View Full Version : 2250 WoC Nurgle, first try.

15-08-2009, 18:24
So after playing my Dark Elves to death, I figure its time to redo my Nurgle warriors and give them a much needed update:

Sorcerer Lord: Lvl.4, Mark of Nurgle, Conjoined Homunculus, Power Familiar, Dispel Scroll, Power Stone, Palanquin.

Exalted Hero: Halberd, Mark of Nurgle, Chaos Steed.

Exalted Hero: BSB, Helm of Many Eyes, Sword of Might, Mark of Nurgle, Palanquin.

21 Chaos Marauders: HW, LA, Shield, Full Command, Mark of Nurgle.

4x5 Chaos Warhounds

2x5 Marauder Horsemen: LA, Flail, Throwing Axes, Musician.

5 Chaos Knights: Ensorcelled Weapons, Chaos Armor, Shield, Champion.

15 Chosen: Shield, Halberd, Chaos Armor, Full Command, Banner of Rage, Favor of the Gods, Mark of Nurgle.



The idea is to get the 12 result (4+ ward/Stubborn) on the Chosen asap, using Favor of the Gods on the Champion. Along with other blessings from the two warshrines, this can be an effective death star unit. The warhounds will usually be for screening my units from missile fire. Character wise, the Sorcerer lord will go in the Chosen, the BSB with the Marauders, and Exalted hero on steed with the knights of course. I hope to make this my next tournament army, so any help and suggestions from experienced WoC players are greatly appreciated! :evilgrin:

16-08-2009, 00:27
Just a couple thoughts
- both the helm of many eyes and the Conjoined Homunculus, if u use it, give stupidity and with my dice luck both units would go stupid at the worst time.
- with only the lvl 4 you won't get much magic off. I would change the basic exalted to a lvl 2 since the knights won't need much help killing stuff.
- You could give the bsb the book of secrets instead of the helm. That would stop him being stupid ~1/3 of the time and give you a bit more magic although it wouldn't help the unit if charged. Also give him a shield.

I hope some of this helps I've got to go have fun at a wedding :)