View Full Version : 2k Daemons need to be hard

16-08-2009, 09:00

here is the theme for my army

Even though i have a theme i want the army to be as hard as possible all suggestions are welcomed

Kairos Fateweaver 625pts

Herald of tzeentch 160pts
Winged horror
master of sorcery

Herald of nurgle 125pts
Slime trail

10 Horrors 120pts

10 Horrors 120pts

19 Plaguebearers 228pts

5 Flesh hounds 175pts

5 Flesh hounds 175pts

3 Flamers 105pts

3 Flamers 105pts

Total= 1998pts

What do you think?

16-08-2009, 17:38
Whats the theme? No Slannesh?

16-08-2009, 18:13
The theme is the link at the top

16-08-2009, 18:28
My only suggestion is a substitution of bloodletters with herald for the nurgle component. You have a pretty good magic offensive - so long as Karios is alive or out of combat - you got good shooting, and 2 fast moving units.
A unit of bloodletters will allow you to run forwards to engage with the enemy - and by blasting apart the support units that the bloodletters charge you should munch combat.
Supporting charges of your own with your fleshounds will cripple them even further.

Plauge bearers are incredibily resiliant but SO SLOW!!!

16-08-2009, 18:34
Fair enough. As you don't have many upgrades its hard to make suggestions.
With out cutting out a unit proberly one of the flamer or flesh hound units i'd get rid of a unit of hounds have both horror units gain a standard with the icon of sorcery (+1 to cast for the unit) thats 27pts a unit to cast flickering fire on a 3+ instead of 4+ which makes it a lot easier to one dice.

The rest of the points could be used to give the plague bearers a command and/or bump up the size of the flamers.

Hope that gives you food for thought.