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18-08-2009, 16:53
Anyone want to share with the group what drew them to the Fantasy army/armies they have collected? Was it the models, the play style, the fluff, or something else entirely?

18-08-2009, 17:09
after playing Tyranids, a 40k close combat army that eats everything in sight, for 5 years i wanted a change.... so i played Ogre Kingdoms, a Fantasy close combat army that eats everything in sight. Totally different.

as for my Warrior of Chaos, i wanted something to do with Slaanesh, i don't like animals (so Beastmen were out) and Daemons are kind of 1 dimensional.

18-08-2009, 17:14
40 armys i have i choose because of
1: my obsession with angels and angelic lore from the bible and fiction
2: fluff
3: cool modells

I play Blood angels, Salamanders, eldar.

Fantasy i choose due to Fluff,cool modells and something that mached my style of play.
I tend to play aggressive and attacking(not a huge fan of shooty army)

I play Vampire counts, Ogre kingdoms

18-08-2009, 17:34
Skaven - I like the fluff, and ability to field massive armies which are good in most phases

Tomb kings - Mainly for the Egyptian models, and different style magic phase to everyone else

MonoSlaanesh DoC - Fast unlike TK, and elite unlike Skaven, also can be competitive for when playing absolute ****'s.

(EDIT - Forgot as they're newish!)
Brettonia - Because in all three of the above I had no armour saves at all, hence I thought i'd go out on the other extreme :D.


18-08-2009, 17:38
Dark Elves: They're evil, models are great and they can do well in every phase of the game. I love their gaming style.
Daemons: Nasty guys who live in The Realm of Chaos. Love their fluff. Illusion, madness.. what's not to like?
Vampire Counts: I like Vampires and the idea of raising an army of undead. Zombies? Skeletons? Vampires? Oh, yes! (Just had an Evilgasm!)

My next army will be Skaven. I adore the models and I'm sure they will release great looking models with the new book. (Or at least I hope so :D)

18-08-2009, 17:39
1st: Beastmen. It was the army that appealed the most to me, both the visual image of the Beastmen and the fluid, agressive playstyle. Plus, I love the underdog.

2nd: Dark Elves. I got fed up with having to cope with Ld 7 generals in sub-2000 games, so I got some Dark Elves for a 1000-point army, that eventually grew into about 2500 points. Ironically, although I originally wanted something reliable, I ended up with pretty much the entire army being either frenzied or stupid, so I guess that backfired somewhat. Still, fun to play and either won big or lost big.

3rd: Tomb Kings. Third attempt at getting a reliable army, a little more successful this time. I am also a huge fan the ancient Egypt imagery, so I knew I had to get the army out of my system sooner or later. I still ended up with something pretty agressive though, with very little shooting but quite a lot of Ushabti, Chariots, and attack infantry.

4th: Orcs & Goblins. I've always liked Orcs for much the same reason I like Beastmen, and also I though people were giving them too much flak (too random), so I set out to make an Orc army to prove them wrong. I got about half of the models I needed for it, however, before I was sidetracked by ...

5th: Warriors of Chaos. I didn't actually chose this per se, but my mates obviously thought I needed to get a Warriors army (I guess they're pretty "me" in a way) and gave me some models for Crimbo. I did a quick tally of what I had of "crossover" units from the Beasts army, and found out I pretty much had 80% of a Warriors army already. Right now, I'm trying to fine tune the list and get motivated for painting them all up for the annual tournament.

After that, I guess it's back to the Orcs.

Brother J
18-08-2009, 17:48
Well in 40k my logic was "Awe man, they're better then Space Marines at one thing, let's do them as well!"

So I bounced back and forth from buying models from Eldar, Dark Eldar, Chaos Space Marines, Dark Angels, and would have gotten Necrons as well if I didn't dive into Fantasy when they came out.

Luckily that was well in my early teen years and has since been tamed a bit.

My current army is Warriors of Chaos, and it's because I like big bad close combat oriented fights. I also play Dungeons and Dragons and when not playing my Close Combat dual wielding ranger I try and make Chaos Warriors to use haha

Before I tamed my need to have the best of everything I had picked up Wood Elves, Vampire Counts, Ogre Kingdoms, and had just about every book in the game for 6th edition with at least three lists planned out for each, all combining to a total of around 5,000 points. (Yeah, I'd never have money after buying all that eh?)

Since I've kinda relaxed a bit I'm more focused on my Warriors, and will slowly start branching out again once my army is complete. Probably less then $150 left to spend on it model wise and I'll be good to go. Then painting which is fine. (I actually just bought the male spellsinger from the Wood Elves list..yes..the floatie one...and I am working on turning him into a Tzeentch sorc. Nurgle possibly as well depending.)

Vampire Counts, and possibly Skaven depending on how their book looks will be my next two projects, but I'm leaning more towards Skaven. I really need an army I can just have fun with and not care if I win. These Warriors kinda corrupt you when it comes to the thought of winning and each loss is like a kidney shot.

18-08-2009, 18:03
I was given a load of very old Dwarfs some years ago (mid 90s) and so the fun began. At the time I knew nothing of the fluff or what I could go out and get models whys let alone the tactics they employed. Once however you have a serious Dwarf addiction it's hard to stop, and I feel in love with every aspect of them :)

The Red Scourge
18-08-2009, 18:18
1: HoC all mortal cause my friend had an empire army, and they haven't produced a better model than Archaon. Plus I liked the idea of an all mounted raiding party a.la. Thulsa Dooms in Conan The Barbarian - and it was in easy concept to begin with.

2: WE I chose because the models were cool, but mainly because I wanted to add beasts to my mortals, but since beasts were cut off, I decided on a "good" army. I were also a bit curious about learning more about the game, having a shooting phase etc., and I didn't believe that expensive T3 no armor elfs stood a chance.
WE are to date the best and most rewarding army I play, but their utter brokenness usually massacres my enemies, so I decided I needed something, which led me to..

3: VC, once again cool models and now I wanted an infantry horde, I wanted to move big bulky regiments around. But most of all; I wanted to hear the rattling of bones, the wailing of ghosts and my enemies scream in terror and cower in fear. Its my most unsuccessfull army, but this doesn't make it any less fun - quite the opposite :)

18-08-2009, 18:27
After a short fling with a DE army.. I decided to go back to Lizardmen. While DE had cool stuff.. I couldn't get into it, the army was just too serious and I like big, crazy tough things as opposed to frail crazy elves. I got back into Lizardmen due to the release of the Stegadon and the new plastic Temple Guards. To me.. I really like the mystique behind their history. I also like having a savage/brutal army.. but still having discipline (this is why Orcs and Beastmen get thrown out the window). In 6th ed, my biggest gripes with Lizardmen.. was that Saurus were kind of inadequate even though they were supposed to be the bulk of a Lizardmen force.. also their models are kinda of lacking. Come 7th ed.. Saurus warriors are to be feared and with the release of the new plastic Temple Guards which are bigger/bulkier.. I can use the 6th ed metal Temple Guards as regular Saurus warriors... giving all my Saurus the necessary bulk as the fluff/statlines states. Lastly.. just having natural references of nature to paint all the lizards really appeal to me... I'm planning to paint the Slann to look like a firebelly toad. The thought of something that looks like a cheap common house pet leading an army of exotic reptiles amuse me.

