hope I helped.

12-08-2009, 19:17
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12-08-2009, 20:10
no one else has any opinion??

12-08-2009, 20:33
I just noticed you added a line to the top asking how to drop it down to 1500pts. Below 2000 points, you cannot use Lords. So dropping your lord would be a good start ;) Then you could drop the chariot and you'd be at 1495 pts.

Good luck

13-08-2009, 05:22
sounds like a good plan! but why cant u have lords below 2000? in 40k u have to have an HQ

13-08-2009, 06:26
You can only take Hero choices below 2000pts. There is a page in the army book with army composition. It will show you how many lords/heros you can take as well as minimum amount of core units and max special and rare amounts at certain points level. I'm at work right now, so this is just from memory but I think it goes something like.
1999 and below: No lords, max 3 heroes
2000+: 1 Lord, 4 heroes, maximum of 4 choices total
3000+: 2 Lords, 6 heroes, maximum of 6 choices total

I'm probably a little off somewhere in there but that's close.

One more thing. Your exalted on the steed with the great weapon. Might want to switch that to a halberd. When you are on foot, a great weapon gives you +2 str and a halberd gives +1. But when you are mounted, a great weapon only gives you +1 str, not the normal +2 but you will still strike last in combat. When mounted, you may as well use a halberd, you'll get the same strength bonus as a great weapon but you wont suffer from striking last. You can find more detailed info on it in the rulebook under the weapons section.

Good Luck.

13-08-2009, 18:35
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