View Full Version : 2000 point Army of Middenheim, please c&c!

Lord Hurin
17-08-2009, 20:31
Ok, I know I've been tweaking this list to no end over the past couple weeks. I have a lot of Empire models coming in soon and a gaming group starting up at my LGS at the beginning of September. Hopefully this'll be my finalized list for then.


Dmitri Kruger, Grand Master of the Hammers of Ulric - 245pts
Great Weapon, Laurels of Victory & Holy Relic

Gunter Glasovich, Warrior Priest of Ulric - 160pts
Barded Warhorse, Heavy Armour, Shield, Sword of Might & Van Horstmann's Speculum

Kelnov Meyer, Warrior Priest of Ulric - 139pts
Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield & Doomfire Ring

Captain Arvel Milkovich - 100pts
BSB; Armour of Meteoric Iron

Core Units

Middenheim 9th Company Swordsmen - 254pts
24 Swordsmen with Full Command
Detachment: 9 Free Company
Detachment: 5 Handgunners
<Kelnov Meyer goes here>

Middenheim 21st Company Spearmen - 243pts
23 Spearmen with shields and Full Command
Detachment: 9 Halberdiers
Detachment: 5 Handgunners
<Arvel Milkovich goes here>

Knights Panther Detachment - 123pts
5 Knights (lance & shield) with Musician
<Gunter Glasovich goes here>

Hunters of Ulric - 100pts
10 Huntsmen

Middenheim 7th Crossbows - 80pts
10 Crossbowmen

Emissaries of the Nuln Gunnery School - 80pts
10 Handgunners

Special Units

Hammers of Ulric 1st Great Company - 164pts
6 Inner Circle Knights (great weapon) with Musician
<Dmitri Kruger goes here>

Blitzen & Krieger - 200pts
2 Great Cannons

1888 Points Total

I'm unsure what to do with the last 112 points. I was thinking of adding some Pistoliers, but there may be something better. Thoughts?

17-08-2009, 21:20
you can never have to many cannons

Lord Hurin
18-08-2009, 21:09
A third Cannon? really? That seems a little boring

19-08-2009, 04:43
I would for sure add the pistoliers, they are just too good to pass up.
Another thought is to upgrade the knights to inner circle - do you have your heart set on knights panther? why not make them more knights of the white wolf, inner circle them, and you got 2 str 5 knight units - who can be charged as well as charge. More in keeping with your theme too.
dont bother with another cannon, unless it's a different sort such as hellblaster or rocket battery - so boring with 3 cannons, 2 is MORE than enough!
But for 2000 pts you need more units on the field - forget upgrading the knights, grab some fast cav and with points left over just buy an extra statetrooper or 2 and tack them behind the main ranks as cannon foddor.

Lord Hurin
19-08-2009, 13:46
Good call, Jind Singh! I enjoy the fact that you play Empire now as well as Orcs so you can help me out with both my favourite armies! :D

The Pistoliers it is! I have Knights Panther in there because they're S5 on the charge even without being Inner Circle. It also still fits the theme since they have a CHapter House in Middenheim.

19-08-2009, 20:24
Empire and Orcs & Goblins are by far my 2 favourite armies in the world! The reason my 3rd army was Ogre Kingdoms was they will work for both sides, so it added to them.
Deamons were a one trick pony - looking back I had taken nearly 10 years out (I left hobby when I was 22, and came back at 31), so when I came back I came back with a vengance - soon growing my old collection of deamons into a massive horde (now hit 8500pts of them).
BUT THEN IT HAPPENED! Up to a point I was having so much fun, close games, hard fought draws/wins, but all of a sudden I found my game mind and it all went downhill. Crushing victory after victory - to the point that they are sitting under my bed, collecting dust, until a player specifically asks for them - or like next month theres a rock-hard comp were I heard everyone turns up with AAA killer lists!
You made a good choice, you wont regret the pistoliers!