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12-08-2009, 19:30
Ok this is a list with 3 characters. I dont know what you think of using 3 chars in such a small army, but i used this against my mates armies and actually managed to totally crush warriors of chaos, and a draw against a shooty dwarf amry.

Anyways, the ones who know what they are doing, pls comment =)

Black Orc Big Boss - Bigged's kickin' boots, Enchated shield - 134p
with Orc boyz with shield unit

Orc BSB, on Bar - Morks spirit totem - 113p
with Orc boyz 2x choppa unit

lvl2 NG shaman - Dispell scroll, Itty ring - 130p

19x Orc Boyz x2 choppas - 163p

19x Orc Boyz shield & choppa - 144p

20 NG spear & shield, only musician - nets, 1x fanatic - 144p

20 NG spear & shield, only musician - nets, 2x fanatic - 169p

5 Spider Riders, only musician - 71p

1 Troll - 40p

Total: 1108p

this list was experimental, but it actually was quite good, especially against my Warriors of chaos friend. I had nice magic defence as 6DD's and 5 when my shaman died, aswell as an extra spell from the Itty ring, makeing my magic phase a more of a pain for him. Then the units of Boyz handles exellently in close combat with the orc characters in them, and i actually managed to charge with both of my units, breaking his Exhalted champ. and his large unit of 20 marauders in the first round of combat, due to my static CR of 5 plus the wounds, and some unlucky "will of chaos" rolls on his behalf.

What do you think? some advice for tweaks would be great.

12-08-2009, 20:22
Another thing. I have 2 questions;

Were does it say a savage orc shaman gets +2 to his casting rolls?
AND, is it "legal" to play Wurzzag anymore? i mean can you play with his stats and stuff now eventhough he isnt in the new O&G book?

12-08-2009, 21:38
savage shaman doesn't get +2 to casting rolls. you are thinking of the arcane item "waaagh! paint". this is not to be confused with warpaint, which confers a 6+ ward save to savage orcs

you can play wurzzag the model, as an orc or savage orc shaman mounted on a boar, but you can't use his rules. they are 6th ed.

re: the list...
looks pretty good for 1k, even with 3 chars. mork's spirit totem might be overkill in a game of this size though. 6 dd in a 1k is not very friendly lol...

your ng blocks need to be bigger to have any consistent staying power, even with netters (since netters don't do anything against ranged attacks or magic). i recommend you make 1 of the ng blocks bigger, using hw&s, and taking the netters off of the speargobs, and using the two blocks in conjunction with each other. pseudo anvil&hammer style. 1 block gives static cr and netters, 1 block gives alot of attacks

putting bsb in 2x choppa squad is a mistake. he's safer in the shield boy block

is there a command squad in your orc boyz blocks?

there is never, ever, ever-ever-ever a good reason to go over on points.

13-08-2009, 13:43
The Orc boyz blocks have full command. So you think i should swap the bibosses places? makes sense. Hehe yea, 6dd is massive.

Yes, i have been thinking of that gobbo thing. and i mena why not? 10 more gobbos with hw&s is just 30 points anyways, but makes alot of diferense in resilience.

My plan now is that the gobbos help the Boyz out by lowering the strenght and unitsize of the enemies with the fanatics and nets. -1 strenght and the Boyz toughness of 4 makes for some hard to wound core blocks.

the only reason i went over the points is that i didnt really check how much, i just made a quick calculation in my head cause of time shortage. I think youre right, 30gobbos with hw&s would be better. They are 1point cheaper for starters, and you get 35points more to spend from taking away the nets.

Ok, to bad, i remember Wurzag was pritty darn good. Ok so the savage orc shammies doesnt get that extra if they dont have that item. Good to know. i got confused from alot of Battle rep.'s Though his model is so much cooler than the ordenary ones. Gotta love his "pet"