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vampires are cool!
16-08-2009, 12:37
Hi guys,

Basically I'm looking for the Adeptus Titanics logo so i can put them on our gaming clubs T-shirts. I've googled it and found nothing so i just wanted to check if anyone could direct me to a copy.

Thanks in advance.

16-08-2009, 13:40
Isn't really a Adpeptus Titanicus logo's as the Titans come from different Legio's

16-08-2009, 14:25
Yeah, I think there a a bunch of different symbols for the different legios. I guess you could use the AdMech cog.

16-08-2009, 14:42
I'd suggest the "T for Titan" logo, the stylized T inside a cog. It's on the kneepad of the reaver.

16-08-2009, 15:37
It's a capital T with strikethrough, much like the Inquisition's struck-through I.

16-08-2009, 22:50
Capitol T stylized as a sword or dagger with an additional crosspiece.

Ask GW's permission and they'll email you the artwork. Don't and you or your screenprinter may get some hassle from them (since you posted, they have to go after you).