View Full Version : YAY! Now I need CSM advice.

17-08-2009, 12:58
My other half has just given me a large, unpainted CSM army out of the blue.
Including 2 Landraiders, Lord, Daemons and more. YAY!
But I have no idea how to use them.
Any advice?

17-08-2009, 13:21
Get the codex? if you dont already have it. Read it.

Then workout how many points you got, then take it from there.

17-08-2009, 13:47
Get yourself the csm codex, read it 2 to 3 times, that should help you understand all the basics.
Then we can help you with any specific questions and tactics.

17-08-2009, 15:35
Get the codex, read the rules, see how many points you have, and maybe the general idea of a force or strategy you want to field.