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15-08-2009, 21:41
Hey guys,

I've been playing against a friend with a standard WE list, and I haven't yet brought forth the really competitive lists.

I play WoC and WE, so I know the capabilities of both armies, though I'm still unsure how to take it. I want to pull a win this next Tuesday, so I'll use just about whatever I need to, except maybe special characters since he doesn't use any.

So far, I've considered

Heavy Magic:
DP of TZ, tendrils, haemon, -- Gateway machine
3 lvl 2 casters - Rod of Torment, Book of Secrets, Power Familiar
Marauder Horsemen 3x5 - flails, MoS, throwing axes
Hounds 4x5
Knights x5 - MoK
2 Spawn

Something along those lines

Flying Circus:
Lord on Dragon
Exalted BSB w/ mag banner or combat equipment + Disc
Exalted on Disc
Sorceror on Disc - 2x scrolls
Marauder Horsemen 3x5
Hounds 4x5
2 Spawn
Not sure what else...

Basically, the last game, I took 3 lvl 2 sorcs, and he had 4 scrolls on 2 caddies!

How do you guys think I should take it? I can't seem to get at those scroll caddies in the forest. I had 10 power dice at 1500, though I'll have 14 PD + 1 bound at 2250...though I didn't have throwing axes last time.

Any help appreciated.

Von Wibble
15-08-2009, 22:12
A sensible wood elf player knows that magic is his biggest weakness.

- It doesn't roll to hit unlike shooting, so skirmishing in woods provides no protection

- Wood elf units are small with low T and limited saving throws

Therefore, knowing this, a wood elf army should imo always pack good magic protection against any army capable of fielding a good offense in that area.

His magic defense is relatively weak. Against chaos I always take a level 4 with Wand of Ariel (reroll all dispel attempts) and scroll, on top of a caddy.

Imo chaos always have a tough job against wood elves. Chaos chariots are good - tough enough to withstand a lot of their low S shooting and hard enough to take on single units (without characters) without even needing support. I'd have 2 of these and 2 units of chaos knights.

Marauders on foot are good. With a 4+ save, most wood elf units can't kill enough to overcome their combat resolution, and they are cheap. Consider 2-3 units with mark of nurgle to form a battle line, if not more. Cheap hard to kill units are really tough on wood elves, especially when backed by good combat potential from characters.

Spawn are also nice thanks to effectively a 360 charge arc.

What I would not do is have mark of khorne. You are asking to be baited into a wood and have your unit do nothing all battle. Even with hound screens this is too risky.

Deacon Bane
16-08-2009, 17:15
I like the first setup, minus the DP. Gateway is not needed vs WE, IMO, they are usually MSU. I would add 2 more Knights, I have found that WE have enough shooting that they can kill 1 or 2 before you get into CC. Put the Warbanner on them take off MOK and replace it with MOS. Against the smaller units you won't need the extra attacks and you won't be lead around the board by their fast Cav. Use your magic and Marauder Horses to remove flanking units. I would switch the Spawn for DOs, 3 w/GW, they are more reliable, and can soak up enough damage to get across the board.

You will have to hide your Mages, so a Marauder Bunker or two is good, 12 with MOS Lt Armor and Shields is under 90 pts. I find vs WE you want to give them lots of targets to choose from, so they can't use concentrated fire. With 2 mage Bunkers, Knights and DOs, Horsemen w/ Th axes that is 7 units that can do damage to a WE unit, and they won't be able to whittle enough away in 2 rounds of shooting, before you catch something. I also love Giants to counter Treemen.

16-08-2009, 17:53
I'd scrap gateway and go with a level 4 nurgle wizzard

if you can get spell number 6 off then your going to do a heck of a lot of dammage to the multiple small units (due the fact every unit hast to roll D6 S d6 hits) so you going to cause the dammage

and its easyer enough to cast that you should still be able to get another spell (burbus?)

16-08-2009, 17:54
The guy uses more fast cav than shooting. Usually 2 units of 6 wild riders w/ banner, a few units of glade riders, and maybe 10 glade guard. It's basically just enough to whittle down some screens and fast cav. However, very little in his list needs to sustain a charge if he doesn't want it to, which is why I would like to amp up shooting possibly...

16-08-2009, 18:42
I would run your lvl4 unmarked with lore of fire. The lvl2s can supply the buboes.

Some big marauder blocks with a medium-sized warrior unit to hold the Banner of Wrath should keep your characters safe and withstand his shooting. Two units of 5 knights with a musician each will keep his hard-hitting troops at arms length. A healthy supply of warhounds wouldn't go amiss, but I would leave the horsemen at home.

It is a winnable match-up, but you can't expect frenzied knights to carry the day.