View Full Version : any tips for WE?

09-01-2006, 17:40
I'm making a 2000 pts list and was wondering if you guys have any tips/suggestions for making a wood elves army list: units, upgrades, characters, magic stuff.

I've got all WE units that are available.


13-01-2006, 13:57
You might have more luck asking on Asrai (see my sig), but here goes:

Glade guard, Eternal guard, BSB, treeman

Dryads, wardancers,waywatchers

Glade riders, wild riders, warhawks, eagle

Magic light
Wardancers, wild riders (both have MR1), BSB with royal standard of Ariel

FC on: Eternal guard, wild rider (+warbanner if possible)
Musician on: Glade riders
Standard on: scouts (if you want to take banner of the zenith).

If you take a spellweaver (lord level mage) be sure to give her the wand of wych elm and tkae lore of life.

If you said a bit more about what style you liek to play and which units you really like I'd be able to advise you more. Personally I think wardancers and wild riders are our best units, but dryads are pretty good as well.

13-01-2006, 14:03
thanks, that helps. I'm painting wood elves since they were re-released and I've played 1 game with them against ogres ( I lost ). so I'm trying to make a good list that can handle them.