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12-08-2009, 20:24
Alright, so there is a tournament to basically get into an invitational tounament where three players are going from each store. and i've thought i would give it a go.

Lord of change, tzeentch's will, power vortex, level 4-635

Herald, power vortex-145
Herald, power vortex-145
Herald, power vortex-145

10 horrors, banner, icon of sorcery-147
10 horrors, banner, icon of sorcery-147
10 horrors, banner, icon of sorcery-147
10 horrors, banner, icon of sorcery-147

3 screamers-90

3 flamers, pyrocaster-120
3 flamers, pyrocaster-120

Dispel Dice-11

so how does it look?

12-08-2009, 20:39
Ouch this is going to butcher in the magic and shooting phases a brilliant list and good luck

12-08-2009, 21:21
In All Tzeentch i like going the way of flying circus

Maybe Chariots For your heralds

For 10pts Cheaper you can take Faios (special character) that will bring alot more to the board in terms of what magic you have at your disposal If you dont go this route i would drop power vortex on your LoC and take Master of sorcery. The 8 lores will bound to cover any army that is able to make the most of your weakness'

Master of sorcery and Winged Horror may be a nice Herald to try, i like it and it seems to work wonders

The other 2 herald should get chariots this would add that hitting power for when you need it

To get points for this i would drop the pyrocasters, maybe exchange screamers for furies and banners

If push comes to shove drop a unit

I only suggest all this as the heralds cant hide in such small units for long, it hads more manouverbility

I hope this Helps

12-08-2009, 22:46
well, i was thinking of taking him, but they say that he needed to be converted and i don't have a spare lord of change neck just lying around. but i put them in the small units because they just become a tad bit more durable. and it makes the unit have a 4+ instead of a 5+. but thank you for the advice.

12-08-2009, 23:15
i find that power vortex is personally a bit of a risky choice, there a so many situational spells in the lore of tzeetch that rolling one of them can make that extra dice almost redundant, personally id drop some of them for master of sorcery, especially on the lord of change who can cause a lot of hurt with so many spells to pick from.

id also drop the screamers and the pyrocasters and use their points to up the number on the flamers...the more the merrier :D