18-08-2009, 18:32
o&g... my one and only

i picked o&g because i have had an affinity for greenskins for as long as i've been interested in anything warhammer. started with pc... dawn of war orks, and spare me the "orcs is not orks" drama, but was really expounded upon with warhammer age of reckoning.

so when it came time for me to quit the mmorpg scene and pick up tabletop gaming, i was dead set upon space orks. then my brother convinced me to start fantasy instead of 40k, so i picked up the orc battallion.

and i never looked back.
now, only 6 months later, i have almost 5k, about 3k painted, and i can field so many different kinds of lists, that i feel like i do have several armies.

18-08-2009, 18:48
My first army was Empire.
I chose it for many reasons, but the two biggest are simple. I like playing simple humans in many games, rather than the big nasty creatures and fantastic monsters or whatever. I've always liked the imagry of humans fighting against horrible enemies, surviving through technology and sheer will power. Secondly, I liked that Empire is so diverse, able to opperate nearly any kind of army out there, making them extremely flexible.

My next army was Vampire Counts. I had strongly considered them for my first army, so they were naturally my second. By far the biggest deciding factor was the army theme/fluff. I've always been a fan of dark-fantasy, so vampires and zombies were right up my alley.

Somewhere along the lines, I picked up some Dogs of War. My Macedonian army from WAB fit nicely into the WHFB world, so I added in some other units drafted from my Empire collection. I also picked up a few Regiments of Renown over the years to augment my Empire army, which really helped to bulk out my DoW. While I had some interest in DoW, they're really more of a convenience army, one used to break up the pace of other armies using models I already have without much of an investment in the army.

My 4th army was Ogre Kingdoms. I wanted to get a new army which played differently, since all of my other armies were based on large units of infantry walking across the field in formation. I was considering Kislev (being able to use them in DoW, Empire, or even as a standalone army) when I saw some previews of the up-coming OK's. With a little research, I decided to go for them and pre-ordered the army box. I enjoy the army, and it is a great change of pace from my usual infantry armies, which is exactly why I was interested in it. In hind-sight, I am a little relieved I didn't go for Kislev, since now they and DoW are unlikely to be supported anytime soon. On the plus side, my Ogres now expande on my DoW army, again proving it to be one of convenience.

My newest army, started mere weeks ago, is Dwarves. I always liked the background and attitude of the army, but have been weary of the playstyle. Because I like the background so much, I decided to give it a go, going for an aggressive (and yet another) infantry army.

Dr Death
18-08-2009, 18:52
Well i started with skaven simply because the friend who introduced me to the hobby played them himself. When 6th edition was released though i made a point of choosing a different army. Empire and Orcs and Goblins were the first two out and so after much diliberation i started with Empire.

Why i've stuck with Empire is more of a question. I guess i like the vanilla-ness of them: it doesnt require that much imagination to adapt any dramatic archetype them and so there are endless ideas of units, scenarios, characters and narratives that can be built around them and that kind of flexibility is reflected in their playstyle. Races like Skaven, Undead and even Elves and Dwarves are far more limited in terms of the box the imagination can walk in (perhaps because their mentalities are built from a limited range of human psychology) so dont appeal quite as much (just to show you- have a look at the Mordheim exploration charts: Mercenaries usually have a whole range of options of how to react whereas Undead, Posessed and Skaven are limited to killing the various people and nicking what they have on them.

That's not to say i dont like other armies, i've got models for most of them in my collection but i can get into the 'headspace' of the empire the best and so they're my boys.

Dr Death

Bretonnian Lord
18-08-2009, 18:56
For Fantasy, I chose my Bretonnians because the idea of gallant knights charging across the battlefield in a glorious wave of steel is just so awesome. Plus, the whole knightly code of duty and chivalry really appeals to me. To sum it all up in one word: Knights! Also, the model line is really beautiful, which is an extra plus.

For 40k, I chose Eldar (well, my meager 500 point combat patrol - 40k didn't hold my interest very long) because of their beautiful models and also because their fluff is really cool. Okay, so they're basically Space Elves, but on a wider and more detailed scale.

18-08-2009, 19:21

I have 5 models in my Dark Elf collection which are beautiful, half naked elfs with gorgeous breasts. shameless, I know. But once I've perfected my flesh recipe, they'll be stunning.

That, combined with the wild viciousness of the corsairs, conversions of which make up my entire core Warriors and Crossbows, and this army has a very unique and fantastic aesthetic. I'm really pleased so far.

And after years of playing Wood Elves, they have a similar play style but have a strong magic phase and Knights, which I've longed for for a while.

18-08-2009, 20:09
I picked my lizard because A) I like dinosaurs and B) I like strong infantry + magic. I think that those two things work out quite nicely...

18-08-2009, 20:22
Dogs of War

Fits my philosophy - I can fight for and against anyone and get paid.

18-08-2009, 20:38
Back in 1997, i chose Beastmen because the Realm of Chaos army box looked quite awesome and my brother did a warriors army so they would ally up well. Never really played them though.

In 2004, I decided to go for DE due to several different factors: I liked DE much in 5th edition, 6th edition DE models are gorgeous and the DE list has nice variety of cavlary, infantry, monsters and a bit of warmachines/chariots.

@Condottiere: Sorry, I'm just curious. How is this philosophy of yours applicable to your everyday life? :eyebrows:

18-08-2009, 20:40
started out many many years ago, with 40k.
space marines, as my first army, because well, that's what most noobs go for, as they are the most advertised army. after 6+ years, i decided i wanted a change.

i then branched off into C:SM and made an emperor's children army. i enjoyed this army alot, unfortunately, they don't work so well with the latest renegades codex.

i next took on tyranids, and i feel they are my favorite 40k army to this day.

afterwards, i went to witchhunters, as i was getting deals through work for bitz orders and such.

then eldar, when the newest ones were released.

then traitor guard, cuz i prefer the traitorous scum to the loyalists.

lastly, i took up renegade C:SM, totally differing from my EC army.

when 5th ed. came out, i dropped 40k gaming completely.

about a yr before 5th hit, my gaming group which was solely 40k, started getting bored with the game, so we decided to branch off into fantasy as well.

my first true fantasy army ended up being HoC, which then became WoC, and added a 2nd half of an army with the new releases. i enjoy the modeling aspects of chaos, so it was a natural choice.

i then finished off my VC army, vampires are interesting and i'd had a few regiments/models for years.

i also got DE last xmas, as i like to switch between armies so i'm never truly bored. their playstyle is fun. the models are also exquisite.

then because many of my armies have been serious armies, i decided to do the silliest army available, thus O&G. i had a BfSP box, gave the dwarfs to my cousin, and then added 2 more BfSP boxes of O&G to my army. i have a 20 strong unit of black orcs w/ boss to lead my army, the rest being the trolls and night goblins from the boxes. animosity, fanatics, etc, makes for a silly army to play.

i have no idea what the future holds for me or my armies.

18-08-2009, 20:44
My everyday life is still constrained by the almighty dollar, or it's equivalent. Philosophically, I like to pick and choose my fights, without actually needing to be consistent, unless I want it to be. My labour can be bought, though not ncessarily my loyalty.

