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14-08-2009, 22:37
I'm assembling a 3000 point Warriors of Chaos army, with Undead as it's theme. I'm not talking about Vampire counts undead, but more like WoW Deathsknight . >>http://joe-zombie.deviantart.com/art/Lord-Castelian-Mordecai-129912288

The Army is 3k with a few options to switch out when I feel like it. I have never played Chaos (in any form) before and so I'd like for you vets out there to give me your thoughts on my plans. Thanks!

Chaos Lord
Mark of Khorne
Rune Shield
Rune Sword
Word of Agony
-Pretty Straight Forward. Find a character. Smash Face. Rinse and repeat.

Sorceror Lord
Level 4
Mark of Nurgle
Rune Shield
Rune Sword
Word of Agony
Barded Chaos Steed
-I Feel that Sorcerers do more for a WoC army, and this guy will probably be my most often used Lord choice. The Mark and Sword make it so most charaters hit him on 4's, so he can go tow to tow with other lords.

Deamon Prince
Mark of Tzeentch
Mantle of Chaos
Blood Curdling Roar
-A big fire magnet. Takes shooting for a turn, Hopefully survives, and then pounces on something, using his Blood roar between charges.

Wulfrik the Wanderer
- I like to use him with a big unit of great weapon, mark of khorne Marauders.
I expand the frontage to charge multiple shooty units from behind.

Chaos Warriorsx15 3 units
Full Command
Mark of Slaneesh
-I love these models. Plus they rock in combat.

Full Command
Great Weapons
Mark Of Khorne
-Nice and cheap, hits as hard as Warriors.

Chaos Knightsx5
Full Command
Blasted Standard
Mark of Tzeentch
- They Just look so cool

Chaos Houndsx5 4 units
-I keep hearing good things about these guys, but have yet to use them...

Mark of Tzeentch
-Can take a lot of punishment due to the improve Ward save. I use it to buff the unit the Lords in. The buff affects him too right?

Dragon Shaggoth
Extra Hand Weapon
-I like Giant Monsters.

Hell Cannon
-Not very effective for me... But I need some artillery.

14-08-2009, 23:53
Warriors are best deployed as 6x2. 5x3 is a viable defensive formation although not very points effeicient. Consider giving them halberds in addition to the normal stuff. If you get the charge you can kill anything that might threaten your warriors.

Consider bringing another unit of knights. They work great in tandem and can pretty much but your opponents army in two with a wide bloody ditch in the middle.

About the warshrines buff, yes it affects any character that joins the unit blessed by the shrine. They lose the buff if they leave the unit though.

15-08-2009, 00:40
a)on 3000 pts army you can only have 2 lord choices;not 3

b)cant have have duplicate items;cant have both runesword on lord and sorcerer lord.

considering these the list doesnt look bad at all. :)

15-08-2009, 08:01
Sorcerer lords do have far more utility than regular lords but I wouldn't tool them up for combat fighting.

If you intend to kill with them in combat, stack up a few of those items that do damage before combat actually starts. Word of agony + warrior familiar + that amulet that forces a toughness test will seriously hurt any incoming beatsticks before they even get a chance to strike at your sorcerer. Especially if you see them coming and throw a buboe spell or two at them.

In most normal level games you don't even need all those items. Usually people don't send combat lords after a sorcerer and you only need to do 2 wounds to stop a combat hero / assasin, piece of cake with those items. If you mount your sorcerer lord on a palanquin with an enchanted shield you get the added bonus of fear, a 1+ armoursave and 6 additional poison attacks. Perfect to compliment a marauder unit on foot.

My own nurgle sorcerer lord has (severely) frustrated anyone who tried to kill him in combat. He's got a buddy hiding somewhere else using the infernal puppet to ease his miscast results. (even though he usually flings fairly low level spells like buboes and fleshy abundance)

15-08-2009, 16:57
If you have to run a shaggoth great weapon is the way to go.

Id drop the daemon prince and include a lvl2 sorc or exalted BSB

The infernal puppet is nearly essential if you use much magic at all.

I probably wouldnt worry about using the chaos runeshield on your lord either.

Another unit of chaos knights (6 wide with no champ is best imo) and probably 1 or 2 units of marauder horsemen would be handy as well.

I also think that at 3k you need another couple of core choices (mara horsemen would fill these up).

Also, I think that you may find that your warriors on foot will struggle to keep up with the main battle line and might not see much combat.

Other than that and some of the points above it seems like a pretty solid list. It isnt a particularly hard list but it should be relatively competitive and give good, fun games.

Brother J
15-08-2009, 17:33
Only problem I could see would be the fact that Tzeentch really doesn't like things that do not change. (Immortals like Vampires.) Being that he's the god of change, I don't blame him either..

