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Chaos Warlord
17-08-2009, 16:24
I have a good friend who is currently in doubt when choosing her first army.

she has come to the conclusion that she wants either Daemons or Dark elves..

she likes slaanesh but is moore fond of the 6th ed demonettes
she likes bloodletters & that nice 5+ ward daemons gets ;)

she also likes the cold one knights that dark elves has
and corsairs with their sea dragon cloaks..
and the sorcress & dreadlord models that Avatars of War produces.
the war hydra is also something she enjoyes

so i tought i would post this question here, as to what pros & cons both teams have and some helping advice over all :D
(after all its gonna help her moore with the replies i am getting here, than if i would try to piece everything togeather for her.)

Thanks for any replies! :angel:

also she dislike the fact that daemons have only magic as ranged combat
the new daemonettes is not really her cup of tea..
and the fact that if you have to combine daemons too much (nurgle tzeench) she belives that they really dont have any models in her taste.

17-08-2009, 16:32
well deamons are probibly one of the most broken amys out there, altought slanesh are not the best unless you leadership bomb

dark elfs on the other hand can be very nasty but aslong as you don't pull out a shade star or all the magic item tricks you can have a nice ballanced army, something that is much harder to do than deamons

17-08-2009, 16:41
It sounds like she'd have more fun going with Dark Elves. Most of her likes for Daemons seem to circle around the old Daemonette models... perhaps she should go Dark Elves.. and acquire some of the old Daemonette models. WIth those.. she can either convert them into Harpies (already been done successfully and to great effect by many) or Witches.

17-08-2009, 16:50
The Dark Elves do enjoy tactical flexibility and a wide variety of gadgets to support various strategies.

Personally, I find them aesthetically more pleasing.

17-08-2009, 17:07
If she likes cheese, either will do.

The SkaerKrow
17-08-2009, 19:53
Don't mind Kerill, he's an avid Troll Kingdoms player. ;)

Moving right along. Daemons of Chaos are a more forgiving army, as they're rock solid nearly across the board. Not having to deal with Break Tests/Breaking is a huge boon, as there's no chance for their units to up and die because they lost combat by a small margin, failed their leadership roll and got run down. As you mentioned, they also have a 5+ save against just about everything. On the other hand, Daemons have a limited amount of flexibility in terms of unit variety. Mostly their forces are made up of medium infantry and pseudo-cavalry, with large monsters thrown in at higher points levels.

Dark Elves present a far greater variety of troop types to play with, possessing everything except true heavy infantry. They're potent enough to fight their way out of a lot of situations, but are rather unforgiving in their lack of strong defense (their infantry has low toughness and armor saves across the board). Dark Elves are very risk vs. reward oriented in some ways; they have potent cavalry and chariots that suffer from Stupidity, they can generate additional magic dice which can potentially kill them, and the whole army is subject to Hatred, which limits the player's ability to control their battle line once it becomes engaged.

Honestly, Daemons would be a better starting point if your friend isn't the sort that will want to spend too much time on her battle plan (as opposed to time spent assembling/painting cool models and playing very casually, which are perfectly good reasons to play Warhammer). However, if she's played war games before or has the patience, Dark Elves may suit her better (the Dark Elf Battalion Box also has the advantage of including Cold One Knights and Corsairs), they'll just give her more growing pains (which can be a deal breaker for new players that may get discouraged easily as they find their footing).

17-08-2009, 20:55
And Skaerkrow plays denialhammer rather than warhammer ;)