18-08-2009, 20:50
My Main armies in the systems are
WFB- Empire
40k- Imperial guard
LoTr- Minas Tirith ( i havent played the new rules yet)

Familiar pattern HUMANS Rock

18-08-2009, 21:27
40k - Space Marines, because my friend told me about all the cool stuff they had when we were starting up 40k and suggested I should be them.
Fantasy - Lizardmen, because I love dinosaurs. :D

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
18-08-2009, 21:36
I was 13 when I started with warhammer, I had read lotr and played warcraft and I liked the orcs so when I came in the toy store where I bought my magic cards. In the back of the store I saw some warhammer boxes between it I saw a box of orcs I bought it and since then I'm hooked on greenskins, I tried other armies but I only like greenskins.


18-08-2009, 21:37
Greenskins are fun, simple as that. :D One day I'll finish all 10,000pts of them...yeah...riiiiiight... :p

I picked BoC Minotaurs long before Ogre Kingdoms came out, so now I'm considering converting my 3000pts of Minotaurs to use the Ogre Kingdom rules... *ponders*

40K - every army, which ever aspect appealed to me. :)

18-08-2009, 21:45
I chose Blood Angels because of the story of the Battle of the Emperor's Palace in the Horus Heresy. It was printed in White Dwarf #161, which is not the first WD I ever owned (that goes to, iirc, WD152 which had the Dark Angel biker on the front), but the first one that really had an impact on me.

It was Sanguinius, after being cast down to the ground with a concrete-shattering crunch, standing up, grabbing a Bloodthirster, and breaking its spine across his knee in front of the Ultimate Gate.

I played Blood Angels because that is 40k's defining crowning moment of awesome.

18-08-2009, 21:52
...for you. ;)

I prefer Tu'Shan, Chapter Master of the Salamanders dressing down another Marine Commander for shelling refugee camps during Armageddon 3. It's the little things that bind us together and keep us strong in the face of the horrors...

18-08-2009, 22:02
I played Blood Angels because that is 40k's defining crowning moment of awesome.

...for you. ;)

Well duh! :p Otherwise it'd be 'Why did you choose the armies the other guy has?' :D

I also chose Skaven because the Thanquol stories were so good, and then Bretonnia because I can't resist knights.

18-08-2009, 22:08
Orcs and Goblins: Love the comedy behind them
Bretonnians: Grew up reading a ton of stories about King Arthur and knights, so eventually wanted to make an army of them
Tomb Kings: I have a fascination with ancient Egypt
40k-Tyranids: I like to eat :p
40k-Witch Hunters: I love the brutality of the Inquisition and the Imperium

Desert Rain
18-08-2009, 22:13
- I chose Lizardmen as my first army as they were on of the few armies that I knew of and it wasn't already taken by somebidy else in the group.

- For my second army I choose High Elves because ever since I read their army book (6th ed) for the first time I have loved every part of them. They are probably my favorite army at the moment.

- I have the Tau as my only army, and I've just started with that game so army is perhaps not the right world. However, I choose them because I liked that way they looked, as simple as that.

18-08-2009, 22:36
I own a lot of 40k orks and even more fantasy chaos, beast, daemons and mortals from 6th edition. I chose both of these armies for their fantastic modeling potential. Everything can be converted and painted however you choose, arguably you could do this with any army, but chaos and orks have such scope for crazy body altering conversion rather than just choosing new weapons and poses.


18-08-2009, 22:42
Dwarves:because they are just awesome, AND their not elves
Orge Kingdoms: They are huge and fat and kill EVERYTHING
Vampires: Just another fun race that I felt i could get into the fluff

Orks: because I started life with warcraft and thinks orks should jsut win
Chaos: because Orks didnt work out so well

18-08-2009, 22:46
dwarves when they were new but now they've grown on and now cant stop painting them

18-08-2009, 23:00
My first WFB army was beastmen. They started as a warband for Mordheim, and that warband came about because I got this awesome idea for a paint scheme; beastmen looking like lions, living on the savannah. That army was branched out into HoC, and when I finally got 2000 points the big split came after three months. So I was stranded with two half armies, and I built on the HoC army. After getting some 2500-3000 points painted (or at least seeing that on a clear day) I started a skaven army a year ago. I've got 2000 points painted skaven now, and just (two days ago ;)) realised that the 200 nurglings I bought with a big Death Guard army was useless in 40K, but could be used for something else. So I just started a Vampire counts "counts as" army with nurglings as ghouls. So that's my fourth army...

18-08-2009, 23:14
I chose Bretonnia because I found a great bargain, a friend sold me an army worth 500€ for 50€. I'm enjoying this army a lot so I guess I was lucky

Necromancy Black
19-08-2009, 01:04
Lizardmen because they seems the most interesting choice, had some solid stats and magic and of course they had Cold-Blooded!

Also, in no way sahpe of form did I pick up Lizardmen because I like dinosaurs. I can't help but roll my eyes whenever someone says that's why they play Lizardmen :rolleyes:

19-08-2009, 01:08
i was drawn to the VC's purely because i just love vampires and the undead in general.

19-08-2009, 01:43
My friend played Warhammer in 4th and 5th edition, and I had no interest in it, as I had heard that "herohammer" was in full swing. However when 6th edition came out and toned down magic and heroes while making changing to make infantry more than worthless fillers I became interested.

I bought a lot of the army books that seemed interesting to me. Tomb Kings, Skaven, Vampire Counts, and Hordes of Chaos. Vampire Counts interested me the most. The idea of pathetic troops that were dependable balanced by awesome characters was interesting. Also with the bloodline powers, you could make a completely different playing army depending on what Vampire Bloodline you chose to run. That meant that if you had blood Dragon and Nechracs, with minimal core/special/rare changes, your army would play completely different, cool!

Sadly for me, I didn't have the money to get into Warhammer at the time, and years went by. The 7th edition book came out, and I bought Battle for Skull Pass, and wanted to get into Vampires, but decided to wait until the 7th edition Vampire Counts book came out before I bought anything. So I waited several years.

When the book finally arrived, it was an enormous letdown. My Beloved Bloodlines were gone, replaced by Vampiric powers that don't even come close to making the Vampire Characters as customizable as they were. The Vampire Magic Item list, which I felt was weak, was made even worse. The Vampire Lords were reduced in power greatly, so they merely felt like every other lord out there. I see what they "tried" to do, Vargulfs are Stragoi, Blood Knights are Blood Dragons, but it just didn't feel the same.

I tried to play Vampire Counts in 7th edition, and there were many cool changes. Wight Kings got a much needed buff, Corpse Carts ware neat, but equiping a Vampire just always makes me frustrated.

The Army of "dependable troops that suck with powerful characters" has had it's characters toned down and turned primarily into casters. Now the army is "Grind everything in gigantic anvil units that can't die because you can cast Invocation of Nehek 17 times per magic phase" and it's just not for me.

Long winded history aside, my new chosen army is Lizardmen. I chose them because everyone considered them the "most balanced army" that were neither weak or overly powerful. Cold Blooded is a neat rule, and I like the balance between the pathetic weakness of Skinks and the burly strength of Saurus. Plus, the army is extremely diverse and can run everything from an army of monsters, an infantry army, to a magic army, to an army completely composed of skirmisher units.

So far, I have played about 10 games with 7th Edition Vampire Counts and 5 games with Lizardmen, and Lizardmen have proven to be vastly more fun for me to play.

