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15-08-2009, 21:06
This is my current list for my brets...it's a bit silly and i love painting the models but it's kinda kicking the cr*p out of everything and making it not fun to game with (it is amusing but it's also sickening..) Kinda looking for C&C's and ways to tone it down without it then failing.

Lord w/Virtue of Knightly Temper, Grail Vow, Cuirass of Fortune(the re-roll 1's to wound thing), ruby goblet(MR3), gauntlet of the duel, lance, warhorse, shield. 268pts

Paladin w/Sword of heroes(against str 5 or higher +1str d3 wounds),Royal pegasus, Virtue of the Ideal(+2ws +1I+1A), great weapon, shield, questing vow, 194 pts

Paladin Bsb w/warhorse, Warbanner (+1 CR), Virtue of Duty(+1CR if general alive) 129pts

Paladin w/Virtue of the Joust, Wyrmlance(flaming breath attack), Bret horse, shield. 121pts

Damsel w/Dispel Scroll x2, level 2, horse 165pts

8 KOTR - Full Command 216

7 KOTR - Full Command + Banner of Chalons (can't stand and shoot against them) - 202pts

8 KE - Errantry Banner (+1 str on charge), Full Command 201

4 Peg Knights - Full Command - 250

Trebuchet - Yeoman Craftsmen - 100

12 Peasant Archers - Champion - 77

12 Peasant Archers - Champion - 77


Basically the lord and BsB go with the unit of 7 Kotr, the damsel in the other lance of KoTR and the last paladin in the errants.

The combo of banner,bsb,warbanner,virtue of duty, 2 ranks (hopefully), thats a regular combat res of plus 5 or 6 before attacks. Then you have the lord with 4 attacks at wep 6 so usually hitting on 3's wounding on 2's on charge and for every wounding hit another attack so usually atleast 4 str 6 magical attacks + gauntlet of the duel so if he challenges they have to accept. So this means an average combat res of atleast 9 and thats if your unlucky.

The royal pegasus bloke usually just flies around and totals monsters so far he's got a varghulf scalp 1v1 and nearly had a giant in 1 turn earlier..did 5 wounds, then got yelled and balled and ran away 5 inches and promptly got squidged :D

Then big blocks of cavalry and some peppering shots of archers and a trebuchet which i don't usually miss with...

Grom Hellscream
15-08-2009, 21:14
i would start your tone down by making your monster hunting paladin legal.....

sword of heroes [35 pnts] + virtue of the ideal [35 pnts] is over the allotted 50points you get to spend on a paladin.

if you wanna be less cheesy, don't put two characters in each lance... try lances of 5 w/ a hero, that should give you more tactical flexability, and make it so a few cannonballs wont end your game on turn 1.

15-08-2009, 21:17
Ah wasn't sure if virtues counted towards it, badly worded in the army book can be changed easily might make him less silly too. Possibly swap weapons and virtue for the sword of the quest then that saves me 4pts on a greatwep too aswell as the extra 20 i wasnt mean to spend so whack my bowmen units up to 15 a piece or something.

5 might work, worth a try atleast I reckon. Atm unless i encounter a complete gunline not alot stops 24 tooled up knights with ward saves .....