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17-08-2009, 05:28
I am trying to create a Vampire Counts army that would be fun to play against without being overpowered while following a themed list. I will be using the backstory of Richter Kruegar and the Cursed Company (http://wizbangs.parks.officelive.com/Documents/Dow-cursed-company.pdf ) with an additional twist.

Richter Kruegar has fought for ages across the world, killing and being killed but always rising again. Tormented by his cursed form Richter Kruegar is seeking a final death. Through a sheer force of will his curse has taken hold of not just a single regiment of mindless skeletons, but an army vast and huge. Knights and mounted troops from different parts of the world now trot alongside each other in death. Daemons are half banished to the warp, their magical essence bound to Richter’s will. While battle wizards killed by Richter’s blade travel alongside the army. Having not been able to rid Richter of his curse they are banished to exist only in this world in tattered rags and a torn soul. Heroes of every race rise again, a Brettonian Knight granted a magical lance, rides on its dead steed. A Black Orc’s bones move inside its heavy armour guarding Richter against those that try to slow down his quest to have his curse removed. A dead warrior of the Norse Gods moves methodically through the ranks of skeletons decapitating enemy soldiers with his mighty axe. Richter’s deranged mind and soul hope that if he will pose such a danger to both the forces of light and dark that someone or something will try to stop Richter by removing the curse. Richter Kruegar wants to die forever, and he will kill all those that try to stop him.

Please let me know if you like the fluff and also if you think this army will be ok to fight against. I want folks to have an enjoyable game and so have tried to keep things almost nonexistent in the magic department, while still providing some unique challenges.

Models used

Skeletons-Skeletons of every race, or at least conversions to make it look like it.
Black Knights-Also of every race, dead goblin wolf riders next to centaur skeletons and dead empire knights
Spirit Hosts- Daemons that have been “killed” but Richter’s blade keeps a part of them here, would be cool to give some of them skulls!
Cairn Wraiths- Similar to real wraith models/maybe using wood elf something or other ,could use ideas here

-Vampire Lord 335pts
+35pts Crown of the Damned
+25pts Dispel Scroll
+20pts Avatar of Death
+25pts Walking Death
+25pts Tomb Blade
-Wight King 102pts
+15pts Skeletal Steed
+12pts Lance
-Wight King 108pts
+8pts Additional Hand Weapon
+25pts Flayed Hauberk
-Wight King 100pts
+25pts Sword Of Kings

Please let me know your thoughts.