19-08-2009, 02:22
Fantasy: High Elves, Dark Elves, Dwarves and Daemons.
40K: Space Marines.

I play the Fantasy armies I do because I like their history and lore. High Elves and Dwarves mainly because of their stoic and ancient heritage. Dark Elves and Daemons.. eh.. not so much. They're too good for me to take seriously.

I play Space Marines because of the same reason. I'm thinking about starting CSM..

19-08-2009, 02:39
O&G - Starter Box had'em
Dwarfs - Starter Box had'em too
Empire - Thought Dwarf Guns were too small
Lizards - Wanted Dinosaur army
VC - Got fed up my opponents rolling invocations and decided to return the favor
WE - I wanted an Elf army, picked neutral one over other alignment
WoC - Wanted to get rid of Space Marine army I had, and it was a swap. Though I did end up spending couple more hundreds, it looks awesome.
OK - Cheaper to start (2 Battalion boxes)
Brett - One of my friends gave me a deal I couldn't refuse. (My Tyranid for his Brett as I was getting out of 40K)
Scaven - I am just starting this one as 2009 project as I am tired of my other armies.

My goal is to have every army in WHF.

19-08-2009, 03:01
I started with woodelves. i love the idea of nature and the spirits fighting for it plus the whole elf thing was kind of a bonus. plus i thought the dryads were sweet. The thought of the forest defending itself was really appealing plus i love the playstyle. i havent lost a game with them in a year now.

Next came high elves. i wanted the absolute magical dominance of it. i love magic and always run at least two mages. then of course there is the ability to field one of the best mages in the game with these guys. Teclis just screamed at me.

3rd i went with the evil twin. Dark elves were sadistic, cruel, evil, and most of all dark like the name suggests. i was tired of playing "good" armies. i wanted to be bad. and the sheer power of it all muhahaha. i fell in love with Hellebron and Morathi for characters. and the dark magic again got me hooked.

now i play dwarves. i just needed something that could take a hit and for once i have a gun. i really like how different it is and it's taking some getting used to but definately worth it. maybe some day il start vampires........

19-08-2009, 03:12
I played Chaos in 40k because of the Slaves of Darkness book.

I chose Chaos and Lizardmen in fantasy because of the models.

Though army fluff can be a minor deciding factor for my armies playability/power level (for good or bad) has zero influence with me.

19-08-2009, 04:14
My friends showed me Warhammer, then asked me what I thought of it. It seemed to look cool so I asked what armies there were. They told me all of the armies, then said I can only pick an army that no one in our gaming group has. At the time the only army left was Bretonnia so I was forced to be them.

In 40k I was attracted to the Tau because they're close to the Protoss from Starcraft. I find races like that very appealing.

19-08-2009, 08:07
My venture to this hobby started waaayy back when I was 16, my mate had a game called Space Marine (later to become Titan Legions). I WAS IN LOVE!!! I collected vast (and I mean vast) armies of all races EXCEPT Squats - me mate played them and they were my bane, I hates them!
Then along came Hero Quest and all of a sudden my Fantasy glands gushed!
I started with Orcs & Goblins, as they were so unpredictable, and collected a veritable Waaagh.
Then came Realm of Chaos so I started a Chaos Warriors warband and Deamons of Chaos - I really loved the imagry of Chaos (Due to my love affair with the 40k universe).
At this time I took a lengthy 7 year break......
Until a year ago when I went back into a GW store and was blown away by Battle for Skull pass - more minitures than you can shake a stick at in 1 handy box!
So now I dusted off my Deamons and went all out on them (Now at 8000pts) as the new Daemons book has AMAZING Stories! Sadly they are really overpowered so my next army was....
Orcs & Goblins - for all the reasons I feel in love with them over 2 decades ago!
Ogre Kingdoms were next - due to my childhood love for the ogre expansion pack for Hero Quest when I was about 15-16, and DAMN those models are hot! The OK army book was a delight to read too as it's so different to normal layouts for army books
Empire came last, as I just love all stories/imagary assoicated with Sigmars chosen lands - and thats were it will end for my Warhammer armies

Chaos - Orcs & Goblins - Ogre Kingdoms - Empire

For War of the Rings I play Dwarves as I have always had a soft spot for the stunties background and awesome way of grumbling!!!!

19-08-2009, 08:08
Well, Lizardmen are easy. Back in 5th, at the store I went too. The only plastic sets they had were Lizardmen Saurus and Brettonian Knights. So it was a choice between 2 Knights, or 8 Saurus. Saurus of course! Naturally the Lizardmen have grown on me over the years anyway, so it was a good choice.

Ogre Kingdoms I picked up the Batallion on a whim. In 6th edition I pretty much had everything I needed for Lizardmen, so painted up some Ogres.

Empire I wanted to do a Witch Hunter army. Stalled during the Tale of Fantasy Painters 08-09, but I want to go back to them one day.

Personally I don't think I 'collect' Wood Elves. I won a batallion and Hero on Eagle at a raffle type thing last year. I haven't touched them yet, and still debate on whether to pass them along or paint them up. Quite likely that they'll sit in a box for a long while yet.

Currently, Dogs of War. Not really sure why. Probably because I was on Dogs of War online forums and they grew on me, especially since I could do some nice conversions, but still have some nice models that I don't have to convert.

Pretty much though, I think at one stage or another I've had a 'cool' idea or something for almost every army. Whether it be Pestilence themed Skaven to fight my Lizardmen, Syren themed Slaanesh Daemons, Sea Guard themed High Elves, whatever.

19-08-2009, 11:15
Warriors - Just always appealed to me, I liked the whole super warrior thing plus they are easy to paint and look cool. I never mixed in Daemons and Beasts even when I could.

Empire - Cool fluff, lots of different styles with them. I love Ulric/Middenheim and so have an Ulrican Army with Tuetogen Guard, Mordheim Middenheimers as Flaggelants, Ar Ulric on an old War Wagon as my War Alter and the old Metal Knights Panther and Knights of the White Wolf.

O&G - Had some models from quest/hero quest/last edition starter/this edition starter + Wolf Riders for my Evil DoW Fast Cav. So I ended up with an army by accident. Great fun to use though, I enjoy taking them against competative armies just to see how well I can do.

Dwarfs - Dont really like them that much to be honest, had models from the BFSP box plus some old Thunderers and Warriors I used for Mordheim so I thought I may as well make an army.

Daemons - I seen the awesome Tunnel Dweller on Heresy Minis and the cool Tunnel Guard models and wanted an army to use them in, Daemons fitted perfectly, especially the Slugs as Nurgle themed Horrors.

Then I seen the awesome angel model and wanted to use it as something. Keeper of Secrets it was. So I then used the Cat Familiar models as Horrors and high elf War Lions as Flesh Hounds.

Dogs of War - Coolest models in the game, coolest fluff in the game, coolest army in the game. Some of the first models I got were the Leapord Company, Braganzas Besiegers and the Birdmen.


I really dont like 40K anymore but I have masses of themed and converted armies including lots of FW stuff, shame they went and released a naff edition.

I have 2000 Points of Arbites using Necromundan Enforcers and the classic Arbite Models. All Metal, using the =][= WH rules.
Tank Company [mainly FW tanks].
Huge Salamanders Army.
Death Guard.
Themed Slaanesh Chaos Marine army based on Violators from Daemon World.
Huge Ork Army.
Huge Eldar Army.
Attack Bike Themed Marines called Screaming Cobras.

