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09-01-2006, 20:57
Back in 2ed, when somebody wanted to flit in and out of cover you could shoot at him while he was in the open. I didn't really miss this rule until the Eldar and Tau got stuff so they could pop out from behind a wall, shoot you, and then hide again all in the same turn. This has prompted me to offer a new write-up of overwatch.

During a player's shooting phase, he/she may designate a unit as going on overwatch. This unit must be eligable to shoot this turn, and may not take its normal shots. Place a token beside the unit to show that it is now on Overwatch.
During your opponent's turn, a unit on Overwatch may fire at the end of your opponent's movement phase, or during the opponent's movement phase at one of the opponent's units which uses a rule that interupts the movement phase. Remove the token and conduct the unit's shooting. However, because targets entering/emerging from cover and just entering range are harder to hit, you must re-roll one hit for every 5 shots (or fraction thereof).

Hoshi No Koe
09-01-2006, 21:31
I think that's a bit harsh on those units. If you want to add overwatch it should be useable on everything, these units pay points for upgrades that allow them to do that or are expensive to start with.

I like your re-roll to hit rule though. How about units may go into overwatch, and are then allowed to interupt to shoot at the end of your opponent's movement phase. Any succesfull rolls to hit are re-rolled. Units reduced by 25% must check for morale as normal at the end of their movement phase.

10-01-2006, 00:58
in the 2nd. edition you had a penalty for shooting via overwatch. i thnk it was a -1 on the to hit roll for all targets that were coming out of cover.

so if a unit on overwatch shoots on a unit that is in open ground at the beginning of the movement phase, there is no difference at all. if a tau whtaever pops up from behind a hill the penalty apllies because the troopers didn't see him beforehand.

still its allways hard to apply those rules together with these special rules...

10-01-2006, 01:56
What I was shooting for was:
a) if somebody wants to play shoot-and-hide eldar, you can shoot back, at a penalty (rerolling one hit scored per 5 shots is meant to make it scale well with large units)
b) a Tau player can't shoot and hide without fear of return fire.
c) you can't play a fast unit that starts out of LOS and then moves into CC in one turn without ever getting shot at.

I wanted to just do shooting at the end of the opponent's movement phase with a penalty, but needed a clause for the Eldar CTM (which can shoot in the Movement phase while beginning and ending its move out of LOS).

If I had just taken the -1 to hit from 2ed, armies with a lower BS would almost never hit.

And yes, I do intend it to be an option against any unit.

Actually, (to me) the biggest problem to work out, is the fact that it ensures that any CC unit is going to go through a final round of double-shooting rapid fire weapons when they charge.