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09-01-2006, 22:54
Okey i have finaly statred to make my snipers.
They are going represent ratlings in my ig light inf army, im not going to whole "hafling" thing and are insted going to make 10 nice guard snipers.

What i wannt to do:

1. Have nice(realstic) sniper rifle.
2. Models that actualy uses the scope to aim the gun (no hip blazing)
3. Greenstuff arms and hats (legs to if needs be)
4. Have dynamic poses (snipers never stands and shoots, unless he has a very good position and something to rest the rifle on)
5. 40 mm Bases so that i can ad more terrain (and fitt those who are lying down)

My workspace

09-01-2006, 22:56
I have cheated cause heres number uno
(remeber this is still wip)

09-01-2006, 22:58
I say GO! I always wanted someone to do this, and also alot of people have tried to do this but some failed, I like the idea of terrain so post pics and Ill give c&c on em

09-01-2006, 22:58
and 2nd one
this is my first go at sculpting arms and hats, all advices and critcs are welcome
(wip. i have still to fit a shoulder stock)

09-01-2006, 23:02
blast! your fast, ok .. Te first one looks a bit like the standard thing walking around and hugging hes sniper, its not bad only usual. The second.... wonderrful with a bit of terrrain and Ill be drooling! hat and cloak looks ace and the aiming down the sight is great, only problem is hes pose with the upperbody, he would naturaly try to get a shot where he doesnt need to twist hes upper body... hope you understand what Im saying :P anyway looks good and keep it up!!!

09-01-2006, 23:07
Yeah i know, but the caidans are a real pain in the ass when it comes to makeing them lay on the ground AND holding a rifle.(Thats with out a major green stuff job)

Im going to make som kind of dirt/rubbel/somthing that fits in the gap. so that it looks more dynamic.

10-01-2006, 00:02
They look very promising, particularly the GSing, very well done, and great hats too, very characterful and unique, although I'm not sure if they quite match my image of a sniper :p.

Get those capitals in there though :mad: ;).


10-01-2006, 06:39
Well i have edited my posts because of all the grammar.(it was a little late when i posted too so:o ).
i only have my exato knife and the gw modeling tool, but im doing searches to get better ones.
Thanks for all advices. It is kinde a hard getting "mose" from my garden now because it is under 1/2m with snow:rolleyes:

Here is some pics of real sinpers. It is this look i wanne capture.

10-01-2006, 19:39
I have just finished the pre-gs work on sniper number three.
And added some detail and a shoulder stock too number two.

The boyz
10-01-2006, 20:23
Wow they are looking pretty good Eisenhorn. Great GSing on the minatures aswell. I like the hat you gave too the chap lying down. That looks pretty cool. I am looking forwad to seeing some more piccys of the chap kneeling down behind the ruins. He is looking really good so far.

10-01-2006, 21:36
the new sniper ooks most promesing!! hiding in the ruins awaiting some chaos scum to silence.. wonderfu!! keep us updated ;)

10-01-2006, 22:37
Great, the base on that one looks very promising, and I see those inspiration pics have guys with cow-boy hats in them, crazy Americans :p ;).

Also, great work on improving your posting method, kudos to you for putting in the extra effort.

Animerik, would you care to follow his sterling example and post properly, with reasonable spelling and grammar, and some capitals wouldn't hurt your post either.


11-01-2006, 00:12
Are they going to be Ratlings or Special Weapons teams? If they are going to be Special weapons teams then shame on you, Ratlings are the way to go... That said, modelling up three guys with scopes to make the rest of the squad would be cool.

Of course, you can do that with ratlings too... An even numbered squad of Ratlings can contain half in shooting poses and half in spotting poses...

My (rather simple) Sniper conversions can be found here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=12709).

11-01-2006, 23:36
Here is another update.

I added some hair to the running sniper(1). Then I did 75% of the gs work on sniper3 (ruins guy).
Finaly I knocked my self out with sniper4(about 50% done), who you can see at the bottom of the page with the rest. He is going on the other ruin base.

Dang!! These cadians just won't lay flat on the ground:rolleyes:.

And yes they are going to be Ratlings. I dont know about the spotters I might do some just for fun, but I am going to do 10 guys with rifles. So making another 5 with binoclars and range finders should not porve to difficult.

12-01-2006, 01:54
They could have their Sniper rifles slung while thet're doing their spotting thing...