Probably some i'm forgetting its been so long since I looked through my 40K stuff.

Commodus Leitdorf
19-08-2009, 11:25
Empire, cause I'm a fantasy racist. Any fantasy setting (whether D&D an MMO or a miniature game) I always pick the Human.

I would have possibly picked Brets...but at the time I started the new book wasn't out yet. So Empire all the way baby!

Second, my Chaos Dwarfs because...well...Evil Dwarfs are cool.

19-08-2009, 11:32
OK, in answering this question, I will have to try not to turn it into a whinge.

I picked Chaos as my main army nearly 20 years ago, because I loved the variety in the army - hulking armoured warriors alongside mutant beastmen and bizarre daemons. Every other army consisted of one or sometimes two races with a variety of different equipment, and that just didn't appeal to me. Sadly, the army that drew me into Warhammer is no more.

I also have Wood Elves, because I loved some of the new models, and wanted an army that was in complete contrast to my Chaos army.

19-08-2009, 12:35
Ok, well as this thread has had a fair bit of interest, and it's cool to listen to the reasoning behind other gamers choices, I should probaby add my own.

I have four armies for Fantasy:

Vampire Counts -

I started collecting these way back when they were 'Undead', and I could include things like a block of 15 Mummies with great weapons in the army, and my inspiration, and the reason I started Fantasy at all, was White Dwarf issue 174 which had a battle report called Revenge of the Doomlord in which Gav Thorpe won against an Empire army - I like supernatural stuff anyway, but that was the clincher. My army always had Vamps in it since the beginning, and it's always been centred around the Vlad von Carstein story.

Bretonnians -

Well, I've always liked knights, and as I got some in a boxed set a few years ago, I expanded them into an army. They are my courageous and pure army, brave to the point of arrogance, but loyal and unflinching. It is also a balanced army, because I wanted Knights backed by their retainers, not just knights, so I have a large block of infantry for each unit of knights. Well equipped and cheap as Tilean hooker.

Dwarfs -

This army initially was passed on to me by my dad, who went through a weird phase of collecting Dwarf models. He amassed a huge army, which I gratefully inherited, and I have never had to add anything to the army, so very cost effective. I have become quite attached to them, as they are reliable, loyal to a fault, but also cantankerous and stubborn as all hell - just like me.

Warriors of Chaos -

I have always wanted a Chaos army, as I like the models and the fluff for the Chaos Warriors, and they are the archetypal enemy of mankind, the opposite in many ways to my Bretonnians - brutal, uncompromising and ruthless. I themed them around Slaaneshi units and characters, and even have a unit of Forsaken represented by my beloved metal Daemonette models, which I couldn't bear to shelve after 'The Sundering of the Hosts'. These guys are my evil outlet. The worst of what Slaanesh stands for makes them my Bretonnians natural enemies - the rapists, the molesters and the torturers - they are the very worst aspect of humanity, which makes them easy for me to hate.

Hrogoff the Destructor
19-08-2009, 14:53
High Elves - I wanted the fantasy equivelant of Eldar. An army that's precise, elegent, and fragile. I got my wish.

Brettonians - They had a lot of fun rules like the lance formation, the blessing, virtues, etc. Plus, who doesn't want an army of knights with peasant bowmen and men at arms?

Lizards - I always loved the armies rules, even if some of the models aren't quite to my liking. They're my second favorite army since they are so fun to play as.

Daemons - I already had a ton of them for 40k, so it wasn't hard for me to finish buying stuff for the army. Plus, Be'Lakor is my all time favorite character. I have never fielded it with the new book though resulting from the flak it gets.

Warriors - By time I started fantasy (with my HE's), I already had all the heroes I needed to play the army (all the mounted and on foot lords). Plus, I have a special place in my heart for Chaos as they were my first 40k army. All I needed was some warrior boxes, hounds, and some knights to start the army.

Empire - Valten + Warrior priests (Ulric priests) + Helblaster volleygun + Teutogen Guard + Hochland long rifles + mustaches + huntsmen + flaggellents + cannons + Middenhiem = all the reasons I needed to play Empire.

19-08-2009, 14:59
Why I got each of my armies: (in the order I got them)

Bretonnians: Loved the look and the fluff

Ogres: Tired of being called a powergamer and they were cheap

Wood elves: Liked the look and the fluff and wanted to try out a shooty army

Lizardmen: Actually this was an army I bought for my brother to use, so he picked it and I owned it. (Eventually he gave up on them.)

Orcs/Dwarfs: Again trying to get my brother to play while at the same time continuing to get cheap models.

Orcs continued: Fell in love with their play style and got a bunch more.

Vampire counts: Always liked the idea of them and when the new models came out I couldn't wait any longer.

At this point I was banned by my wife from getting any more armies :p

19-08-2009, 15:05
Orcs and Goblins- i wanted an evil close combat army, and someone gave me a couple of thousand points.

Wood Elves- I always liked the ents in LotR, and i liked the way that alot of the army skirmishes. No rank bonus, can't negate ranks with a flanking skirmisher, sounded like a challenge so i got them. My army includes very few wood elves, lots of close combat trees and twigs. Also you can easily paint a 3k army in 2 months. :p

High Elves- saw a few bases i liked on ebay, i bought them. They were 20mm square, a few cavalry, and a chariot base. A month later i decided which army would work well with the look of the bases. HEs worked well, plus i like their background. Not had a game with them yet, i always paint my whole army before i use them (so far i have anyway) Otherwise i might dislike their tactics and lose motivation to finish painting them.

19-08-2009, 16:13
Didn't want to choose, so I chose Dogs of War as my first army.

Then got as bit tired of painting humanoid flesh-colours (and I wanted an army that was a real challenge - this was before the 7th edition), so I got Daemons.

Then the Chaos player emigrates and I buy his stuff, so I got a lot of Warriors of Chaos as well as his Daemons.

Then the Ogre Kingdoms books comes out and adds a lot of good value mercenaries in the form of a cheapish Batallion Box and Maneaters, so with this box and some Maneaters as characters I got myself a small Ogre army as well.

Then I decided Dogs of War need a rules update, so I got some Empire units to be able to use my Dogs of War models using Empire rules.

Finally, I got myself a Skull Pass box, traded the Goblins for some extra Dwarfs and together with my Dogs of War Dwarfs, this makes a Dwarf army.

I also got some Beastmen that came with the Chaos stuff, so when the new book comes, I might get some extras to make a small Beastman army as well.

I don't know anyone who plays 40K, but I'll probably try to use my current Daemons if I ever encounter one...

19-08-2009, 16:18
At this point I was banned by my wife from getting any more armies :p

I hear that mate - I have 4 Fantasy armies and 6 40k armies, and am standing on the edge of that same precipice. She's standing behind me, threatening me with a sharp stick. Ouch!

The SkaerKrow
19-08-2009, 19:16
I'd wanted to start a Dark Elf army during 5th edition, but passed them along to my ex-fiance when she indicated that she'd like to play them. At the time, I maintained Chaos Dwarf and Bretonnian armies, until my play group imploded around a year later.

