View Full Version : Phantine XX "Wing Umbra" Air Corps

13-08-2009, 15:49
So I finally got around to getting a thunderbolt and I wanna paint it like the Phantine XX "Wing Umbra" Air Corp as depicted in Dan Abbnet's Double Eagle.

Looking on Lexicanum they offer the description of their outfits (brown jackets with red helmets)


Lexicanum offers a wonderful, albeit small, picture of the thunderbolt pilot. They also supply the Phantine XX marking.

My question? Is the whole thunderbolt white? - I don't remember the description in the book and I had to sell it before moving. In the book I thought the 'rival' naval aviators wore all black with black thunderbolts - but I can't remember what color the Phantine XX got.

Anyone with the book or a picture handy? I searched high and low on Google but I couldn't find anything.

Help a flyboy out!

13-08-2009, 17:11
I believe the Umbra Flight Thunderbolts were dark green. The white Thunderbolts are The Apostles, the elite Navy wing.

13-08-2009, 19:29
Really? hmm then Lexicanum has the wrong picture up...

It was such a good book and I am very tempted to slowly (I mean slowly) build a wing of 4 thunderbolts.

This creates a problem then - if the apostles have the white thunderbolts - what is their regimental coat of arms? or insignia?

I like that white look - it's like "here I am - I ain't even going to try to camo my plane cause I'm just that bad ass".