View Full Version : Skaven Fighting Claws

12-08-2009, 17:04
What do fighting claws do under the current rules? (Hand weapon + poison?)

How would you tweak/ improve them for the november release?

12-08-2009, 17:05
I wasn't aware there were rules for fighting claws outside of mordheim. I thought they were just handweapons.

12-08-2009, 17:07
there are no rules outside mordheim, they are just hand weapons.

Chaos Undecided
12-08-2009, 17:10
Claws and Punch Blades seem to be just Clan Eshin's favored alternative to the standard Skaven sword, theres nothing special rules wise about them they're just considered hand weapons which may or may not have poison applied dependent on who's using them. I dont see them getting any special rules in the new release.