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18-08-2009, 23:51
Hello I am just starting Tomb Kings and I would like your opinion on this army

Tomb King -265
-Destroyer of Eternities
-Collar of Shapesh
Tomb Prince- 201
-Chariot, GW, LA
-Chariot of Fire, Eye of Rah-nut
Liche priest- 165
-Cloak of Dunes
- Plaques of mighty incantaions
Liche priest- 168
-skeletal steed
-Staff of Ravening

Skeleton archers x10 80
Skeleton archers x10 80
Skeleton archers x10 80
Skeleton archers x10 80
Light horsemen x5 70
Heavy horsemen x5 80
Chariots x3 190
-Banner of the sacred eye
Tomb scorpion 85
Tomb guard x20 277
-banner of the Undying Legion
Screaming skull catapult x2 180

comes out to 2001 points what do you think? Keep in mind this is not competitive play

22-08-2009, 04:43
I think its a ok army list unless your playing orks...or vampire counts..then you'd get crushed.

22-08-2009, 16:21
haha very funny auto i think you will just be mad when ws2 skelies beat your army to a pulp

22-08-2009, 20:50
Looks good, nice solid list, but here's a few personal suggestion:

You might want to give your Prince a flail. You'll get +2 str on the charge (GW are only +1S when mounted), combined with the Chariots standard (assuming he join them), will help you break thougher unit on the charge (hit and wound on 2+ against most thing). Giving him a shield could help against some shooting.

I think the Plaques on the Lich have limited use, it work best on High Priest. The standard Jar could be a better choice there.

You could combine 2 unit of archer and add a standard to them, making another unit beside the Tomb Guard that give you some static combat resolution to hold the opposition.

Drop a Tomb Guard, since your King will most likely go there, he will fill the spot.

The Heavy Horsemen are quite limited, I would personally drop them and add a second Tomb Scorpion (or spider if you want :P).

23-08-2009, 16:47
Haha i didnt notice i wrote spider there. Yes the prince is joining the chariots i am terrified of characters on their own. and the jar is one use and only 5 points cheaper is that really all that good? and I know that horsemen suck but I have 10 of them and dont know what to do with them. and the flail is a really good idea I forgot GWs are one 1s when mounted. any conversion ideas? Would it be better to drop the tomb guard for skeletons? they seem to me like they can do almost the same thing for cheaper.

23-08-2009, 23:52
The Plaques is good, but in the end it's only the same incantation, you can roll 5 or 12, if the enemy has a dispell scroll left, it won't help you. The Jar though is an extra incantation, wich can be more helpfull to get an impotant charge for exemple. You can of course try both, see what you think work best for you!

For the horsemen, if you keep them, just be aware that you probably won't kill much with them. Even in the flank they can sometime bounce, and with harder enemy, they can give more CR to the enemy than you take from a flank charge. Aim for very soft stuff like skirmisher and other light cavalry.

If you play friendly game, wysiwyg shoudn't be much a problem, so you could still arm your characters with stuff they don't have modeled on. Or just pretend you sword is a big one that have the same effect as the flail :p

The tomb guard could seem marginally better than skeleton, mostly due to having the same (crappy) save. But they are S4 and T4, wich will help you VS most infantry. Killing Blow also help for cracking some though save. They are a bit pricy, but they don't need a character to be effective, so you can spread your character to other unit.

23-08-2009, 23:53
I agree about putting the jar on the priest instead of the plaques, and yes the jar is really that good. It has let me get that crucial spell through so many times i never leave the tomb with out it.

Also by combining two units of archers, when you smite them you give your oppenet something to think about.

Personally i enjoy having Tomb Guard in a list. There leaps and bounds better then skeletons in combat and just plane fluffy. But if your just looking for a cheap sponge unit to hold a charge just take a large unit of hand weapon+sheild skeletons.