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Shield of Freedom
09-01-2006, 15:46
My primary army is Bretonnia. In almost any game I can manage to do fairly well, however, in seige battles I find myself severly unable to defend or attack a castle. This comes from the fact that my best troops for the job on either end are my infantry which are much worse than Empire infantry (which actualy aren't that bad anyway). My knights are about useless.

The purpose of this thread is:

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to hold and/or attack a castle in a seige game with an effective Bretonnian army?


09-01-2006, 17:47
Oh my I fear for you man. Usually folks will let you dismount but I'll look at in the other way. I figure archers and men at arms(hopefully with a character on foot with them) simply hold the wall and after their done you can charge with cav. Though when I faced a Bret player with my Empire, he sallied out. Now of course he was utterly beaten, but "it's what a Brettonian would do" says my oppenent:D

10-01-2006, 21:05
Brets have it rough attacking, but actually can stand a chance in defending. For attacking, you basically have to rely on your peasents to mount the walls while Pegasus Knights clear the ramparts and tower roofs. Technically speaking though, Peg Knights can't legally be on these, as they are cavalry / monster-sized units, but we've generally allowed them in friendly games to give the Brets a break.

Defense isn't so bad. Peasent bowmen are as good on the walls as most other shooting units, and you can get plenty of them to provide loads of shots onto approaching enemies. Just load up your ramparts, tower windows, and roofs with as many bowmen as you can. You can have your bowmen drop back to the courtyard/tower interior and have peasent fighters step up to defend once the enemy is almost onto the wall. A few paladins with Empathy Virtue can go a long way in helping to hold the walls from attackers, but the scaling points cost for each additional purchase means you can only get 1 or 2 of them. A damsel or two can help weaken the enemy or boost your own troops, but the battlefield is usually too barren for Life to be of much use, leaving you with Beasts which are of little use as no-one would bring suseptable units to a siege game, since they can't be on the walls.
Its also a good idea to send a lance or two of knights, probably Errants, out of the castle to smash through blocks of the tougher troops before they get to the walls. Just besure you focus your charges onto units to utterly destroy them, else you get bogged down and swarmed by an enemy with more than enough points to leave units to fight you.
All the while, Trebuchets in the CY, which don't need LoS (:-(), firing into the oncoming enemies will certainly be of help too. Focus it with your bowmen to devestate single units, hopefully panicing them and spreading down the line, scaring many foes from advancing on your bastion of hope.

Bingo the Fun Monkey
11-01-2006, 05:02
Grail Pilgrims, having HW+Sh and stubborn as well as hatred makes them quite effective at defending ramparts...AFAIK there aren't any rules stating they can't be on the walls despite the reliqae. Also a pally or two with empathy on the walls can make a mess amongst those that did make it over the wall.