12-01-2006, 02:10
4th one looks very promising, I hope you plan on filling the gap between the head and torso of the 3rd one too.

17-01-2006, 22:36
At last I had the time to update this thread. It had gone all the way to page 6:rolleyes:.
(Mods can you please move this thread to the projects forum)

Well I have not done that much, because I have been in london with my friends for the last 4 days. All though I did managed to do some sculpting to day.

Sniper3: I filled the gap in his neck and tried to get it to look like flesh, but it is not easy. I might just put the rest of his cape over it. I also added a stock to his gun, but it needs some more work.

Sniper4: I added his head after alot of hacking & choping and filled his neck gap. Then I decided the he would be hooded just like sniper1. So I gave him a hood and a cape. He still needs a stock for his rifle though.

Sniper5: Is in the planning, im going to make him a spotter with a slung rifle on his back.

Current status:

Sniper1 100% done
Sniper2 100% done
Sniper3 85% done
Sniper4 70% done
Sniper5 5% done

17-01-2006, 23:13
Dang!! These cadians just won't lay flat on the ground:rolleyes:.

Talk about guys not wanting to lay flat on the ground, try making a Space Marine Lascannon gunner lay in a sniping position. THAT was darn near impossible.

22-01-2006, 21:48
Another update:D

Sniper5: is 60% He is the one with the auspex and range finder. I also chopped up and refitted his rifle. I am going to give him a hat, i think. His rifle needs a strap and to be fitted on his back, im planing to do this in the next week.

Sniper6: Is 60% Pointy guy :rolleyes:. I have done the same with him as i have with sniper 5

Sniper3: Is 100% I have finished his cape and his hat. I also smoothed out his rifle stock.

Sniper4: Is 100% I add his rifle stock and gave him some hair.

I have not been working so much on the snipers this week. Because i have been busy sculpting and casting the head you see below. It is for my next army:D

22-01-2006, 21:54
Dam you've been busy, I like them all good work.

Do you have any idea how your are going to paint them?

22-01-2006, 22:10
They will be painted in the same colorshcem as the rest of my ig army blue/green/grey.

I have yet to decide wich colors the bases are going to be though.

22-01-2006, 23:56
there is one thing i must ask how do you do the capes?, ive tried a couple of times but cannot get it right

23-01-2006, 08:22
Well i will give you a little tutorial.

1. Make a small green stuff ball.
2. Wet your finger tips, with water.
3. Now scquise and pull the ball out in to rough rectagular shape.
4. Take your sculpting tool and push the cape in to shape around the neck of your model.
5. Bend and pull the cape to make the "wind" effect.
6. Roll a small green stuff snake and put it around the models neck and a bit down on the cape to make the pulled back "hood"

there i hope that does it for you;)

23-01-2006, 23:13
Well i got some more work done this night. So here goes:

Sniper5: Got his hat and it is 100%. He also got his sniper rifle and a strap to go with it. He was so exited, that he just had to try it on:D .

Sniper6: Got his hood (the best so far i think), and a little hair. He too got his rifle(with strap), but he was more in to pointing at stuff and scream:rolleyes: . So he didnt try it on.

23-01-2006, 23:26
A very impressive group of snipers!

I am very impressed the way you incorporated terrain in with each one. I like them very much. Now I can't wait to see them painted!

24-01-2006, 00:44
I'm just curious about models with terrain features on thier base, like the snipers with the building ruins on them. When you use them in game, do you afford them a cover save? If so, do your opponents have anything to say on the subject?

24-01-2006, 01:11
Of course not. I'ts just for the look...

Metal Fingered Villain
24-01-2006, 02:01
I personally think that these beautiful snipers should be given a nice camo pattern on their faces and capes, something slightly realistic to go along with all the city terrain they are hiding in. A nice way to paint those ruins Ive found is a base coat of codex grey with highlights done with dry brushing by adding progressively more white to the codex grey. Then wash certain parts with wattered down scorched brown to give a nice dirtied realistic look.

24-01-2006, 03:01
Looking good as always, but is it me or is #5's hat look to big?

24-01-2006, 06:28
Well you can see the camo scheme for the snipers in my other post(the one with pics of some of my painted units).

As for base and terrain color. Well i don't know yet, as i have not decide what kind world they are from.
Im thinking about painting the ruins as "sand stone" or just the plain old concrete.