So I mean, if you can think of some fluffy reason why they put their differences aside (Really you don't have to for my sake, but I'd suggest coming up with something before fanboys decide you're not a real chaos player and make your games very...not fun..) then you should be good as gold.

15-08-2009, 17:37
Undead and Chaos appear to be incompatible.

Don't let that stop you from making a themed army.

15-08-2009, 17:40
Undead and Chaos appear to be incompatible.

Don't let that stop you from making a themed army.

Tell that to Krell and Falnir. (and every other generic chaos hero resurrected into undead from the old slaves to darkness fluff and rules)

15-08-2009, 17:42
Maybe it's been retconned.

Brother J
15-08-2009, 17:47
Maybe it's been retconned.

Like...everything else that seems semi-interesting in the warhammer world?

Yes, they seem incompatible, but that's not going to crush my hopes and dreams of a Vampire Crom!

15-08-2009, 17:49
Crom can be a Vampire, but he'd lose his connection to the Warp.

15-08-2009, 17:51
Maybe it's been retconned.

Considering GW never replaced old fluff with something better I decided to ignore retcons long ago. If there's a fluff conflict between old and new, new is wrong.:p

Brother J
15-08-2009, 17:55
Crom can be a Vampire, but he'd lose his connection to the Warp.

They really need to bring him back. I'd take him over Wulfrik any day.

"Oh look, I hit you with a halberd, a great weapon, an additional hand weapon, and bashed you over the head with my shield....."


16-08-2009, 21:17
Thanks for all the responses! I'll also be adding a unit of marauder horsemen with throwing axes, 2 level 2 sorcerers, and a dragon. I'll right up some fluff... Hmm has a vampire ever turned to chaos?

I won't use all those Lords in one battle. I usually just take one and Wulfrik.

Conversion Notes. What I'm planning for the conversions. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Lord- Basic warrior with greestuff at joints to make physically bigger. Scythe, converted from chaos knight weapon. Shield with chained skeleton holding a book. Horned skull head with flaming sigil and cowl(see DK pic in top post). He'll be on foot, but his Juggernaugt and Dragon mount will have slots in their bases to allow him to stand menacingly next to them.

Sorcerer- Archaon with same head, shield, and Weapon as Lord.

Deamon Prince- I'm thinking The Nightbringer from 40k? With Giant Bat wings. Any suggestions?

Wulfrik- Reaplacing the head with a Horned skull in a cowl, to keep the undead theme. Him and his unit rise from the ground! Makes as much sense as jumping of of a flying ship right?

Chaos Warriors- They stay mostly the same. One in 7 gets a skull head with a scarf up to their nose. Champions also get a cowl.

Marauders- Vampire counts skeletons, with Chaos Warrior weapons. The weapons are big enough to look like great weapons. A little fluff. They are enslaved the the Lords' Will.

Marauder Horsemen- Undead skeleton horses with Skeleton riders. The tombs are to be revamped soon no?

Chaos Knights- Not much to change here. Proly just the head of the champ.

Chaos hounds- Vampire counts wolves. simple and effective.

Warshrine_ Corpse cart pulled by slave skeletons (their tied to the cart so they don't run away). The necromancer replaced with a chaos warrior ripping one the zombie "pullers" in half, over the pile of bodies.

Dragon Shaggoth- An undead carnosaur From the Lizzardmen range? With the way the Zombies from the corpescart are impaled I can stick them on to it's flanks like some kind of banners.

Hell Cannon- I don't really have much of an Idea. I might use the model with slave skeleton crew, but I really want something diffrent... Hmm?

Dragon- This>> http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=132576. With sombie banners (see carnosaur entree)

Juggernaut- I'm thinking either the new Lord on Juggernaut, or one with no rider so I can stand my lord next to it.

Here's a few quick pics, sorry for the low quality.
Left to right.
Shield for Lord and Sorcerer
Warshrine "Driver" (ripping guy in half)
Chaos Warrios with scarfs and skull heads.
Level 2 sorcerer
Warshrine slave skeletons
Chaos warrior champion
Marauder unit (yes, the one in the back has a whip!)

18-08-2009, 09:16
pretty damn good actually!cant wait to see more!If memory serves,regarding vampires turning to chaos,there is a reference to Mangari the Old.Either on Daemons of Chaos or Vamps Book it states that Mangari unearths a gemmed crown and manages to strike a pact with Tzeench.Also take a look to this guy you might find some use for him;
http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/common/xLargeProductImage.jsp?mWidth=873px&mURL=/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m2070119_99060201229_ChaosWarriorBoneArmour_873x62 7.jpg&mAlt=Chaos+Warrior+with+Bone+Armour&mHeight=627px