About the same time that the Wood Elves were re-released for 6th Edition, I came across the Warriors of Chaos, Dark Elves and Tomb Kings army books at a second-hand shop and picked them up out of curiousity. Not long afterwards I got it into my head that I wanted to try the game again, and choose Tomb Kings. However, the general opinion of Tomb Kings seemed to be low (at least on the internet), and I was lacking solid funds, so I pulled my Chaos Dwarfs out of retirement and ran them for a couple of months. Multiple games against Wood Elves left me wanting a more dynamic, involved army, and so I went back to the drawing board. Warriors of Chaos had nothing that appealed to me, so I went with Dark Elves. I was fortunate enough to receive a donation of extra figures from a generous fellow on a different message board, and picked up some older 4th/5th edition figures on the cheap. Those models, combined with some birthday purchases, formed the backbone of my Dark Elf collection, which I've been playing with ever since.

Gaius Marius
19-08-2009, 20:44
I started my Empire army using historical miniatures from another company, in 4th edition, I bought a pile of Jacobite rebellion Scots Highlanders, with Kilts, bagpipes, muskets and Lochaber Axes, to go along with some Knights panther. I had my perfect scots / Nova Scotia Army. Except I couldn't paint tartan for *****. And the Hero Hammer left me confused. I also like the playing the Humans in a hostile fantasy world feel of playing the Empire. Since then I added another 4000-5000 pts of Empire. This is my first and favorite army and a real fun one for me on the tourney scene too.

I started to collect Orc's and Goblins some time later almost by accident, and then the box starter set came out with empire and Orcs and suddenly I had Orcs out the wazoo. They were fun to play arround with but hopeless for the tournament scene.

My wife was painting some Vampire counts to keep me company (before kids of course) and I played those for a while, she like the fluff, but got tired and she traded in for:

Tomb Kings, for whom I love the Egyptian theme. I subsequently got a bunch for a good price second hand and they are my current army.

I also just bought 2500pts of painted Ogres for 60$ Canadian and have been having a good laugh at how well they actually do work. Cheap is good.

20-08-2009, 01:44
I play O&G and DE

I play O&G because of Animosity and i love greenskins of all types.

I play DE because of Malekith and the corsair models.

20-08-2009, 08:31
I play dwarves. Ever since I read LOTR and The Hobbit.
I also play TK, because I never got to use magic and the other players felt sorry for me. So they got most of the army for a christmas present. And because I always liked egyptian type stuff.
I have started a VC army, because you can't paint just 1 zombie.

Cypher, the Emperor
20-08-2009, 08:40
WoC: I loved heroquest and warhammer quest as a kid, so I wanted to build a "classic" chaos army made out of the models that I used to think were so badass.
Brettonia: Combo of loving knights in armor and wanting to do a display/themed army that I could take to official tournaments (Lannister from aSoIaF themed, if anyone cares).
Lizzies: Won an auction for 3000+ points for 145 shipped. Always wanted to play lizzies.

20-08-2009, 09:43
Aside from being an Undead enthusiast from back when I were about 5 years old, during the Autumn of 2008 I had an urge to create an army based on a certain Vampire from the Hellsing anime. The Vampire Counts would fit this idea pretty well, obviously, and thus my one sole army was born. It has turned out to be my by far most successful force to date. :)

bork da basher
20-08-2009, 10:15
warriors of chaos - tzeentch theme - always wanted a all cavalry chaos army and the new plastic kits are stunningly good and basically couldn't resist.

vampire counts - im a huge fan of zombie movies, evil dead etc etc and can't resist, played undead since 3rd edition.

nurgle demons - always played nurgle armies, warriors and beastmen, deathguard etc but never did a demon list so it was the naturual selection

orcs n gobbos - returning to an old favourite as more of a fun list to break out when the cheese gets too thick to wade through.

20-08-2009, 10:16
DWARFS: Because they were (and still are) the coolest army in the Warhammer World or even in Fantasy!

WoC - 1: In the HoC days I painted an army of these guys, all Nurgle. Lots of metal. Nice to play with.

VAMPIRE COUNTS: Dipped an army to jump on the band wagon and join the armes race.

WoC -2: Another painting project, still going on.

20-08-2009, 10:39
My first Fantasy army was Orcs and Goblins and I was drawn to them for the same reason that eventually pushed me away, the whackiness and the horde aspect.

My crowing achievement was a game in which my fanatics killed my giant who promptly fell on my general sending nearly all of the army fleeing while the doomdiver landed on my remaining pump wagon before misfiring on the next turn and killing itself and my shaman's head blew up. I blamed an excess of mushroom based alcohol. Game practically over by the end of turn two but we all had a good laugh.

Unfortunately actually painting it all eventually sapped the will to play them and I passed them on to my cousin who was just entering the hobby and I went off to university. Since finishing uni and getting back into it I've been a pure Chaos player with a small army of Warriors, larger army of (finally all painted) Beasts and a tiny collection of Daemons (never played em, just like painting those models).

I love the fluff behind Chaos and the models are pretty kick ass too but as somebody said earlier, it's the pure aggression of the play style that makes them most fun to play. I love playing against gunlines and defensive forces, the image of the thin line holding against the massed wave of Chaotic monstrosities... win or lose the image is iconic.

20-08-2009, 11:34
WOC, BOC and DOC- best fluff on the game, and Tzeentch rules. Lots of magic (which I like)
High elves- game with the box when I started warhammer. I@C spoiled them for me from a fluff point of view so I don't play them anymore (even though I@C is now gone)
Undead (VC&TK)- great background, cool models, decent magic
Lizards- Collected them due to my disappointment with the WOC book. I run chaos lizardmen (led by a sorceror lord of Tzeentch and with various mutated beasts in the army) so the fluff is still cool. Not actually fussed on the lizard fluff myself- they do very little and dinosaurs are not as cool as dragons or chaotic beasts. Having said that lizards play like I think Tzeentch WOC should- good range of units with different functions used in combination to win the battle and good potential synergies between magic and the list (unlike the Tzeentch and Nurgle magic which is a phase completely removed from the rest of the game).

Wednesday Friday Addams
20-08-2009, 11:43
I collect many armies but the most Important one in my heart are Skaven.
Why? Well they are the master race and servants to the all powerful horned rat.

20-08-2009, 11:46
Lizardmen. I looked at the armybooks and the second I saw a fat toad in the middle of blue lizardwarriors I knew that this would be my army. (I didn't have the slightest idea about the army, didn't even know how the models looked, just knew the armybook cover ^^)

maze ironheart
20-08-2009, 13:36
I chose empire really cause they are a great fun army to start with then I chose lizardmen cause I love dinosaurs then chose dwarfs cause of their fluff and rules.

Nephilim of Sin
20-08-2009, 15:26
I started off with Nagash, a box of skeletons, some carrion, and an old SSC. Then someone really cool (and excellent sculptor) who frequented my dad's comic shop gave me a box of the 'Skeleton Army' from 3rd, and I kept going until I amassed an Undead Horde. That led to me getting some Dark Elves (as allies), which became their own army, to the point where I collected about 2k worth of 3rd edition models (plus 5th and 6th ed), and then I collected a lil' bit of everything.

Finally, on a whim, I grabbed a mostly new late 5th edition army of Night Gobbos, and then the 6th ed. set came out, so I had some orcs. Then I needed more orcs for AD&D, which resulted in more orcs to equal the gobbos.... and the cycle continued, until about 14.5 k later, my O&G now outnumber both my original armies.

