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18-08-2009, 21:23
Hi all,

I have a game lined up tomorrow against a Daemons player who specialises in nasty Tzeentch/Slaanesh lists. He'll either play a Slaanesh leadership-crippling list or a Tzeentch Horror Spam list with a Lord of Change. We're playing 2500 and I need help building an army that can at least give his cheddar a decent matchup. These are the models I have at my disposal:

3 Mage models
1 Mounted Prince/Noble with lance/shield
1 BSB Noble model
20 Archers (incl. Command models)
20 Spearmen (incl. Command models)
2 White Lion Chariots
5 Shadow Warriors
14 Swordmasters (incl. Command models)
20 Phoenix Guard (incl. Command models)
10 Dragon Princes (incl. 2 Command model sets)
2 RBTs
2 Great Eagles

My challenge is set. The gauntlet has been thrown down.

Who can help me?!


19-08-2009, 06:30
CBA making the calculations, but:

2* mages

2* 10 archers --> no upgrades

13 PG, Full commabd, banner of Sorcercy
2* 5 Dragon Princes, Banners, Banner of Balance/Banner of Ellyrion
(2*7 Sword Masters, naked --> only if points)

2 BTs
2 Eagles

Set your shooting up deep (your baseline), Cara + Teclis in PG bunker, mages in SM units (White Lions would be better here). Redirect Flesh Hounds with Eagles and hope you're a (much) better general than him because he has the ability to put an army on the table that will cripple you in 4 turns.

Most important:
Get a Stardragon ;)

19-08-2009, 09:32
Thanks....I think....hehe.

Please elaborate on your last point....


20-08-2009, 20:07
a star dragon will destroy the horror spam unit. Kill the lord of change and spend the rest of the game flaming his horror units and piling shot after shot into them.
Also, if you fight horror spam army, take dragon princes.
You also have a magic standard which makes you immune to the effects of spells. Definitely take that on your BsB and throw it into a fairly good combat unit and walk forward as his face twists in dismay as you tell him that unitis essentially untouchable from anything with lots of killing power (except a lord of change in combat).
If your against a slaanesh list, try to make sure you don't get siren songed, this is bloody annoying as I'm sure you know. Their are ways around this. Either invest in great eagles to obstruct your units from charging or go for uber combat res killy death, it works for me, although i'm not a high elf player, I'm a WoC player and that's not hard to do for me. Just hope you can kill enough and rack up a decent ammount of static res to try and make him "POOF!" first combat round and then overun to avoid the trap. Failing this, prepare to be jammy with break tests and roll lots of double 1's!
Reavers would suffice over great eagles if you have any of them.
Teclis would be OK against the horror army and good against the slaanesh one, although I think he is over rated and over pointed and you can get far more killing power out of the points you would have spent on him like bolt throwers, or archers, or a lvl 4 mage with items etc.

21-08-2009, 05:55
- Fighty character w/ immune to fire and KB for heralds (if you can get all that in) probably in a unit of DPs.
- 3 L2 mages (plus whatever bound you can get for pouring as many magic missiles into his units as possible).

- As many shooty-type things you can get in the list. Massed fire into a list of T3 5+Ward models is horrific (as I'm sure you know from playing elves).
- Huge unit of static-CR (attractive looking anvil that gives him something to aim his army for).

- Dragon Princes (hammers)
- Shadow Warriors (to march-block anything you can while you pour magic/arrows/bolts into it).

- RBTs (see: shooty-type things above)
- Eagles (to re-direct Lord of Change for as many turns as possible)

His Lord is essentially the only thing he's got that should even be able to make it to your side of the table by turn 3 (assuming you pick your targets right and kill his fastest stuff first). Under no circumstances should anything from your list (other than Eagles and scouts) cross into his half of the board until you're claiming/contesting table quarters. If you can find a way to get another unit of archers on the table, I'd do it.

Gun line FTW (or, in this case, for the minor victory or tie).