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12-08-2009, 19:59
So, I was perusing a thread in the Background forum, about asking for help on creating an original Space Marine Chapter, and someone linked to Bolter and Chainsword's Wonderful Guide (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?showtopic=132379) to the process.

Then, a few posts down, someone asked,

Do they have one for DIY IG regiments?

Now, this being B&C, the answer was no, but it got me thinking, and I did a bit of perusing around and found nothing approaching the professional standard and concise, accurate information in B&C's Space Marine Guide for the Imperial Guard.

So, on to the point:

Would anyone else be interested in making an Imperial Guard version of this? Something that people new to the hobby/army, or veterans in need of fresh inspiration, could reference when looking to create original Imperial Guard Regiments.

EDIT: haha, off to a good start with a typo in the thread title... would a mod mind changing that 'company' to 'regiment'? Thanks!

Marshal Argos
12-08-2009, 21:09
It's actually a pretty good idea, one that I have seen many attempt to create very few have really finished. The only one that I recall off the top of my head is this one


Found on the IG Message Board, it's not bad to use as a start. Especially if you want to get as detailed as the one found on B&C.

Perfect Organism
12-08-2009, 21:19
One important point which marine players don't have to worry about is the models you use. That should probably be one of the first things which a guard player thinks about.

12-08-2009, 21:31
Contact Lord Cook and see what he can offer after compiling the IG Tactica...if not him, he's likely plugged into the people who would... :)

Oh and Thread Title changed. :)

Perfect Organism
12-08-2009, 22:27
Here's a very basic guide I just wrote up, covering the main points I would want to address in the order I think it's best to handle them.

Basic Concept

This is generally just a matter of deciding what kind of warfare your regiment will specialize in. Are they light infantry, jungle fighters or siege engineers? Do they specialize in fighting against any particular enemy or in any particular terrain? Are they traitors?


Now decide what your troops look like. The basic step is to choose the base model range you want to represent them (assuming you want to use them in a game), then work out what degree of conversion will be suitable and maybe think about colour scheme.


Now that you know what kind of regiment you are thinking of, try to picture where they come from. Picture what kind of environment and society could produce troops like that. Come up with a few details about the world, like what kind of earth culture the inhabitants most resemble (this can help when coming up with names), what the terrain is like and what notable creatures live there. Take a look at a map and get some idea of where the homeworld might be located, based on which apponents you would like your regiment to encounter and so on. A penal battalion or merged regiment might draw troops from several homeworlds.


Most regiments are given the name of their homeworld and a number. Pick a name for your world which reflects the environment there, or the culture of the inhabitants or just go with something which sounds good. Decide if the regiment will have a special title or nickname. Try for something which reflects the concept of your army. This can be as simple as stating the regiment's speciality in their name, liek Tallarn Desert Raiders,

Doctrines and Equipment

Decide what weapons, vehicles and troop types you want to see a lot of in your army and which ones you don't think are suitable. Choose favoured special and heavy weapons. Are your heavy weapons usually deployed in infantry squads or in heavy weapons squads? Do your forces contain a lot of veterans? Do your veterans tend to use any particular doctrines? If you use vehicles, are there any particular configurations you favour? Are there any abhuman troops in your regiment? Do you have a lot of tech-priests, priests, commisars, psykers or whatever? Is any particular unit the emblematic unit of your army (such as Rough Riders for Attilans, Chimeras for the Armageddon Steel Legion, veterans for Tanith, etc.)?


Hash out a rough doctrine for how your forces act in combat. Do they like to close with the enemy or keep them at range? Are they hit-and-run types, or do they favour all-out assaults? Which units are used for which tasks?


Make up a couple of notable characters in your regiment. These will often be senior officers, but might also include exceptional soldiers or simple colourful personalities.


Lay out the rough history of the regiment and the campaigns they have fought in. Pick a few notable battles which let you illustrate the character of your regiment and go into a bit more detail.

Symbols and slogans

At the very least, most regiments have a regimental motto and symbol. Often this will simply be 'for <insert homeworld here>' and a skull with some decoration around it. Decide if your regiment makes a habit of taking trophies or decoration their equipment in a particular manner (nose art on gunships, graffiti on tanks, kill markings on weapons). Are there any particular words or phrases which members of the regiment like to use? What do they show on their flags?