View Full Version : Van horstmann Speculum

15-08-2009, 14:08
In a challenge, (between my priest and a high elf mounted on a dragon).

Can I use the speculum to change my atributes with the dragon? or only can I change with elf rider? (dragon atacks me too in a challenge)

Magic item description didnīt say anything. Only that must be a challenge.

15-08-2009, 14:15
Read the Empire FAQ (http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m1540044_Empire_FAQ_2008-05_Edition.pdf).

Best way to deal with the dragon?
Shoot at it with your great cannons.....combat is the last place you want ito try killing it.

15-08-2009, 19:55
No you can only use the Speculum on enemy characters in a challenge with you.

The best way to deal with the dragon is the switch stats with the lord and use the Sword of Fate against the Dragon with the stats of the enemy lord.