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16-08-2009, 00:08
Hi all,

Having entered (rather spontaneously I may add) a 2500pt summer/autumn WHFB league at my local game store, and having played two somewhat unconvincing games with a magic-heavy list, (one win-massacre, one loss-massacre), I decided to persevere with the Magic but go for some added reliability. Bear in mind, the rules of army composition are simple. You play the same race throughout the league, list composition changes are permitted, special characters are allowed, 2500points, no more.

So I've come up with this list as my default starting point:

Teclis 475 pts.

Mage 175 pts.
Level 2, Annulian Crystal

Caradryan 175 pts.

10 Archers 110 pts.

10 Archers 110 pts.

14 Swordmasters 280 pts.
Full Command, Amulet of Light, Lion Standard.

20 Phoenix Guard 380 pts.
Full Command, Banner of Sorcery.

6 Dragon Princes 215 pts.
Standard Bearer, Ellyrion Banner.

White Lion Chariot 140 pts.

White Lion Chariot 140 pts.

Repeater Bolt Thrower 100 pts.

Repeater Bolt Thrower 100 pts.

Great Eagle 50 pts.

Great Eagle 50 pts.

TOTAL 2500 pts.
PP: 8 + 2D3
DP: 6 + D3 + +1 to Dispel + Scroll of Hoeth

I should explain a little. Firstly, I was originally taking a Level 4, and two Level 2s but was miscasting all over the place and unable to find consistency and reliability in a phase I was supposed to be dominating. For less points, I discovered I could take Teclis and garner some much needed stability. I love just how fragile he is, even in Elf terms, so I'm well up for the challenge of keeping him alive. As such, he's accompanied by fear-causing, Magic Resisting (3), Caradryan in the PGuard, who also drags his opponent down when killed. The lower level mage denies my opponent one of his own dice and will provide supportive magic - Shield of Saphery, Drain Magic, etc.

Minimum Core choices actually because I really love HE archers. They get the support job done. Simple as.

As far as the Specials go, the Swordmasters and Dragon Princes are designed for point-for-point killing efficiency and as such will be prime targets for Shields of Saphery. THe DPrinces also give a bit of flank speed. The PG compliment both Caradryan and protect Teclis. The Chariots will be run in a pair, giving extra manoevrability to a magic-dependant list and generally scaring things. Together, they should be able to take down some meaty units, or hit a flank.

The Rare choices are no brainers. RBT's give some versatile firepower and range, whilst the Eagles either march block (making my magic more effective as I'll have more turns to blast away), or they'll tackle backline problems where necessary. They'll most likely be run in a loose pair.

Ok, so what do you think?


16-08-2009, 19:07
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