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16-08-2009, 21:41
I friend of mine is playing a local 1k points tourny in the near future and is planning to take his VC. His main concern is that for some reason DE is the most popular army around here for the moment and the flavor of the day is the special character assassin, shadowblade? How do you protect your general against him at 1k? At this point level my friend usually uses a caster general but that seems to be out of the question in the current situation. Any advice are welcome.

16-08-2009, 22:33
I don't see shadowblade too often, and 300 points is not worth it for me. If you can take the item that lets you stand up on a 1+ then you're good. Shadowblade jumps out and attacks say your mage and it dies. Ok... then you kill it and there goes his 300 for your 100. I play dark elves and in my past experiences shadowblade isn't worth it, especially in a 1000 point. 1 of his heroes is already 3/10's of his army. When play the dark elves you should expect bolt throwers hydras or crossbows, which means take as many heavily armoured troups as you can. Ethereal work great. Figure out where his hero with a magic weapon is and go to the other side of the board. I would suggest 4 bases of spirit hosts. Lots of ghouls, and a caster that can raise ghouls.

17-08-2009, 02:05
If the Dark Elves are fielding 1/3 of their army in one character then I really wouldn't be worried.

Bring a Wight King bodyguard to protect your General - give him BSB, Sword of Kings and Gem of Blood. Challenge or accept challenges where appropriate; even if he's not your General, the BSB status means that he's still a juicy assassination target (...or so they think!).

He also means that in the event your General is killed, the unit he's with is Ld 9 and unlikely to crumble much. Take the Icon of Vengeance of you're really worried.

Heck, stick them both in a unit of black knights or grave guard and you can Killing Blow Shadowblade even if he does kill your General - 300 points of theirs for 200 of yours.

17-08-2009, 05:27
Wouldn't Nightshroud completely disable Shadowblade? Granted, it's light armor, but...