View Full Version : 2000 points of Dwarfs

18-08-2009, 10:55
OK this is not one of my list but a mate of mine he wants to know how affective this list would be in a friendly tournament environment.


Runelord 421
Anvil, GW
Rune of balance
2x Rune of Spell breaking

Dragon slayer 50

Dragon slayer 50


2x 10 Thunders 280

10 x Qwarrerlers 130

2x 10 Warriors 180

10 Long beards
Shields 120


2x 10 Slayers 220

Cannons 125
Rune of Forging

Gruge Thrower 105
Rune of Accurcey


Orgun gun 120

10 x Slayer Pirates

18-08-2009, 13:55
Everything in a dwarf army needs shields if they can take them. I'd drop a unit of slayers for a unit of miners just to make it so Dwarves are everywhere! Maybe 8 strong used to kill warmachines and claim table corners. I guess it could work. Its definately not my playstyle thou. I'd like to see a gyro in this list thou. You would really have to be able to pick your battles with this list and that usually requires high mobility or ace deployment. I also don't know what slayer pirates are as they are not in the dwarf book.