View Full Version : 2k points azhags horde

12-08-2009, 19:57
running a draft list up c+c welcome


blac orc bsb on boar

18 b orcs fc

3x unit 25 orcs fc

2 x 6 boar boys

roc lobba

12-08-2009, 21:28
- taking no rares is a mistake
- putting full command on all units is a waste of points... champs are only ever worth 15 points if there is a bsb or shaman in that unit that needs protecting from challenges
- blorc champ is waste of 20 points, and blorcs should have shields

other than that, i don't have enough info to say. how are your orcs equipped? all shield boyz? all choppa boyz? all vanilla boyz? are you giving your bsb magic items or a magic banner? are you giving your boar boyz or blorcs a magic banner?