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15-08-2009, 14:50
During my adventures in Warseer I have seen a couple of posts concerning the Bike Mounted Warlock unit that some Eldar players use.

However I have been in the game for a long time now and I play often in local clubs and tournaments but I have never seen or come across one of these units despite there being a large amount of Eldar players here.

So I have a few questions.

1) What makes up the Bike Mounted Warlock unit (ie how many Warlocks/what gear/ what powers)

2) Is it as powerful as other such units like the Bike Mounted Nob Unit

3) How often do you use/ go against the unit?

15-08-2009, 18:03
Shameful bumping of thread :(

But for real anyone got any answers for me?

15-08-2009, 18:41
You don't see bike mounted warlocks because there aren't any models for them. So anyone who uses the traditional seer council on bikes has to convert every model.

Warlocks come from (I think) the HQ section, but I don't know where my Eldar codex is right now. They each carry witchblades, so they wound everyone on a 2+ and are Str 9 against vehicles. They've got a 4+ invulnerable. Every member of the squad can take a psychic power, so they get one to increase initiative and WS, one to let them reroll Ld tests, and a bunch of heavy flamers. You stick a farseer on jetbike with them and have him cast fortune on them repeatedly.

It's generally seen as roughly as powerful as nob bikers. It's mean and cheesy and expensive, and all the same standard gripes that people have about any other "power" build.

I go up against them every once in a while. They're really tough when they've got their 3+ armor save rerollable and a 4+ invulnerable rerollable. But they're still T4 and only one wound each, so you can beat them. They'll just crush most things they fight in HTH because of the sheer number of wound on a 2+ attacks they get. But one bad matchup, or one round of unlucky rolls, and they'll shatter. I haven't ever had much of a hard time with them.

15-08-2009, 19:01
Massey has it. the main reason you wont find so many around is the lack of models, or even simple conversion possibilities. that and it costs alot in point leading to a limited army, which and thus a lack of entertaining variation in the army. Thus its only the real hardcore players who go to the effort.

Strengths are in their ability to get 3+, 4++ both with rerolls, turboboost for that 3++ rerollable where needed. Extra toughness, wound allocation tricks, and a reroll on Ld tests, make them... reliable.

On the other side, they can all carry heavy flamers and singingspears (read 12" lascannons which wound on 2+ vs non-tanks, and can be used in combat). Witchblades and singing spears are very handy. Add Ws and I5 into the equation and the unit gets to be quite nasty, especially in the right hands. they are also typically fielded in squads of about 6. In duplicate.

15-08-2009, 19:03
Oh cool yeah that does sound very mean. But how many do people usually use.

15-08-2009, 19:16
There are two guys at our local store who use them, out of probably 5 or 6 eldar players.

15-08-2009, 19:35
They're typical eldar cheese. They're not quite a glass fist of a unit (the way eldar should be), they're incredible when used properly but have that rarest of things in the pointy ears, survivability. That's really the only objection most people have to them, same as the ork nob bikers, they're damn hard to take down when you exploit your oponents mistakes or pull off a trick of your own, and that makes them a bit of a game breaker. I'm not too annoyed by the few armies I've played with them though, as they were all well converted and I like that sort of thing.