View Full Version : Build me an army worthy of Slaanesh!

18-08-2009, 13:43
Ok, lets try something different - a bit of a challenge!

For all those WoC players, I'm going to provide a list of all the WoC models I have, and anyone who wants to can make me a list using those models! Interested? Am I just lazy - probably - but you must agree, it's a different approach.

My one stipulation is that is is generally Slaanesh themed.

Here is the list of models, with what's on the model - what you use the equipment to represent is up to you:

Slaaneshi Lord with a glaive/halberd on Daemonic Mount

Slaaneshi Hero on foot with a sword and a sheild

Chaos Warrior Hero on foot with 2 hand weapons

Chaos Warrior Battle Standard Bearer on foot with standard and hand weapon

Chaos Sorceror on Chaos Steed

Chaos Sorceror on foot

19 Chaos Warriors with 2 hand weapons and full command

19 Chaos Warriors with hand weapon and shield and full command

24 Chaos Marauders with hand weapon, sheild and full command

24 Chaos Marauders with flail and full command

5 Marauder Horsemen with spears and full command

1 Chaos Chariot

10 Chaos Warhounds

8 Chaos Knights

15 Daemonette models, used as Forsaken, though you could use them to represent something else, just not Daemonettes!

2 Chaos Spawn

1 Giant

Any takers?