Hehe sniper5s hat. Well it is not bigger actually, but it has a more "pulled down" look so the face is partly hidden. I might do something about it, but then agin this hats are a pain in the ass to sculpt.

24-01-2006, 21:31
Damn, look what you have done now im planning on putting a rattling sniper sqaud in my army, going to convert them all ot of cadains too, got any tips on laying them down , I'm going to do giule suits on mine seeing as they are from a forest planet, O I might put two on a base one with a rifel out and the other with it on his back but with a spotter or binocs.

26-01-2006, 20:20
@Great Destroyer.
He he. Great to hear, be sure to post some pics of your work too. Well getting cadians to lay down flat on the ground and use a rifle is kind a hard. I find the best method is to start with the legs and chop them up so that they are laying flat, and looks natural(you can use any of the cadians legs). Then take a torso and just add it to the legs.

The tricky part is getting the head and arms right. I chopped of the whole neck thingy, that the cadians have on their torso. Drilled a new hole to get the head to fit. Then i scratch built the right arms(almost every one of them) just use some wireing to get the pose right and fill out with GS. hope this gives you an idea on how to make yours.

I think you would have to have a 60mm base to fit two snipers on one base. I also find it hard to get the cadians to lay straight after the rifle(like the Elysians), because they have to short arms

And now for the update:

Well i have started sniper 7&8 and they are 70% done.
I have also reconfigured my army list and it looks like i am only going to need 8 snipers so this is the last of them.

After i had added the straps to sniper 5&6, i decided to add one to sniper 1,2,3,4. Because i think it looks good;).
I am also considering going back and add some terrain to sniper 1&2 bases, as they are rather plain compared to the rest.

Sniper7: I had this idea of a sniper aiming out of a old shell hole in a wall. Well sniper7 is the incarnation of that idea. i going to add a hood to his head, and the right arm is very Wip.

Sniper6: Well as i started with the heroic "im runing with my rifle" pose. I had to finish with "i dont need to run, im though as nails anyway" pose.:angel: His hat is wip, besides from this he is almost done.

26-01-2006, 20:29
Looking good. The extent of Conversion on these models is awesome - as are the scenic bases... I can't wait to see them painted.

Personally I'd probably do Snipers 9 and 10 anyway. That way you've got a full squad should you ever choose to field them - Ratlings are 0-1 so it's not as if you'll ever need any more...

31-01-2006, 22:21
Well i have painted the snipers. They are still Wip, but i am nearly done. Just have to clean them up and add company, squad and army badges to them.

@Getz: Well i know i would like to do 9 and 10, but i am so eager to get this army on the table. So they would have to wait until i have finsihed my commander and 2 veteran squads.

31-01-2006, 23:11
Ok these look amazing painted my hats of for you lad marvelous work!!! keep it up and make 9&20 to ;)

01-02-2006, 04:44
You, sir, you are simply a great converter and painter. Those snipers are simply wow. I really like the camo on the cloak, but I think I would have preferred that they wore some camo paint on the face, but they are great all the same without.

01-02-2006, 05:02
Poetry in 3D

01-02-2006, 05:22
Man those are awesome snipers. Very well done, I love the realistic look, especially the way you did the boonie hats and the cloaks. Btw is that the vindicare assassian's rifle?

Metal Fingered Villain
01-02-2006, 06:31
Those are bloody amazing man. I love the way the cloaks and boonie hats came out. I always wanted to do a special ops catachan jungle army like navy seals with hats and rolled up sleaves and clack gloves. Might still do that.....

Hideous Loon
01-02-2006, 07:28
MorningStar, they certainly look like the Vindicare rifles.

Wow. Simply "Wow". I especially like Sniper #7, it'll be hard convincing your opponent that he hasn't got a Cover save.

01-02-2006, 20:43
I always wanted to do a special ops catachan jungle army like navy seals with hats and rolled up sleaves and clack gloves. Might still do that.....

I am not familiar with "clack gloves" what are they?

Oops think I just realized it is supposed to be "black" gloves--if not what are clack gloves?

17-11-2012, 03:19
Great job sir, really beautiful conversions. The only thing that bothered me was the one sniper is sniping thorough a window and his barrel is sticking out of it. A sniper wouldn't put his barrel out like that. lol but thats just finicky. Really beautiful conversions, well done. I hope to make conversions like that for some snipers in the future and what you have done will most definately be an inspiration. :)