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10-01-2006, 12:45
Airborne Detachments:
This list may only be use in armies of 2500pts or above as a second Detachment.

• 0 - 1 Squadron Commander………….100pts + cost of Flyer or Supper Heavy flyer.
Squadron Commanders may be escorted by up to 2 flyers from you army list.

• 1 - 3 Squadron Leaders ……………....65 pts + cost of flyer or Supper Heavy flyer.
If your Squadron Leader is in a “Flyer” he may be escorted by up to 2 flyers from you army list.


• Squadrons are made up of a “Commander” or “Leader” and up to two other Flyers. These Squadrons are considered single units when rolling for reserves and must enter from the same table edge. However all flyers are considered as, individuals and therefore do not need to follow unit coherency and are therefor targeted separately by shooting attacks.
• Target priority follows the same rules as for normal vehicles. A leadership test is needed if the flyer is not the nearest Size 3 target. Note that Super Heavy Flyers are larger than flyers. (Also a Super Heavy flyer with 3 structure points is bigger than one with 2 structure points)
• Supper Heavy Flyers are limited to a maximum of three.

Veteran Skills
Have some ideas but was hoping to work them round your feedback!

Optional Intercept rules

These rules are only available to Flyers.
1 – Do your reserve role to see if the flyer is available, instead of placing the flyer on the edge of the table as per normal rules, place it to one side declaring that it is “patrolling”.
2 – When an enemy aircraft has finished its movement phase (and if you have a flyer “patrolling”) you may try to intercept the aircraft by rolling 4+ on a D6. If you succeed place your flyer anywhere on the table top facing the enemy aircraft.
3 – In your shooting phase your flyer must target all weapons on the enemy aircraft, and shoots in range order (the longest range fires first and so on).
The enemy aircraft has two options:
1 ignore the attack and fire on ground units or use Orbital Landing rules.
2 if it has line of sight it may return fire. This works as above in that the two aircraft fire their weapons in range order (longest range first).
4 – Your flyer (and the enemy aircraft if it returned fire*) are then removed from the table until the following reserve phase.

*Please note that a number of aircraft have the option to target more than one unit. If this is the case then do not remove the aircraft in question. Continue the attack phase as normal.

Optional Shooting Rules
Flyers and Super Heavy Flyers are built and designed partially for destroying enemy aircraft. With this in mind the following changes I suggest.
* Normal BS is used for one Aircraft to shoot at another.
* All Guns may only do Superficial Damage due to the speed of the aircraft.
* All Missiles can do Heavy Damage.