The sad part? I want to add more to them....:p There is just something about having a green horde that is so rewarding.....

20-08-2009, 18:25
Let's see...

Empire: I bought a metric crapload of Empire stuff when my D&D group started playing back during 3E. Steamtanks were fun! Cannonballs were fun! And I was like 18-19. I vaguely remember not playing that much, but when we did we had a good time. When I moved out, I gave my stuff away to a friend as I didn't want to lug all that stuff across 6 states.

Fastforward to today (I'm now 34), my gaming group has started playing WH again. I chose Tomb Kings because I'm the group Egyptian history/religion guru. I tend to run heavily themed lists at the expense of functionality, but I'm the only person in my group who does this and doesn't get even remotely bent when I lose (and I usually do lose...I run the "weakest" army in the bunch now that the Beastmen player quit out of frustration).

I was also given about 1500 points of assorted Chaos stuff. Mostly Warriors with some Daemons and Beastmen throw in for good measure that I'm pondering building a Slaanesh/Nurgle army out of. But that won't happen until I have everything I want for TK (or unless I happen upon a REALLY good deal between now and then).

20-08-2009, 20:10
i chose VC because i love me some vampires and undead, thematically. in retrospect i probably would have gone for tomb kings, but they didn't yet have a book. when i started in the herohammer days, i never used any spells (because i didn't know what i was doing), and every game involved my lord charging out with a unit of black knights on turn one. all of the black knights would then die, and the lord would subsequently win the whole game by himself long before any of my other units ever entered charge range. the only time i ever remember an infantry block killing anything was when an enemy cavalry unit fled into them. i'm not quite as bad now, years later.

i also play me some dwarves because i got the BfSP set when i returned to the hobby and a buddy of mine had a bunch of extra dwarves. his wife plays O&G, so i gave them most of that stuff, and now because of them (and scratchbuilt bolt throwers) i have a solid 1500 points of dwarves for just the price of the starter set, even if they are a bit one-dimensional.

20-08-2009, 20:21
Well, I clubbed this guy that used to live here and stole his identity,and he had these armies you see so I guess I "inherited" his selection :)

Seriously though:

Dwarfs: Because it was the first army I started painting in the 80's and I love the style.

Vampire Counts: For the conversions and I love hordes of undead.

Empire: Something neutral to train others to play

Orcs/ Goblins: More for the goblins really. Love the diversity and instability.

Dark Elfs: A good deal on Ebay but I Don't really play that much

Lizardmen: Something really different and I had to have the army with the most powerful magic capability.

Tomb kings: Combination of VC and Darf Elfs

DoC: Always wanted a nurgle army and junmping on the wagon

21-08-2009, 07:37
Started playing back in 5th and my friend introduced me to all the armies. People in my gaming group (or my friends since i was only like 9 y..) was already playing almost every race. We had dwarfs, he, lizzardmen, we, brets etc etc. Ofc I wanted to play something evil so I could enjoy strangeling those naughty he so I called for Chaos! But sadly the book was sould out in our local store so I decided to go greenskin beacuse of their new plasticsets of models. I made up my mind and started collecting and skirmish play with em. After a couple of years (around 15) I quited the game beacuse of lack of intrest and in the end mostly playing 40K.

Now I've retured and been back for ~1 year and when I got back I was determined to pick up where it all started. Chaos! Instatly I bought a keeper of secret and some horrors before I even saw the new codex for demons and that they have splitted lists (demons/wars/beasts). So now I run my new demons army witch truly is amazing. Fits my playstyle perfectly since I still have wounds inside from orc n goblins, like movingphase, fleeingspree etc. A packed army with loads of big models and they immune to psychology! Totaly tits!
So basicly I've been playing 5th orcs n goblins and Chaos (since I finnaly got the book!), 6h orcs n goblins and now in 7th I've only played chaos. Played som dwarfs in 6th aswell when I bought a prepainted army witch I more or less never played with since I quited fatasy. That's my history folks!

21-08-2009, 12:06
Started with Empire, because I reasonably liked the aesthetic and they were in the starter box at the time 6th ed, mostly had only 40k before though I had a few 4th edition High Elves I decided not to go with them.

My second one was the Wood Elves, who I chose because I liked the aesthetic a lot and they play quite differently to Empire.

21-08-2009, 12:24
Vamprie Counts: Easy to paint

Dark Elves: Looked cool, weren't a popular army and actually felt like you needed to use your head to win games.

Night Goblins: Pretty much entirely the Skull pass models. :D

Night Goblins are still my favorite by far. It's never a dull moment when the field is choked with these guys...they're like vicious little children.

21-08-2009, 14:06
I love Elves of any sort, so I began by setting my eye on High Elves. But my best friend also wanted to play them so I conceded graciously :angel: and began collecting their dark cousins. It was also a good way to **** off the GW manager who SOOO much wanted us to buy his awesome starting box with Orcs and Empire.

21-08-2009, 14:30
My friend started playing warhammer and he urged me to join, so i went to our local GW senter. I went to the shelf and the thing that drew my eyes was the box of HE silver helm's. HE was very hard to get the hang of for a new player, used 1-2 years of mostly major defeat/minor defeats (agains me) before i started winning :p. Now I have played HE around 5-6 years and im very happy with them, only i realy dont like the ASF rule =_=''

After that i extended it with O&G, Skaven and bret's. I also started playing 40k, but i find WHFB more tactical and fun.

30-08-2009, 03:56
When I was choosing my armies I went over my requirments
1) NOT an evil army
2) NOT human
3) MUST be elite

So my first army was Dwarfs, and my second was High Elves

I love them because they are the most ancient races other than Lizardmen, have a rich history, and are just so cool

30-08-2009, 04:09
I started in 6th ed...so i played O&G through 6th. Then i fell out and jumped back into in with lizards
I like both armies because you can be brutally aggresive with them. So i am looking foward to play 7th ed lizards.

30-08-2009, 05:13
Well lets see...

1) CSM - They are evil, not Smurfs and mosty importantly they were spiky. Also liked the fluff

2) Dark Elves) They are evil and spiky, love the corsair models and the fluff around that part of the army book.

3) Well not so much my army yet but IG are getting there slowly. I mainly chose them because it would be nice to have a change from CSM and something that didn't puncture the skin half the time I picked it up.

After this I'll probably get to skaven but not until the hype has quietened down. I've always had a soft spot for skaven but they can wait that little bit longer

30-08-2009, 05:21
WOC are my first and only at the moment. I started them almost totally based on the look of their models, and then fell in love with their fluff. I adore my chosen and chariots, and the army lends itself to conversions and such quite nicely. Sometimes I get a little bummed out that I miss out on the shooting phase of the game and unfortunately infantry are too slow to really be competative so I don't do all that well, but I still have fun and take pride in my army.

I've been thinking about starting up a new army to try out a different style of play and am leaning towards dark elves or wood elves, as they have my next favorite models and seem to be fun and interesting to play. Skaven look like they might be a hoot as well.

30-08-2009, 06:47
WOOD ELVES - First battle report in White Dwarf I ever read was between Wood Elves and Chaos Dwarfs. The Wood Elves won. That swung me their way.

