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12-08-2009, 20:28
Ok so here is my WoC all cav list. any comments or suggestions appreciated. Ive posted it on another forum but all i hear is man thats a low model count. I realized that when i decided to go this list so any other comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


Sorcerer Lord 335
lvl 4, MoT,Dis,Book of Secrets

Sorcerer 206
lvl 2, MoN, Chaos Steed, 2x scoll

Exalted Hero
MoN,Shield,Sword of Might,Daemonic Mount 205


2x 5 Marauder Horsemen 180
MoS,Light Armor,Flails

10 Marauder Horsemen 160
MoS,Light Armor,Shields

4x 5 Hounds 120


3x 5 Knights 520

Total 1986 pts

12-08-2009, 20:32
i like it its gonna move fast and hit hard, possibly consider giving a few units mark of khorne for those extra attacks to help you crack those larger units and tarpits

Pirate Jimm
12-08-2009, 22:58
I'd give the unit of 10 Marauder Horsemen the Mark of Khorne and flails. What purpose does the exalted serve? Another three attacks and no leadership boost seems like a waste of points.
Maybe drop him and take some dragon ogres for knight/monster killing, or boost your knight units to 6.

13-08-2009, 00:46
the exalted hero will be joining one of the unit of knights for the added oomph. Dragon Ogres while tempting completely lose there appeal to me being 30 dollars a model. Plus his 4 str 6 attacks would be well paired i thought with the 10 attacks coming in from the knights.