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18-08-2009, 19:40
Just picked up the rule book today and its really grabbed me but before I start dropping further cash into this game I have a few questions.

I like the idea of massed combat, being a old school WFB player, but I'm finding the army lists a bit restrictive, would I be better off playing the original skirmish game if I say wanted to field an all ent army? I've already read the rules enough to know that I can't filed my ideal army in WotR.

If I stick with the Mass combat WotR what is a good army points to start with to get our heads round the game? I don't want to drop cash on say 1000 pts worth of troops et al when a smaller amount, say 500 - 850 will give the same sort of flavor? The rules say 1500 pts is a good 2 hour game but that, I feel, is quite involved and doesn't give new players a feel for the game at a quick pace...

If I went for the skirmish version of the game I see loads of rule books on ebay going cheap which one is going to give me the most comprehensive rules and army lists?

Thanks in advance!

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19-08-2009, 06:01
Disclaimer: I'm an old WFB player, who's kinda burned out on it. I only play WotR and have no experience with SBG.

- My rule of thumb is anything below ~750 is just to small for WotR. Judging from the SBG lists posted, this seems to be towards the upper limit of SBG without becoming bogged down.

- Personally, I prefer to play at least 1500 or doubles each with a 1000 is fun and a way to keep your investment down for a while.

- While I'm not attracted to skirmish games, the SBG rules system seems to inspire a high degree of loyalty in those that play it.

- I think the biggest question is this: Are there enough gamers in your area to support either system? It could be the best and you could afford it, but who's playing it and do you like hanging around them?

- I dig it and recommend exploring it further before you commit.

Good luck with it.


19-08-2009, 08:35
And I am also another burned out WFB player :rolleyes:

WotR is exactly the kind of real wargame that WFB used to be, fun, fun, fun.

For me the major benifit is the balanced lists coupled with the senarios that balance peoples army selection.

I normally play 1000pt games at thats fine. None of my armies are new, I have Elves and Mordor and most was bought from ebay so hey it was cheap.

Dive in my friend, it truely is a great game, easy to play and very tactical.

19-08-2009, 08:36
I have been playing longer than most both the SBG and WOTR and I'm even the expert at my local GW (They even let me take charge of SBG game even tho i'm not an enployie). I would always suggest starting with SBG as you need fewer men and it would cost alot less. Yes you can field some armys this is done to show that they are rarer. It is unlikly to see an army of 5+ ents as there are only a few left, however i wouldn't personaly have a problem with it. It goes for the same with all GW games. You are more likly to see Ork Nobs rahter than Mega Nobs as they need diffrent weapons that are harder to get. Same with Warhammer as otherwise i would have a massive army of stegadons.
I haven't played any game more than 1000pts so far(However i'm having a 1500pts battle today). I find you can have fun with any size army but i would suggest that it would be atleast 500pts other wise your army would be 1 unit and a epic hero/legandry hero.
For the SBG you need "The One Rule Book". that has all the rules as well as many of the warriors/heros. You can also get the pocket sized one that comes with the mines of Moria box set. (A great buy for new comers)

19-08-2009, 11:01
Reason why I ask about SBG is that I used to run GW Bath and it was the big release then, but it never really grabbed me. I've always been a WFB player and its encouraging to hear that it has a feel of the old rules and the element of fun.

I think I'll draft up a pair of 750 pt armies and take it down to our next club night

Thanks everyone for the help and advice

19-08-2009, 16:58
don't mention it.

19-08-2009, 17:26
We have played 3 games locally now, and we didnt use any heroes to start with just to get used to the combat and troop movements, and you can field a good size army for 500 points.

Once you add heroes I have found that a 1000 point army isnt much bigger, a little but not much, just captains at 50 points and a army leader and any other special units like standards etc.. can really add 500 points quick.

19-08-2009, 19:50
Cheers Smaul

Thats exactly what I wanted to hear for the 500 pts suggestion and getting used to the system

Now the hard part is deciding which elves and ghosts to use

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19-08-2009, 21:50
Same with Warhammer as otherwise i would have a massive army of stegadons.

A cross-over 40K player in my WFB club runs a lizzie list with 4 Stegs - 3 of them Engine of the Gods. I'd consider that "massive"... A massive abomination. :mad:

Exactly what is disenchanting with WFB. :(