EMPIRE - When I returned to Warhammer after a few years hiatus, Empire were in the starter set with Orcs. Having not been a fan of Orcs, I started Empire.

SKAVEN - Simply because I wanted a third army and no one else around had them.

30-08-2009, 07:56
Lizardmen = Loved dinosaurs since I was 3. Loved animals (mainly reptiles) since I was 5. So when I dirst saw the saurus warrior box I was already hooked. The cold ones, terradons, carnosaur and steg just made it impossible for me to not play them.

Dark elves = I had started to develp an interest in Greek mythology, and on initial disapointment that there was no warhammer army that represented the greeks I noticed most of their monsters where present in the Dark elves. I started the army, boy only after did I notice how really out of date they were.

Chaos = Not long after the elves I noticed the beastmen, they seemed rather cool looking. But then absolutly loved their fluff, and loved having an all monster army with them. And then that lead on to me getting the other two to add some more armour to my army. And then got really ticked off when chaos was split, and built up my warriors of chaos seperatly and abandaned daemons after a few weeks of boring games.

Tau = Recently have started getting in to them. But not for the actual Tau themselves, just thier playstyle. I really like the space pirates from the metroid games, and so am useing Tau to represent them. I never liked any of GWs 40K armies, as they all had little things about each of them I didnt like.

30-08-2009, 08:30
well first off can i comment that there are ALOT of people that seem to play O&G, this bodes well for the next release (hopefully :p)

but anyway, i play gobbos....why you ask?, because i love them and they are SO much fun to play with, i still have a good win/loss ratio so i am all happy :D

30-08-2009, 12:19
For 40K my main army is Guard - I like the Valhallan models and the modeling/conversion possibilities the Guard offers and they are relatively non-goofy.

I also have a Chaos Marine, Tyranid, Tau and Ork force as opponent armies for my guard. I have only built a Chaos army to a size near my guards for the same reason I went with Guard - lots of modeling options.

For WFB, Empire (I like human forces), Brettonians (ditto and I like Knights), Orcs (the perennial fantasy bad guys), Goblins (ditto), Chaos Warriors (ditto), Wood Elves (because I like them and they are neighbors to both my Averlanders and Brettons), and Dwarves (I really like dwarves and I can do a lot of modeling with them)

30-08-2009, 14:13
I started by playing orks in WH40K. My first choice would've been Eldar since I pictured them to be an army that requires precision to work well. However, as I started with playing with friends and we decided to pick different armies I ended up playing orks while a friend picked up Eldar - he already had some from ages back. I must say I've never really been unhappy with the choice.

While I started studying the background more and more, I grew interested in Chaos, more specifically Nurgle. I had plans for making recently fallen all-Nurgle CSM army (recently fallen to explain low amount of conversions - marks of decay wouldn't be showing yet) but I never got around doing it.

Most people in my gaming group have armies for both warhammer systems, so I ended up making a Beasts of Chaos army, originally thinking of making heavy-minotaur list with Doombull lord. However, I absolutely loved Ambush and it was usually the gamewinning factor for me. So much so that one of my regular opponents started deploying units facing his rear to intercept any beastmen sneaking behind them.

I quickly learned that while I loved Nurgle lore, the mark was in my opinion overpriced and the lore weak so I turned to Tzeentch with my beasts. Sadly I had to shelve them when BoC lost access to half their magic items and big part of unit selection when HoC and BoC were separated.

Now with WoC I wasn't expecting too much at first, but to my surprise Mark of Nurgle and the lore were finally something I considered worth using, without being blatantly overpriced. Now I'm happily building up my mono-Nurgle army with some unmarked marauders as support.

30-08-2009, 14:23
skaven: crazy rats with weps of mass destruction? sign me up
undead: gg models and vampires too cool to resist
wood elf: pretty models and fast moving army
lizard: read too much sneak preview on warseer and got all excited and bought an army...(still in boxes though)

30-08-2009, 15:39
Dark Angels - Dark, monastic look and excellent fluff.
Salamanders - Something to do with a redhead...
IG - Strong interest with WWI & II, Vietnam and Korean wars. Especially Stalingrad.
Tyranids - Starship Trooperrs. 'Nuff said.

Empire - American Civil War and Indepence War fascination.
Wood Elves - Can' remember.
Bretonnians - Who can resist the appeal in a line of knights charging into a seething mass of Beastmen?
Vampire Counts - Became interested in them literally the day before they were last released (I had no clue) after seeing some German horror movie.

and finally


Death Korp
30-08-2009, 23:30
Well, for WFB:

Warriors of Chaos:My only WFB army at the moment. I was origianally going to start with Skaven, but I started WoC when the HoC book was released, and I instantly fell in love with the Chaos Warriors themselves. So my army was a mortal one, based around Warriors led by a Lord of Change. I destroyed my Dads Bretonian/ Empire Alliance in one game, it was hilarious! My Big Bird was then sold, and then I stopped playing WFB for some years due to been more of a 40K type.

Then, the WoC book came out with all the cool stuff, and I was instantly re hooked to playing them again. I got a massive order of them as soon as they were released, and joined them with my 56 previous edition Chaos Warriors and friends. I lose alot with the army, but I have great fun with using them and I am still collecting them (Got Engrimm Van Horstmann from E Bay the other week!)!

I want to start Lizardmen, Dark Elves, Empire or Skaven as my next army, but I'll wait until when the new WoC releases so I can finish the army.

I have Blood Angels, Tau, Iron Warriors, Black Templars, Ultramarines and Tyranids for my 40k armies. I love Power Armour!



31-08-2009, 00:14
I won a vampire counts army boxed set at a con years ago. That got me into vampire counts. A guy walked into my FLGS with 2k+ worth of lizardmen and asked for $100 for everything. That got me into lizardmen. Some guy sold me a really big collection for $150. Half of it was chaos. The other half was an almost complete dark elves army. I bought the lot, sold the chaos for more than twice what I paid for it and kept the dark elves. That's what got me into dark elves.

31-08-2009, 13:02
I'll list my armies and the reasons in order of when I got them.

First off, I started the hobby with 40k Orks. Who doesn't want a horde of barbaric aliens who habitually loot things from anyone in sight and construct things like the Shokk Attack Gun? (yes, my Ork warband is Deathskull based).

Pretty much the year after, I wanted a bit of a change. I put the Orks to one side for a while in order to build up a Dark Eldar force. I liked the look of the models (ancient I know, but it's inexplicable) and there was a 1,500pt tourney coming up I wanted to have a go at. Besides, I think the DE look cool in Ice Blue (pun not intended.

November last year, I got a look at the new Chaos Knights and figured that I might as well start Warriors of Chaos. After all, I was bound to start a Tzeentch army at some point and I'd already developed some fanatical xenos views in the 40k context. The Lord of Change is one of my favourite models, after all.

A few months later, and an Exalted of Khorne and his unit of Warriors somehow got scared off by a bunch of Miners and their fancy exploding boxes. I somewhat rashly decided I wanted to play something that didn't care all that much about dying, picking up a small Vampire Counts force. I must say that I still favour the WoC though, mostly because I began Fantasy with them and I was very unnerved by the horribly inefficient troops available to the Vampires who can't cast to save their lives (?).

Of late, I've also started a Tau Empire force. I'll give you three guesses why. Yep, I got a little sick of always being on the wrong end of the shooting phase.