View Full Version : 2250 4 god daemon list (all heralds)

14-08-2009, 18:54
Hey all, would like some input on this list, it's my attempt at creating a full pantheon daemon list, without any greater daemons, but a herald and troops choice of each god. What do you think:

herald of slaanesh
- many armed monstrosity

herald of khorne
- juggernaut
- obsidian armor

herald of nurgle
- slime trail
- level 1 wizard
- battle standard bearer
- standard of the chaos gods

herald of tzeentch
- power vortex

19 daemonettes
- command
- siren standard

15 bloodletters
- command
- skull totem

14 plaguebearers
- full command
- standard of seeping decay

11 horrors
- standard bearer
- standard of sorcery

11 horrors
- standard bearer
- standard of sorcery

6 flesh hounds

5 flamers

(considering cutting the daemonetts down to 14, and using the points to add another flamer, and split into 2 units of 3, and adding another 2 horrors)

15-08-2009, 08:57
yah - not much you can do with a list like this as it needs all 4 heralds and core units to work.
small changes I suggest are exchanging the khorne heralds armour for armour of khorne and firestorm blade - nice to have str 7!
drop unit of horrors and get yourself either furies or nurglings - you need a unit to harras the foe from early on