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14-08-2009, 02:34
I'm going to be building a WoC army starting out as a Warband. Week 1 is 200 pts, then to 300, 400, and finally 500, painting the models along the way. I'm not sure what weapon options are the best for Chaos Warriors and Chaos Marauders. Also if I should be buying a Standard Bearer or a Champion first...

200 Points WoC

4 Chaos Warriors, Halberds, Shields
68 pts

6 Chaos Marauders , Great Weapons
30 pts

2 Chaos Knights, Champion
100 pts

Yeah I sunk 100 points into 2 Chaos Knights... but they're good! I need to have one champion in my army, so I chose to have him in the Chaos Knights. 20 points is a lot, but the unit benefits from 5 S5 WS5 attacks, plus the 2 horses. In 200 points I'm hoping they can smash through most small units. I worry about them dying to fire from some crossbows or longbows.

300 Points WoC

6 Chaos Warriors, Halberds, Shields
102 pts

10 Chaos Marauders, Great Weapons, Standard Bearer
58 pts

3 Chaos Knights, Champion
140 pts

I chose the Standard Bearer over the Champion. +1 CR is more reliable than +1 attack imho.

400 Points WoC

7 Chaos Warriors, Halberds, Shields, Mark of Slaanesh, Standard Bearer
141 pts

12 Chaos Marauders, Great Weapons, Standard Bearer
68 pts

4 Chaos Knights, Champion
180 pts

Mark of Slaanesh is cheap and effective I think. Another Standard Bearer to fill points. Warriors form 7x1, Marauders 6x2.

500 Points WoC

10 Chaos Warriors, Halberds, Shields, Mark of Slaanesh, Standard Bearer
192 pts

14 Chaos Marauders, Great Weapons, Standard Bearer, Champion
86 pts

5 Chaos Knights (200) Champion (20)
220 pts

So that's 500 I'll be painting towards. Works out as I need 1 box of each. I'm blowing a lot of points on the Knights, but at 500 pts they should dishing out a lot of hurt. I'm not sure what kind of performance I should expect from the Marauders with GW. Hopefully they'll smash some stuff up.

Is this the right idea to go for in a fledgling chaos army?

15-08-2009, 05:19
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15-08-2009, 05:38
What are the rules for warbands? Where can I read about this format?

Over all the list looks pretty solid, but why not flails instead of GWs? They probably won't survive a second turn of combat if they strike last so IMO, striking in initiative order with average strength seems better than (almost) not striking at all with great strength.